Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Shadow People

The woman was afraid.

Each night on her way home from work she saw a dark man standing on the roadside, hitchhiking. But the dark figure wasn’t a man. It was just a form, a shadow. Standing. Staring.

Unnerved, the woman called a friend, Dawn Newlan, a medium with the Ozark Paranormal Society, who told her to find an alternate route home. She did, and when she went back weeks later, the dark man was gone.

Dawn’s friend had seen a Shadow Person, one of the black figures we see out of the corner of our eye, or sometimes leaning over our bed at night.

These stories are common.

In Joplin, the black shadow of a man reportedly weaves through the trees that surround Peace Church Cemetery, the resting place of serial killer “Badman Bill Cook.” Cook, a hitchhiker, killed a family of five and a sixth random motorist in 1951.

“That’s funny,” Dawn said, after hearing of Cook. “This woman was in Joplin.”

Was Cook the woman’s dark man?

Shadow People are seen by children, teens and adults, usually in their homes during the late hours; a human-like, black figure often walking down hallways, or skulking in corners.

“I have seen them over the years,” Lee Prosser from Springfield said. Prosser is sensitive to the spirit world. “But I never felt threatened by them.”

Some have.

Josh LeMar, at the time a Maryville High School junior, took a group of friends and freshman girls to a nearby cemetery.

“We had the intentions of scaring the (freshmen),” Josh said. “We were going to give the word and all the guys were going to jump in the cars and leave the girls there. When we got to a gravel road we realized we left a guy back with the girls. We pull back in and see the guy we left behind was upset.”

There was something in the cemetery.

“He’d seen somebody (dark) jumping from headstone to headstone and hiding behind them,” Josh said. “We got out of there right away.”

He’d seen a Shadow Person. But what are they? Dawn said for the most part Shadow People are ghosts.

“A lot of times they are just someone who has passed and is still earthbound,” Dawn said. “Most of the time they are not threatening, or not of an evil nature. But there are (bad) things out there.”

Lee said people sometimes associate Shadow People with the specter of death, but he said they could be something more physical.

“I feel these Shadow Entities are scouts or explorers from another dimension simply taking a peek-see at what humans are doing,” Lee said. “They can appear at any time, and at any place … watching and observing.”

Darren Carson, now athletic director of Desert Technology High School in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., worked as a security guard at Central Methodist University in Fayette, Mo., when he saw his unexplained shadow.

“I was doing security rounds with Ben in the spring of 2001,” Darren said. “We were out about 12:30 or 1 a.m. and we saw this shape, pitch black, come together in the tree. This shape formed into a ball and shot out of the top of the tree. There was no sound and no wind. It still gives me goose bumps.”

As it does for most of those who see Shadow People.

“A lot of people will see or experience these dark shadows,” Dawn said. “And all they know is it scares the living hell out of them.”

Copyright 2006 By Jason Offutt

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Ezrahite said...

Oh my lordie, Ive got tales to tell. Imean tales man... Ive had the paranormal thrust at me my whole life. Shadow people, ET's, voices, night terrors, ufo's... Well anyways check out my blog and if you get this drop me aline and I would mroe then happy to share what Ive seen and felt and what I Know.

Starbuck78 said...

Serious consideration should be taken, in regards to the amount of experiences abductees have had with shadow people. Since the late 70's, shadow people have been referenced as 'dark spirits' however, shadow people, although many have been sighted in what are generally considered haunted places, have been known to follow people, as well as appearing in places without a haunted history. This is a subject that should have an arena all its own, because it is to great a phenomenon to be categorized as a phenomena of spiritual contact.

prairiegirl said...

I spent alot of my childhood being followed around by a shadow cat. Always out of the corner of my eye. I was in my early 20's when I last say it. Have not seen him/her in over 20's years. But I do occasionally see shadow people , once over my bed and it felt very menacing and scary. Not a positive entity at all , that one. And "lordie" do I have tales too, you name it. I have also seen gnomes and fairies. I think all of this lies in seeing into other dimensions. Don't you?

Anonymous said...

we moved into our house 2 years ago i have seen shadow person run by me more than once and son seen black orb with smoke on it in his closet and the dog with him went crazy with fear.My Daughter woke up about a week ago and there was a thing looking at her it had pointed ears large eyes with no puple the eyes had blood vains running down to where the puple should have been.And we all here things in the closets and they have slidding doors and sometimes open by there self.I have had the house blessed and did a ritchual cleansing but we still see activity.

Anonymous said...

i have also had shadow experiences as well as other paranormal ones all my life. i grew up in a haunted house.the only thing that i was told about the history was that the former owners' son was into the occult and satanism and that the walls had to be scrubbed cuz there were satanic symbols on the walls.in this house was where i saw the shadows.they were a man and a woman on my bedroom wall across from my bed. they were there almost every night. the outline of their features looked like they were from the 1940s.they looked as if they were conversing and would occasionally stop and look over at me while i was falling asleep.they made me feel very safe.unlike a couple of other entities in that house.since we moved from there during my senior year of high school, i have lived in other homes with paranormal activity.

Anonymous said...

Aside from all of the supernatural occurances that people talk about, which many times center around scarry sightings,there is another side of the phenomenon that I think should really be explored. Years ago my Grandfather's health deteriorated and he started having memory problems, which then led to hallucinations. On one occasion I remember he was staring at an empty corner of the room laughing. When asked what was so funny,he commented on the people who kept peaking out from behind the couch and chair. They were smaller than adults, and he thought they were acting like children that didn't want to be caught spying.

Then, several years later, a close friend became diagnosed schizophrenic, which also had the characteristic trait of 'hallucinations'. There was an incident where he told me about "the people who hide behind the furniture" which sent chills down my spine. He described the exact same thing that my Grandfather had seen, and in both instances the figures were not threatening, which I found interesting. Both spoke of smaller beings, who upon being spotted would quickly hide behind pieces of furniture or duck around corners.

Obviously, hallucinations are easily written off as a figment of the imagination, but after these two experiences I can't help but wonder if they're catching a glimpse of something that 'we're not supposed to see'.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the shadow man. I too have experienced this in my own personal life. Being a musician and recording artist I have written and recorded a song about that night in 2003.

Anyone intrested in hearing the demo song just E-mail me at confusingadam@yahoo.com

I will be more than happy to send the MP3 version for those who would like to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so glad I came upon this post! I always thought I had imagined the terrifying encounter I had when I was about 10, when a tall shadow bent over my top bunk bed as I squeezed my eyes shut and pretended to be asleep. But holy hell, it scared me half to death. It only happened once, and I reasoned it away as a hallucination. Maybe it was, but if that was the kind of visual hallucination I am going to have, why would I only have the hallucination once in my life? It makes no sense. Thanks for writing this great blog.

Anonymous said...

My brother-in-law saw one of these things in his apartment. It was not friendly..........at all. He said he could feel the anger directed toward him, and if I told you why, it would take too much time. There is a story behind it, but the point is, he saw it. Tall, dark, no face, with a hood.

Thanks for letting me share,
Anon in California

Anonymous said...

All of you are delusional.

prairiegirl said...

Delusional ! Maybe ? But , maybe not ! Me thinks not ! But if it is delusion, it keeps life interesting.

PeedroPaula said...

My only experience with a shadow person was terrifying. It was 1970-71 (30 years before I ever heard of shadow people) and I was kneeling on the floor by my bed in the dark praying. As I gazed into the corner, perhaps 4 feet away, I could see a dark human form walking towards me from a great distance. This shape was much blacker than the very dark room and appeared to walking from maybe 50 feet away (that is, the figure started out small and kept getting bigger and bigger as it approached). I was filled with a profound sense of dread and the certainty that I would die if the figure got close enough. I was frozen from fright but eventually managed to break my gaze and turn on the light when, of course, the figure disappeared.

Truthseeker said...

First ever post and I think first time at this site from link to the coasttocoastam website that I regularly browse.I too have had several paranormal experiences. A particular shadow person experience happened about 17 years ago, as I was laying in bed at night, unable to sleep. A dark/black figure floated about a foot or two above my bed approx. in the middle above my legs. His head looked like it was hooded although this figure was all one form and color. No detail other than that. It was very menacing and obviously not a good thing. I had been having a lot of negative paranormal experiences at the time, mainly at night.(which is why I was having trouble sleeping) I was really fed up of being so afraid of these intimidating occurrences. For the first time, I sat up in the bed (I think I said something like F**K YOU!) and I actually took a swing at this thing. The instant my fist would have come in contact with it, it instantly vanished. I was shocked and surprised, although I'm not sure what I was expecting.(I was so fed up, I just kind of did it without thinking of the consequences) I just let my anger and frustration come out. I felt very good after I figured out that I had "defeated" it that night by swallowing my fear and "attacking" it. I have since come to believe that negative entities like this thrive or somehow live off of peoples fear. After that I gained more confidence. My fear level was not as severe and the negative encounters started fading, I think partly because I stood up to this thing and got angry and confronted it. When people like "anonymous" make a comment like that (we’re all delusional) it's very maddening and frustrating. It almost made me not want to post this. It’s not easy dealing with paranormal things that are impossible to understand, and they can be very traumatic. When someone acts like you are crazy it makes you want to just keep these experiences inside. But I think that people should tell their stories regardless. People that have never had a paranormal experience cannot possibly understand what it’s like. This is the first time in a while since I’ve even mentioned to anyone about a strange experience I’ve had. It’s good to know other people have experienced similar things, ya know.

Anonymous said...

I used to stay with my grandparents when i was young in a old house up in the hills in Honolulu, HI. anyway i used to see them there even one night i could'nt lift my head off the pillow and sometimes i could'nt look at something i knew was there because i was frozen

Anonymous said...

Once, when I was around ten, I was reading a book, half falling asleep in bed with the light in the room on, when I noticed something peculiar. A shadow on the wall had the look of the side profile of a face (mouth, nose, chin, etc.). What made me become entranced at this shadow was that it's mouth seemed to be moving, as if speaking. I stared at it for a couple of minutes thinking how interesting it was that shadows could do such a thing. Then I got a feeling that it was actually talking to me! I became too frightened by this time and decided to put an end to this nonsense. I got up and shook the curtains that I thought was making this shadow by the light that was coming in from outside. I figured that rearanging the curtains would make the distinctive shape disappear. After I had laid in bed, I looked. There it was again. By this time, my sleepiness had left. I watched this shadow 'talk' for what seemed like ten more minutes, continuously shaking the curtains. No matter what, the figure still appeared. I was too young to even know such things existed. Since then, I have also experienced things that have made me believe that the world we live in exists only in our denial of the real world. By sharing and knowing that others also have experienced these odd things let me know that it wasn't just my own imagination.

Omega said...

One day, I was watching TV when the show went to commercial. You know how when it goes blank, the screen turns black and for a brief second you can see the reflection off the glass of the TV? Well this day, when it happened I noticed something strange. I saw the silhouette of a person standing outside my door, as it was partially open. I turned my head to see who was at the door, but no one was there. I even got up to see what could have been making that figure. Nothing. I went back to watching TV when I kept seeing it every time the screen went to black. It got my curiosity to see what was making this figure. I turned my TV off. There it was. I put my face to the set, turned 180 degrees to see where the reflection was coming from. It was coming from outside, by a phone pole located 20 feet on the sidewalk. It looked as if it was standing directly in front of the pole. After trying to figure out why I was seeing this strange shape of a person who outline of shoulder, arms, legs, and torso I could make out, I gave up and shut the door. The next day, driving home from work, there was an ambulance parked across the street. The old lady who lived there had died. I started to think that perhaps that shadow figure wasn't watching me, but her. Her house was visible in the reflection the day earlier being just across from where I lived. A new family moved in, I never had that experience with the TV again. I moved it.

Anonymous said...

Check out The Active Side of Infinity, by Carlos Castenada, read the chapter on mud shadows. These shadows that people see are our predators. They feed off of our energy and this is why they are often seen hovering over us. I am originally from Missouri now residing in Southern California. One night I woke up to see a woman in a white flowing gown hovering over my bed. When I blinked my eyes the woman disappeared. I have since learned that this is because until your sight is better developed we are only able to see these things by squinting your eyes and looking out of the corners. This technique can also be used to see your own aura when you are looking in a mirror. Back to Missouri, in 1992 I went back home for a visit. My brother was living in a log cabin up a small hill. To get to his house you had to drive through an old cemetary. Two of my nephews reported that one night when they were going up to visit my brother they saw a shadow of a man and several smaller things cross the road in front of them. Needless to say, they were scared out of their wits.
Around 1988 when my mother passed away I went home for her funeral. We lived in an old house built around 1918. I was talking with my aunt who had come over to stay with my mother when she was ill. She told me that she was going to sleep on a sofa in the living room and my mother had told her not to because when she slept on that same sofa a woman always came to her in the middle of the night. Another time, after my father passed away in 1992 my brother told me that one night he was bringing my dad home from the doctor's office. When they got to the house my dad told him to pull his car so that he could shine the head lights into the back yard because he wanted to see what was out there. My dad slept in the back of the house in a room that had been converted from being an enclosed porch. When I went into his room I was shocked to see that he had placed several home made locks (pieces of would nailed onto the door)like he was trying to keep something out. I did some research and found out that the things that were bothering him are called lemurites (I'm not sure of the exact spelling) and they are reputed to feed off of the sick and the dying and the only way they could be warded off is by a burst of white light (the first matter or the cloud spoken of by the alchemists) which comes from the palms of the hands and the eyes. This is the same energy that can be used to create what you desire or to make you invisible (see Invisibility by Keith Richards, not the famous one). I hope this may shed some light on what the others have witnessed.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's not those who see that are delusional... but rather those who don't see. Those who don't know will never learn if they so quickly and easily dismiss the unknown as simple delusions, for no other reason than because they don't know!

Anonymous said...

This is sooooo cool . I don't feel like i'm crazy after reading these posta of similar experiences i've had. Besides waking up in the middle of the night completely paralized but fully concious with a super high vibration coursing through my body. about 6 mos ago i was in my back yard and was looking at my dog through the slider. Suddenly i saw a black orb with a tail, speed throgh my kitchen close to the ceiling. It made a u turn and headed out the hallway were it came from. Now i would have thought less of it but the whole time my dog "Star" was looking up at it and followed it with her eyes!! She is a game little pitbull and imedietly gave chase after it. I ran inside and i saw she was quite worked up!!! This was not a reflection of some kind. It's image is burned in my head. It was smoky black, semi- transparent, and seem to have a trail behind it, It moved with purpose, circling the room. This particular dog is kind of weird. Sometimes in the night she will bolt from her sleep and run down the hall, without a peep. then come back in a few minutes later after sitting in the dark at the head of my stairway. This has startled my wife and i a few times. Something is definitly going on, but i don't feel it's "negetive".

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP!!! TRUTHSEEKER--I just left a post about what me and my dog "STAR" saw. I just read your post and have to say that exact same thing happend to me!!!!

Check this out, i was about 17 yrs old and it was about 600am. I woke up but my body was paralized. Now this happens about every 2-3 years. It is accompenied with very intense energy vibrating through my body. It feels like a moderate/high frequency in every cell. Almost as if i am being scanned. It does not hurt but i do resist and fight to not be overwhelmed as it seem to want. I am a fighter, was a state wrestler, kickbox,brazilian jujitsu, train in cage currently in Sacramento WAZUP. Anyway back to my story--the first time this happened was that morning, i was paralized, fighting to move my arms,anything!! I could smell the bacon my grandmother was cooking in the kitchen!! I was fully concious with my eyes open when noticed a dark form standing to my right, about 8 ft away. It was ominous. I felt it was responsible for this and i wanted to destroy it. It had no destinguishing features, but it seemed hooded, and black as the empty vacume of space. I finally was able to move (of all things)my tongue!! Inside my mouth i wiggled it back and forth and like a key, opening a door my fist shot out with a right hook and went clean through both sides of the sheet-rock of a wall my bed was against!!!
To this day i've had maby 4-5 sleep-vibration events (wich i can now control) but never with the DARK ENTITY. FRIGGIN WEIRD MAN!!!
Anybody else? Perhaps we have somthing in common. Something they want. Read a post about ENERGY-SUCKERS up a few. I've always been one hyper-active S.O.B. and can motivate people naturally. Anyway i would like to start compiling stories of this SPECIFIC event from normal "sane", rational, folks. send a contact to sirg-man@sbcglobal.net. serious only please!!

Anonymous said...

being Native American and living in San Luis Valley Colorado where the famous Horse Snippy was killed by ufos .. now back in the news again. shadow people have been part of our lives, What about the the three shadow sisters ( death) has anyone out there seen them???
dark spirits, also known as not a good sign

Anonymous said...

when my dad threw a party for my uncle me and my cousin were sitting on the steps out back, when we noticed a shadow creeping along the fence, i guess it noticed it was being watched and stopped, it was hunched over like it was trying to be covert, so it turned it head to look at us, it had bright yellow eyes as soon as it looked at us it turned and ran into the shadows. another encounter like the other post somewher above, is that a shadow cat used to live with me in my apt. it was very mean when i moved in sometimes it would be on my back scrating me, but latter it grew on me and i liked having it around i guess it was mad that i moved in. another incident, like another post above, was when i was watching tv i saw someone standing behind me, i was scared, but i turned and it was gone, i have lots more stories is anyone want to read them email me at maxshields100@comcast.net

Truthseeker said...

To Anonymous with "Star": Your post was great. It made me a little panicky but I wanted to respond with another post right away. The reason I say panicky is because anytime I read a book or read about someone’s personal experience and it matches one of mine exactly, I get this shot of, I guess, panic through me. I think maybe because it confirms what I have seen and been through is real. Maybe there is a little part of me that wants to dismiss it as something else, but I can’t fool myself when I read about someone else’s experience that’s exactly like the one’s I’ve had. I’m talking about waking up paralyzed with an intense buzzing. It’s an intense buzzing/vibrations in my head that fades fairly quickly after becoming conscious, but unable to move. The paralysis wears off about the time the buzzing goes away. I can’t remember seeing a “shadow person” while this was happening like you did. ( although it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened ) btw I can’t remember which book(s) right now, but I’m almost positive that I’ve read about other people experiencing this same buzzing/vibration/paralysis experience you and I have experienced.
I’ll tell you what I contributed this with though. Abduction’s. I’m hesitant to talk about ghost’s, spirits, shadow people, etc. And then talk about Alien abduction experiences at the same time or venue. Only because If I’m telling someone about “ghost” experiences I’ve had and then talk about “alien abduction” experiences I’ve had I feel it may be too much for a average person or skeptical person (which I am by nature, ironic huh?) to believe. I feel like the person listening might think “ Oh sure, this guy has not only seen ghosts, but aliens too. Give me a break!” And I understand that response if it comes from somebody that has never seen (or possibly incapable of seeing or experiencing) these types of things. I don’t necessarily resent them for that kind of response if in fact that is what someone thinks. But at the same time you want to seem credible and believable, so sometimes I don’t start off by sharing every strange experience I’ve had. Because I know how strange they can seem. And I can see myself even thinking (if the roles were reversed) that “wow this seems to incredible to believe.” or “that can’t be true” Because these things are beyond our “normal” thinking “belief” or “awareness” as a society. It’s not easy to stomach or understand, even for the people that experience them.
But anyway after that long segway I’ll now get back to what I was going to say what I contributed the buzzing/vibrations to. This seemed to happen after a night of an encounter/abduction from things that were not ghosts or shadow people. They were what I refer to as aliens as do most people. I call them aliens because that’s what makes the most sense to me. And after reading books and other people’s similar experiences, it seems to me that they are most likely aliens. I guess calling them aliens is a general term. But I don’t know what else to call them at this point. They’re not human, and presumably not from this Earth, and seem to be interested in doing “experiments” on people. The last encounter that I can remember with these aliens happened I think about 12 or 13 years ago. I documented it but I don’t have it where I am right now. It was the last experience (hopefully) and the one I remembered the most vividly. Coincidence? I have a feeling it’s not. Why they would allow me to remember the last one pretty well but only small fragments of the previous ones, I’m not sure.
I guess I could describe the last abduction if anybody is interested. Although it’s pretty similar to other’s I have read and the descriptions of the aliens are similar as well. Big head, huge black eyes, thin body. Terrifying things in every way. Terrifying is an understatement. There is not a word in the English language that can adequately describe the terror and fear of these experiences. I just hope they are “done” with me. The only thing I can do and tell myself is. If they ever try this stuff again, I will do everything in my power to physically tear them apart with my bare hands. Or do anything possible and use any means necessary to kill them, stop them, or persuade them that I’m not worth it. And I am going to be as hostile and violent as possible.

prairiegirl said...

I have had a lot of fun reading the continuing comments on this blog. And to respond to the above "truthseeker" comments, I have never expereinced the whole alien abuction thing, but I have had very close encounters with flying/hovering craft not of this world ( so totally belive you), but they left us alone, maybe
I/we fell short of what they needed for their experiments! ? Who knows. And I don't know if it works, but I know I have read that if you put out a silent thought toward them that they have absolutely no right to do this to you and you forbid this kind of treatment ( the whole abuction thing) , that there is some kind of universal law that once you put that kind of command out there or the like,they pretty much have to leave you alone. I don't know. Maybe someone else has some experience in this arena. And I am not saying it works, but I have read something along those lines. And also , it goes along with the shadow peoples. Once you let them know that they have no right to be there harassing you , that you will not take this kind of treatment and command them to go away and not come around again, they go away, ghosts too. Because I have tried that , and it does work. You don't have to be a religous nut, but it does help to mention God and commanding them in his name works for me. My husband and I have gotten rid of a hostile ghost this way, and I,wih a shadow person. I am not sure why some people experience that in life and some of us never have to, doesn't seem fair, the whole alien abuction thing. But it seems to me you should be able to just say no way not me , I have my rights and you are violating them and how dare you, that kind of thing ? Any comments out there on that ?


Hey what's up. When I was teenager I had sleep paralysis about two to three times per week.
I remember experiencing the sensation of loud buzzing going through my body. It felt kind of like electricity.
The sensation originated from the side of my body and it felt like someone was standing beside me poking me with
something. I also want to point out that there was an entity in the house I lived at the time that made itself known
by hissing/breathing loudly. My mom and sister have heard it too but i was the only one experiencing
everything else. One time I woke up in the middle of the night to a noise that sounded like a big
engine of some sort and through my window i could see flashing lights of different colors. I've wondered if it had anything to do with alien abduction. I have moved out years since and nothing too strange has happened.

Anonymous said...

TRUTHSEEKER AND "STAR" ANONYMOUS: Trughseeker, if hearing of ONE other person that experienced the same thing as you did makes you panicky, what does 3 people with the SAME experience do to you? I read both blogs and noticed you two have had the SAME DAMN EXPERIENCE as I had over the summer.........I have to go back a bit to tell the whole thing leading up to it but you will see.....I just moved into a huge 3 room apt alone, save only for my kids on the weekends....all was well for the first month, then the night before I was supposed to get my kids, I was watching t.v. All of a sudden it was turning on, and off, channels going up and down, as well as the volume!!!! I thought I was sitting on the remote until I looked over on the stand next to where I was sitting, there it was!!! So, I took the batteries out of the remote (thinking there was a short in the thing) but, the tv was still doing its thing!!! I unplugged it and went to go try to get some sleep in the other room...THAT weekend, when the kids were there, My two boys were already asleep and my daughter (whos the oldest) was staying up late watching animal planet.....then the fan started changing speeds, and (you guessed it, turning on and off). We both freaked out over it, and went into the boys room, and fell asleep, (which was getting to be a hard thing to do at this time)....a week later, I had a guest over and we were listening to my stereo when all of a sudden there was a loud bang in my closet, it went from my closet, to my floor, the ceiling then ALL AROUND US!!! we went outside to see if someone was messing with us, EVERY TENANT IN THE BUILDING HEARD THE SAME THING!!!!! so, later that night I set up my web-cam to see if I can catch something on it, set it to motion detection, and at 5:30 am, I caught a shadow figure going across the screen...but It was not a shadow sticking to the walls, it was a figure, see thru, passing by the camera!!!! It appeared to be wearing a robe of some sort. I saved this to disk, and when I get the chance to, I could send it to who ever wants to see it.....but, any way, then the most scary part, one night I was sleeping, not too deep of a sleep, when I heard a little kid walking into my room, I heard a bump and the kid crying, my first thought was it was my youngest walking in his sleep, but I DID NOT HAVE THE KIDS THAT WEEKEND!! the next thing you know, My whole bed was shaking violently, and I couldnt move AT ALL!!! I tried to raise my head, arms, legs, hell, I tried to get out of that room but it was like I was being held down!! I couldnt even turn my head! The shaking went on for about 15 seconds, then stopped as quickly as it had started. I tried to get up, and still couldnt move, I tried to speak, but could only get out "wh..wh..who's......who's th...there?" and this was a strugle to do. I decided to move, but for now, I am stuck in this place, but as soon as something opens up, I am gettin the hell out of there!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How... do you get rid of it, them?

Anonymous said...

Sometime around November 2006 my wife had decided to go to bed early so I told her I was going to stay up and watch a movie by myself. It could not have been long before I heard a blood curdling scream from the master bedroom. Without delay I ran down the hall and burst into the room not knowing what to expect. My wife was still screaming until I turned on the light and was at her side. She said she was awakened by a feeling she was being watched and as she looked across the room she saw a dark figure standing about fourteen feet from her just looking at her as "IT" moved slightly back and forth like in a rythm. She said it was about six feet tall and seemed to be solid not translucent. Our room is rather large (27'x14'), and there is a slight illumination at night from the neighbors garage light so you can see at night in our bedroom somewhat. I asked her if it left when she screamed and she said no, not until I burst into the room and turned the light on. What ever it was has not been seen since. My wife admitted that she was very frightened by the sight of the figure but she feels that it will not return. In ending let me add that my wife is not one to make things up, at least I believe her.

jammer said...

Was it a shadow person or what?

Anonymous said...

Okay the sleep paralysis thingy is NOT alien abductions, but a simple physiological phenomenon, similar to sleepwalking. When you go to sleep and dream, your brain shuts down the connection to your body, so that you don't walk and thrash about in your sleep, just cause you're moving in your dreams. When this connection fails to shut off, you get sleepwalking. When you wake up before it can reconnect (like when you're woken up suddenly), you're paralysed until it turns back on. End of story. No aliens, no shadow people, just science.

Truthseeker said...

Anonymous - your scientific explanation of a “simple physiological phenomenon, similar to sleepwalking” doesn't explain vivid memories of encounters with "aliens" and being abducted.
Sure, the sleepwalking type phenomena you're talking about might occur naturally in some cases. If it is in fact a real phenomena. Which seems plausible, but to dismiss the entire abduction experience that precludes the paralysis has no merit. You can’t simply label something as a scientific phenomena because it sounds similar to something else. That’s not good science.
I didn't just wake up with intense vibration/buzzing and temporarily paralyzed and then say "Well I must have been taken by aliens, that's the only reason I can think of that would make me feel this way"
That's not a conclusion anybody would jump to without having real memories of an actual experience with these creatures.
There was a lot more to it than the paralysis. That was just one small part of the experience. It's the last part of the experience and it's what is most easily remembered.
Unlike other parts of the experience which are apparently "blocked" in some way from total recall.
I'm not some crazy person that gets a headache and says I was taken by martians. And I wish more people would try to understand that not everything can be explained by using science.
To think that everything in our reality and universe can be understood by man and be given a scientific explanation is naivety or ignorance, or maybe an excuse to avoid the fear of the unknown.
Just remember, before you start trying to explain everything away with science that seems out of the ordinary or strange, to open your mind a little.

Anonymous said...

My husband and a close friend recently saw a shadow person/ghost with a sort of pointed top in our friend's pub at about 2am in the morning, I was facing the other way so I did not see this dark creature, but it scared the pants off my hubby and our friend. Come to find out, this shadow person has been spotted 3 times in the past week by different people at the pub!While I have seen white apparitions and spirits, I never have seen one of these darker creatures, and I'm glad I haven't so far!

Anonymous said...

Growing up in Olive Hill Ky Ive heard countless tales from my relatives. Setting with my father he told me of a time when my grandfather was riding his mule down a old road that led down towards sankin creek. As he was riding his horse started to snort,sway,then its back legs buckled as if a tremendous weight was hitching a ride on its butt. This continued for a while until the horse inched its legs upright as if the spirit had reached its destination and decided to leave.

Anonymous said...

Another came from my Grandma. She was setting in her homestead with her family around the fire place trying to stay warm sincr it was snowing outside. When this tired and wragged old woman walked through the door and stood beside the fire. She begn to sing the most beautiful song that she had ever heard. Her voice was heavenly and Angelic capturing thier thoughts and easing thier minds from troubles. Then the woman bent over poked at the coals in the fire and walked out into the snow gently singing the song as she went,they listened until they could hear it no longer. Grandma couldn't remember the words but she never forgot that day.in both of our opinions she was a angel sent to let them know that every thing would be okay.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah if anyone wants to talk about those kinda things my email address is.skittlesrbow@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

sJoseph Morris

I was moved into my own apartment. I was 18, There was tension in the apt. The longer I lived there the stronger the tension would get. As I would walk across the rooms i would feel sensations going through me. One night I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the foot of my bed. There was a twirling blacker than night creature, it was in a resemlence to anxiety. It spun around and around like it was angry and confused. I felt the whole presence of it at the foot of my bed. I turned on the light of course, it was gone. About 2 weeks later I was visited one that was about 7 foot tall with a hood and a cape , it just came up to my side of the bed and towered over me. I felt such fear I was parylized, It just stood there like it was looking through me. I covered my head, Like a kid or somethng at age 18 > This one was fearless and bold and meant to bring about fear, and I knew it for some reason.. I looked back out of the security blanket and it was gone, But I still felt it there.
I rarely stayed there alone, My brother also seen them, A friend of mine also woke me up screaming one night , she had seen one of them, SO I knew It wasnt only me . It got to where they were regularly there. I contacted Lds Church to see if i could have a house blessing, I was laughed off.
So I eventually left there. But I was deeply interested on what they are and why they were there. I am just glad they didnt follow me. Joseph

Anonymous said...

I have pretty much seen these shadow people all my life but when I was in middle school it seemed to get more frequent after that. The feeling that it left was a feeling of evil. They were pure black I would say solid looking. I only experienced one that had red eyes and that was in my bedroom, when I was trying to sleep. Another time it was at my school's library and other various places. I haven't seen them since I moved away but when I did see them it got so bad that they would just stand there watching me and I could see them in my full vision. I was helping my mother with carrying in wood for our woodstove and while my mother was in the house. I saw one clearly in daylight walking down the alley. When it got by our garage it stopped and turned to watch me. It stayed there staring at me. I stood there also just staring at it for awhile in shock and then went back in the house a little shaken up. I looked back outside and it was gone. But I moved overseas and since then I have not seen one which I am glad for. I have seen these things in various places and they seemed to have been following me around everywhere.I had also been getting night terrors around this time but now are also gone except for one occurance. The feeling of pure evil is what scared the crap out of me cause there was other instances in my life growing up where my mother or I also felt that strong feeling of pure evil. They have followed me most of my life but now I am free from whatever was happening. I just try not to think of them but still curious to what exactly they are and why they were following me around or seemed to be. I don't quite understand it but I have been trying to forget it. My religion is what saved me and continues to do so.

Tessa said...

I have seen a "shadow person" (as they are obviously called everywhere in the internet) years before I ever read about them. I must have been about 8-10 years old and I can still remember it as if it was yesterday. It was about 8 pm and I was in my brother's room, we had the lights on and my brother was lying on the bed reading a book. I was looking outside the window into our garden, and suddenly I got this feeling like I was standing in an electric field, I don't know- like a soft vibrating. I turned around to face the room again, and all of a sudden I see this shadow moving from the left side of the room towards the wall. I immediately "knew" it was male, and remember thinking it was strange that his hair was about shoulder length. He had the strangest way of walking, like he was trying to sneak up on someone or sneak away from something. I wasn't scared, just amazed and held my breath during the 4 seconds that I saw him. I felt he was no friendly being, and then he was gone (just went through the wall). My brother was facing the opposite wall and didn't see it, he didn't even feel it, which surprised me because I thought that he must have felt this "electricity" in the room, too.
When it was gone and I could breathe again, I gasped out to my brother if he didn't see that guy, but he just thought I was nuts :).
I remember trying to analyize this and wondering if someone could have cast this shadow but we were in the 3rd floor with no houses and nothing in the vicinity. Nothing could have caused this. Furthermore, I didn't only see it, I also felt it at the same time. And it didn't look like a shadow, but more like a 3-dimensional thing, like the shadow WAS the being, not just a shadow of a solid person.
I have had no other experience like this one and believe me, I don't even watch science fiction movies. As I never could forget about this, I recently typed "shadow person" in google and was amazed at how many sites there are and how many people have had these experiences.

debbie said...


GodzHor2 said...

I saw one when i was young. He told me that they can bend the color spectrum so that we cant see them.They have 6 webbed fingers and a sleek nearly snakelike skin texture. He held his hand up to show me. I not only saw it i spoke with it and he was at first very angry that I saw him, band was going to kill me, but i told him I was just a little kid and nobody would ever believe me...then i got him to tell me about the spectrum bending. I also did something very awful, I quick prayed to jesus to send it back from wence it had come and it was suddenly encased in a strange bubble, and it grew smaller and smaller and began to fade, it yelled at me that it was over 900 years old and that it would only have to wait in Hell for 42 years before it could come back and kill me for what Id done. That was 42 years ago.

Anonymous said...

i was ten the first time i saw shadow people. i had never seen anything like them before and i didn't know what they were. i was asleep next to my sister and mother in our living room, we had fallen asleep watching movies. i woke up because i heard a noise like plastic bags rustling, i don't know what that means. As soon as i sat up and looked toward the front door where it had come from, i heard a few voices say "Shhh..." I could see three shadow people. They had no detail. They were just 'absence of light' shaped like a very tall, broad man. One of them whispered my name and said "we are going to kill you". i tried to wake up my sister and my mom, i shook them and shouted at them but they would NOT budge. when i looked back, the shadows were gone. i have since seen them again and again, most were in that same house, but i still see them outside, in other houses, other buildings. i have a sense that the ones i still see are the same ones i first saw, that they follow me specifically, though i don't know why. they make me feel terrified, sometimes beyond the capacity for any kind of action. i'm not sure, but i think there is some reason they aren't ALLOWED to harm me, but i sense that they want to. they are so angry. has anyone ever spoken to one?

cmurph said...

When I was around eight years old, I began to have encounters with these shadow images. I first felt scared for no reason, then out of nowwhere this shadow image appeared. It resembled a batman cartoon character only it was wearing a dress hat. It was shaped as though it was dresses in a suit and had sharp white eyes. These encounteres continued all the way into my adult life. I am 24 years old and I still have these encounters. There are three types that I have seen. The first that I have already mentioned, the second shadow entity has a round head, is thinner, and has glowing red eyes that looked like glowing red lights. The others had no legs and seemed to fly around in the air. The worst encounters happened when I am lying in bed. My bedroom is pitch black, but I can still see that black shadow figure because it is darker that the pitch black bedroom! When they appear in my bedroom it is almost as if I am paralyzed and can't move. The only way I know to stop this is to close my eyes and allow my hands to guide me to the light switch. I know these beings are evil because before they appear, I feel scared for no reason. These being always come out at night between the hours of midnight and 5:00am. I don't know what these beings are or why they are following me.

Anonymous said...

Hi all. I have also had experiences with shadow people. There were two of them in an old house I lived in when I was a little girl back in the 1970's. One stayed in our hallway and she (it was female in shape and feel) would move in front of you and you would walk through her before you relized what you were doing. It was cold where she stood and I don't know about anyone else but it made me a little ill whenever it happened. The other one was a man who would get mad at my mother when she moved the bedroom furniture around. It had to stay in a certain way or he would torment her or anyone else who slept in her bed until she moved the furniture back. It was a great house to live in...not. We also had poltergiest that opened doors and tormented the hell out of all of us. After we finally moved out, my grandmother who owned the house couldn't get anyone to stay longer than 6 monthes. Some of the people would just up and leave in the middle of the night. Can't say I blame them. Later after I had grown I saw them again, when I was in the hospital having my daughter much too early. I died and they had to shock me to restart my heart. But before that happened I saw a trio of shadows standing at the foot of my bed. The nurses and doctors walked right through them. I don't think anyone saw them but me. I had my daughter but she died shortly after. I didn't feel any evil from them, just that they were there for a purpose. Who knows? Anyway that is my contribution.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Something unbelievable happened on 3/8/06!!!!!! Read more go to webshots.com and lookup ( unknowndimension )

Francisco said...

Ok people I start by letting everyone know that I was a very skeptical person. Until now!!! I never thought this kind of things happened to other people, and Im more than glad that I found some kind of explanation because what happened to me 2 years ago was going over my head.
Here's what happened: It was winter February 2005, my sister came to Toronto to pay me a visit, she was sleeping in my room. I went to sleep around 1 o' clock after a long chat with my her. I had nothing to drink, I didn't do any drugs and I was very aware of what happed.
So, in my sleep I felt this buzzing noise, but no images came up. all of the sudden the buzzing noise got closer and I wake up in my bed choking, when I finally open my eyes I see a black shadow on top of my body choking me, I tried to push the shadow away, but I could not touch it. So I rolled out of the bed and felled on the floor but the entity was still choking me. I tried to called my sister but she couldn't listen to my called, I yelled and it was pointless I saw her moving in bed but she never woke up.
Seconds before I lost all my breath the entity released me and it stared at me in the corner of the room, until it disappeared.
A week after I get a call from the police, my best friend had committed suicide the same night of the apparition.
I was so scared, I didn't know what to think. From that day until today I never had an explanation for it.
Feel free to write: fjub_13@hotmail.com

Londoner said...

Christmas morning 2006 I was walking my dogs in the local park at 5.30am. I glanced at a tree about 50 yards ahead and saw something black, like an arm, move across it. This wasn't a big tree and it's bare branches were literally touching a very bright lamp post a few feet away so it was well illuminated and too narrow for anyone to hide behind. There were no nearby bushes or anything to hide in. I was about 20 feet away when this jet black man shaped scampered anti-clockwise around the tree and disappeared. It was about 5ft 5" or less and there was something inhuman about the way it moved. Even under a bright lamp post it was uniformly pitch black from head to toe, the light didn't seem to have any effect on it. The only detail I could guess at from it's shape was that it seemed to be wearing clothes - as it's knees came up to scamper it's ankles weren't tapered, giving the impression of it wearing trousers. I walked all round that tree (at a safe distance) there was nobody there.

Justin said...

I too have seen a shadow person but once in my life. I was around 10 years old and it was about a month after my friends brother died who lived right next door to me. (He was about 5 years old) I was sleeping and I woke up, I immediately saw at the end of my bed and slightly to the right a dark figure. I could tell right away who it was by the height and I made out a baseball cap which the brother wore all the time. It was turnned the way he always had it. I jumped out of bed as fast as I could and ran out of my room down my hallway. I was yelling during this all and I woke my parents. Havent seen him ever since and I'm 20 years old. I am still kinda scared from it as I look at the same corner of my room every night. I know it wasnt one of those things when you wake up and cant move and see/hear stuff because I snapped out of bed like crazy and I didnt feel wierd.

Anonymous said...

I did a search on Google for "bedroom shadows" because I had seen them a couple nights ago. I had turned off the lights and tried to fall asleep, but couldn't. I opened my eyes and noticed a very dark shadow flit across the wall. It didn't think much about it at first, but then it flitted back. The shadow was jumping around the room. I turned the light on and there was nothing there. I wasn't frightened, but I thought it was rather odd and wondered if others had seen similar things.

Anonymous said...

i find is so funny to read this information...i'm now 21 and when i was about 9 i had an encounter with what i believe was a shadow being.i was asleep in my living room with my brother sister and my nephew. what woke me up was our cats had dropped a pot off the counter in the kitchen.i was laying on the couch and when i heard the noise it startled me and i woke up. When i opened my eyes i seen a tall, i described him as a black man, bald with a trench coat like jacket. he was staring directly at me. i blinked a FEW good times and he was still there i closed my eyes a final time and he was gone...i immediately took off running through the house checking doors to see if they were locked..and they were so i started to get a little freaked out...it was funny cause the other day my friend said one day she came home from school and her house was dark and she seen a shadow of a black bald man wearing a trench coat standing at the end of her hallway...so i am pretty sure this thing is real..

MaryAnn said...

Until recently, I had no idea this was a wide spread phenomenon. My son began telling me he saw a "shadow man" (his words) when he was about four years old. This continued for about five years, to my increased anxiety. I was concerned that he might be displaying some signs of early schizophrenia. (However, this disease shows up much later, usually in adolescence...still, there is a history in our family, as in many, and I was obviously concerned.) He always presented his encounters of this entity as something to fear. I am a VERY rational person, I have little to no tolerance for the inane fears of people who seem to be "taken in" by the paranormal. I reasoned with him, humored him, tried to convince him that what he was seeing could be rationalized, etc. All to no avail. He is almost twelve years old now, yet recalls the encounters as though they happened yesterday. I should maybe mention that we (my son and myself) are neither of us religious, prone to belief in ghosts, the occult, etc. I know of no one who could convince me the way that this child's earnest pleas have. He is as adamant that these were real encounters as he was years ago when he was trying to convince me they were happening. I was sure then that HE believed his experiences to be real. Now I am left to consider whether they actually WERE real. And, he is left to dread their return. At the risk of sounding as if some common (mutual) mental illness is at play, I should mention that I, unbeliever though I am, have experienced the "Old Hag" attack, or "succubus attack". Mine IS always a succubus, (female, as I have unfortunately seen this being) rather than the Incubus many think come to females. Unbeliever or not, these encounters leave me to question whether even I am sure of what I believe.

Anonymous said...

When I was a child I used to see a shadow forming out of the darkness, it would walk towards my bed then almost morph back to the corner of my room then walk towards me again. I would hide under the covers but it would still be there when I emerged. I always knew when it was going to happen because my curtains would change colour. They would almost go fuzzy like a television without signal/reception. I also saw and heard cartoon characters dancing around my head. The one in particular I remember was little red riding hood for some reason and she was singing a tune. I was terrified. Another night I woke up and there was a cartoon man stood waving at me by my door. To me, it only feels like it happened a couple of times. But my mum said I complained of it from about the age of 3 until the age of 7. It all seemed to start when what I understand to be an orb bounced around the house following me. But as usual, no one else could see it. It's a lot of different things I saw and I can't seem to find any cases similar to mine on the internet. Anyone had anything similar?

Jennifer said...

I'm not sure but I've been dealing with a shadow person/ Man for a while now. Sometimes I'll see a man walking around in my room, When I'm laying down I can feel it tuching me and playing with my hair well as stroking my cheek. I heard it call my names a few times and say things like "I love you" And I'll never let you go. It had told me it was a real person and that He was astro-projecting.

Well one night I left my camra on and put on record, I was hoping to see something in the camra and to my suspries It looked like a real man. He had curly brown hair, Blue eye's and looked to be in his late 20's early 30's.

I then got a oajia board and started to ask this being sertant things. Like 1. How long have you been watching me. Three years it replied. 2. How did you find me? (I felt your enegery level it replied.) 3. Have we met irl? (Yes.) 4. Why don't you ever come talk to me face to face irl? (I'm shy.) After that He didn't answer me anymore.

What if some of these shadow people are people who are astro-projecting?

Anonymous said...

My mother has drug induced schizophrenia and would get really weird and crazy. One night we were fighting really bad and I told her that she wasn't my mother and that I wanted my mother back. She kept on telling me that she was my mother and I kept on telling her I wanted my mother back and that she was possessed by evil. After our fight I went to bed and a black shadow appeared in the corner of the room. It slowly came forward and got bigger as it approached me, it looked hooded and black. It flicked me off and had a very long middle finger. This happened when I was around 12 years old. I dismissed is as a hallucination un till I met my half sister recently who I have never met before. She said she saw this same thing in a grave yard and that 6 of her friends saw it too. She said she was really intrigued by it and it had glowing red eyes and it hypnotized her. She fainted after she looked into its eyes. She said her friends saw the thing too and that they woke her up after she fainted and told her to run. My half brother also said he's experienced this same thing and that it had bony fingers and threw him down the stairs when he was little. My half sister also said it had bony fingers. I just think it's really odd that my half sister and brother who I have never met before have seen this same thing.

Anonymous said...

I find it nice to know other people have seen these 'shadow people' and I'm not simply making them up, or going crazy. But anyway! I personaly encountered my first shadow person on a ghost hunt, with a few friends. I had never heard of Shadow People before. But I was walking along and this drak figure walks out in front of me, slowly. IT almost comes to a stop, looks at me, and walks off... And I never saw it again. The thing that caught my atention is that it was all black/ dark, but I could still tell it had clothing on...as well as it's eye were a sharp, ALMOST glowing red.
After I had my first encounter with a Shadow Person I really never wanted to see one again... There was something very unpleasent about them...But I can not say what it is... Are they demons? Or some other evil?
But my luck of never seeing one again ran out, not to long after the first sighting. As I was sitting in the backseat of a car I saw a man at a bus stop. He had one of these Shadow People behind him. The Shadow Person was mocking him, making fun of him... and doing anything to get his, or my attention. It was just plan weird. ButI continued to see Shadow people this way. They are almost always with a person, following them, and they must know I can see them..cause like I said, they always try to get my attention.

Anonymous said...

People should take this stuff seriously. I am not a paranormal believer at all but I have been seeing things above me over me around me all times of the day more often in the evening in the dark. This has been happening all my life, im now 23. My room is almost pitch black but many times I would see things standing sitting or hovering over and around my bed. I first passed this off as night terrors. But when I Started to see them and I knew I was awake things changed. One night my girlfriend and I switched sides on the bed. She awoke and screamed and cried out.
She had seen something crouched beside her on my side of the bed. I had never told her that I see these things untill that night, after she saw it. Now she won't sleep on that side anymore. Im almost scared to tell her that they are on her side two.
This happens almost every night. Something needs to be done! I have tried to attack them to no success. I have tried to talk to them with no success. I have even tried to make a deal with them. But it just doesn't happen and they do not go away. We need to figure out what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I had an experience once that I could never explain until I heard about the shadow people for the first time. When I was in junior high, I had an experience one night where I woke up suddenly feeling like there was a cold electric charge running through me. It was like a low level vibration. A few seconds after I woke up, there was a rapping on my closet door. I wear thick glasses and have poor night vision, so i couldn't clearly see anything, but did feel like I was being watched. I am certain there was a shadow person in the room with me that night. I also have had falling dreams that were more than dreams. I would wake up after feeling myself being dropped from ceiling height. I would slam hard into the bed and get the wind knocked out of me often. I think I was being lifted by something and then when I started to wake up it dropped me and hid. The couple my parents bought our house from were paranoid about something in the house. For years we didn't experience anything until the events I mentioned and I haven't anything physical happen, but I do once in a while get the shivers or feel cold for no reason. I think whatver is here is now satisfied just to watch me rather than mess with me. I wish I knew of some way to get rid of these things permanently.

Anonymous said...

Just to correct a mistake, I meant to say above I haven't had anything physical happen to me for a while. I frequently forget words when I am typing quickly. Also wanted to mention, that these things seem to be attracted to homes with conflict. Domestic violence, alcohol or drug abuse, or just a lot of arguing all the time. They get stronger when there are a lot of negative emotions present. They are psychic vampires. When you have one of things attached to you, you frequently feel tired and depressed from them leeching your energy and emotions. Some people have even been physically attacked by them, waking up with the feeling of cold hands around their neck. These things are definitely not harmless, even if they don't attack you outright. I think not being afraid or angry in their presence is the best thing you can do. If they see they won't get a good meal of negativity from you, they will find someone else. I wish I could destroy them instead of moving them along to someone else, though.

Anonymous said...

This reminded me of whenI was really little (About four or five). I saw this shadow-woman holding an umbrella walk past my door, and I screamed, but my parents didn't know whatI was so frightened about. I was scared of this umbrella we had, so we got rid of it.

There was also slight poltergeist activityin that house, I think, because when I was about the same age, I was playing with my toy cat, and it lifted up into the air, then landed on the bed, but I didn't feel scared like I did when I saw the shadow-woman.

Also, I have paranoia, and I feel like people are following me when no-one is there, and I see things out of the corner of my eye that look a little like shadows. I used tobe scared stiff at first, and sleep with my face right up against the wall so I couldn't see anything, but now I glare at anything if I see it, or if I sense something, or see it out of the corner of my eye, I'll look all around me, and normally the 'bad feeling' will linger a little longer then go.
Also, I find that listening to music, drawing or talking to yourself can make the Shadow 'go away'.

My dog has also gone crazy and barked at nothing or at walls, then she'll run after something that no-one can see, like she's chasing it away. I actually feel safer around my dofg than any of my family members if it feels like there's a Shadow-Person nearby (You know, that really bad feeling you get before you see one).

I belive do you you should said...

I have had an experience with a shadow person/thing. I ran out side of my house going to hide from my brothers and as I rounded the corner of the house I run into a black figure literaly ran into it and out the other side I hit the ground jumped up shaking,screeming,and ran for my life. I felt very threatened by this thing my mother thinking I am hurt comes running and grabed me asked what is wrong I could not speek nor stop shaking. In the same house my brother had something strange happen to him. One night he was asleep on my parents floor when we went to bed but when woken by his screems my father jumped up looked in the room for him for like a second before noticing the screems are from out side he ran to the door it was locked. He unlocked the door and my brother is sitting in on the pourch covered up with his blanket and crying.After that my mother told me that as a baby I cryed constintly when we lived in some apartment so she took me out side and i would stop crying but apond reentering I would start cry almost instantly. So the next day she asked the owner if any thing had happened in that apartment he told her that someone was brutaly murderd in my room. I just want to find out if I was changed when I touched that shadow thing and what it wanted.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Karsten I am 12 years old and i have lived in the same (haunted) house my entire life and i have a few stories that i could tell about encounters I've had with shadow people. Most of these encounters are not scary or threatening most of the time there just... there. But more recently I had an encounter that felt very threatening. I was getting ready for bed at at night when i hear some noises from outside it just sounded like movement. So i go to the window and look out the window. I see a pale white face staring at me and it just screams "RUUUUUUUUUNNNN" and vanishes. Now im not sure if it was warning me about some other thing that could harm me or if itself was going to harm me (from what I recall it sounded more like itself was going to harm me). Now this is different from all the other encounters I've had most of them aren't even threatning at all. Well that was my story may I just add I am so glad that there is a site like this and that i'm not the only one having what my parents call "delusions" thank you and have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

wow i read half of these comments and i immediately decided to post seeing as this wasn't a phony site. a few years back i woke up around 3:30 ish and i couldnt move my arms or me head. i could still see and hear though. i remember a high pitched whine and this horrible, horrible sense of dread. i fought to move but no matter what i couldnt. i blacked out and when i opened my eyes i screamed outloud and ran out of my room into my moms room (i was like 12) and i cant say for certain that i saw a Shadow person but i do recall seeing a glimpse of something moving by my cabinet in the corner of my room. oh and one more thing my room gets REALLY cold at night my sister's room is right next door but its at a a nice 75 when mines is at like 65. i really hope im just imagining all this but after reading this i would explain what happened to me back then. i havent had any experiances as bad as that since but i have seen thoses shadow people after. my heart skips a beat and i either run up to a real person to stand by for the feeling of safety or i run away as fast as i can while calling my best friend and screaming at him for help because he's seen one of them with me before and he's probably the only one that would believe me.

patrick said...

well i started seeing things when i was younger and they scared the hell out of me at first. the first wasreally memerable one was seeing these glowing short things in a tree, moving about in front of a retirmenet home, i know it was realle i showwed 4 of my freinds and they all saw it too lol. Later on this lady would visit my room every night in my closet and stare she had no eyes, just black sockets, always floating around a foot off the ground.
very menacing to a 12 year old.
in the same house i saw shadow figures in the mirri next to my bed and they actually shoook my beed one night i saw them in the mirror peeking under my covers.
for years i was in dnile and thought perhaps these things were gone and i wished them away. but as an adult i know what to look for, and they actualy come to me and present themselfs, but they change there shape and exprsseions so fast its hard to tell whats what. at times id would say i have seen 3 to 10 at one time some intermingled some separtate, ihad one show me her face with perfect clarity, wow, i was in shock for a few minutes , i dont know what to think of all of this sometimes they are scary and other times they are not, itsa feeling.
i experimented last week.
i was in bed and i saw one directly above me it was ina jumbled yet human mass, so i raised my arm up to it and i could feel a sensation wrapping around my arm, and it wasnt a bad thing in all. but i could feel it sapping into me slowly. it was starnge buti didnt mind it. some times when they swirl ill see faces distorted and change into evil grining masks almost, then they are quickly replaced by another, sometimes in the shape of a female figure and they hover alot. mind you most of the time i see them with my eye closed betterr but some times i open them and its still the same thing that was there with my eyees closed.
i have also felt my hand and leg and chest definetly touched buy some thing , wel havea nice day maybe some can help me out ., vonblausion@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Lately I've read or heard about "Shadow People", which piqued my interest because when I was little my younger sister and I saw something that we named "The Shadow Man". We saw it only once but talked about it often throughout our childhood. I was around nine or ten and my sister and I were playing house in our bedroom. We were on our bunkbeds which were against the wall opposite the door when I told my sister to go get the "kids" (our dolls), that were on the floor near the door. She just shook her head "no" without saying anything, all the while staring apprehensively at the door. I followed her gaze and saw the dark silouette of a man, just the head and shoulders, leaning into the doorway from outside it, as if he was peeking in. It was broad daylight and the shape was opaque black and seemed to be one dimensional, just like a shadow. I really don't remember what we did after that, but I do remember telling our mom about it and she just thought we were being silly. The memory is very real, and I am sure if I asked my sister about it today (30 yrs later), she would describe it just as I did. I also remember waking up in the middle of the night (at around the same age) and hearing a voice coming from the area of the doorway saying in a high-pitched "munchkin-like" voice, "Somebody's in bed now, Somebody's in bed now," Freaky, I know. I have no idea if those two incidents are related, and those are the only times I've ever experienced anything "paranormal". Does anyone have any theories on it? I guess I've always just passed it off as over-active imagination!

Anonymous said...

In the apartment where I spent most of my childhood there was a shadow man that would walk back and fourth in the halway. At first I was terrified but eventually I got used to him. He had really negative energy (more depression less anger.)

One night there was one in my closet. It was pitch black in my room but he was darker than that. I felt like he had red eyes but they were so hard to see in the darkness I couldn't tell if I really saw it or not. He was terrifing. I hid under the covers and prayed until I fell asleep and I never saw him again.

A little shadow girl used to play in the apartment. My parents both saw her around a lot.

Often I see them when I walk down the street and usually I am very afraid.

so, thats my experience with them. I saw them even as a child

Froggy said...

It's interesting to see so many people having the same or very similar experiences. I too have had this phenomenon of being paralyzed, as if something was on top of me. My brothers have also had the "attack", and one brother witnessed a Shadow Person way back in the 1980's, before Shadow People was a buzz word.

Recently, I have picked up Paranormal Investigating as a hobby. A trip in November 2007 led to me the La Purisima Mission. The 11th mission biult in California. Upon going through the many digital pictures I took, I came across one that particularily stood out. At first I was calling it a picture of ghosts, but then I started really thinking about it and came to realize the possibility that it may be a picture of Shadow People. You can check them out at www.froggyslillypad.com under my trip to La Purisima Mission.

On a personal note, I believe we live among many different dimensions. Ghosts live in one dimension, Shadow Poeple in another, and our dimensions can cross making it possible for us to come in contact with each other.

Anonymous said...

Round about Autumn, 2006, I was sitting in my living room (in Plymouth, UK) watching tv, when suddenly 'something' jumped from the floor, onto the sofa next to me. It looked like a grapefruit-sized round dark shadow. It made a sound as it jumped onto some papers next to me. I said (aloud) "What the hell was that?" Whereupon, a pitch black shadow man appeared at the side of the sofa, bent forward slightly, as if to look at me with curiosity, then vanished. I was frightened but I didn't feel any malicious intent. There was a highly electrical charge in the room for about 30 minutes afterwards. It made the fillings in my teeth tingle/ buzz; it felt like extreme static. I phoned a friend and it made my voice sound funny or else, like an air pressure change, where you need to pop your ears.
In that flat, I had frequent night terrors and 'spook' attacks. I appealed to Jesus, God etc and kept them at bay. I moved and for a wile, my new flat was spook free. But then I started waking up with my heart pounding, terrified, to see this 'eye' looking at me. I won't tell you the whole saga- but I had another shadow-people encounter, I believe.
This time, I was plagued one night. Three times I was woken from sleep; twice by something/ someone pinching me. It felt like a needle prick or a bee sting. First my wrist, then after I'd shone my torch around and told them to go away, I turned onto my side, went back to sleep and they pinched my bum! I saw long bony fingers and two mischievous child like shadow entities. I ended up turning the room light on and going back to sleep under my duvet.
Lately, I've done a whole house protection ritual every evening and so far so good. This is what I do:
1) Stand under or next to a strong white light. Imagine drawing the white light through your head and all the way down your spine. Go though each bone, illuminating your spine. If you get a jolt, just release it. Try and fill your spine up with light and also the space behind your spine.
2)In my mind and using my hands to channel light (visualise drawing the light from the bulb/ Source of All Love/Life/God and/or whatever Divine Goodness source works for you. With light, seal the door to your house/ flat or the bottom of stairs or wherever the entrance to where you live is. Draw a circle and quarter it. I draw the light circle three times. THen a verticle, then a horizontal. Think: God, protect this place. Then I draw a light 'wall' all the way tracing the wall/ boundary of the house where my flat is. Any places you sense as needing extra protection, put an extra quartered circle seal there. Complete the outer perimeter of the house (if you're in a flat, do the whole house. I include next door as our flat's in a semi.)
Now, starting from the roof, stand and physically draw your hands up, reach up, put light at the top of the roof and draw a ribbon of light down either side of the house, both sides, to the ground, passing under the house, meeting at the middle. Say/ think: God, protect this house. THanks. Then I do it again, length-wise. At the apex (top of the roof, I put a light-seal.)
Now I go into each room and say (as you would talk to children or fairies.) "Ok, you folks, anyone who doesn't live here, who shouldn't be here, it's time for you to go home. Off you go, back to your own dimension.! Be firm. Clap your hands if need be. THen I seal the window (Oh - seal any stair-well windows as you do the house.)
Then I seal the bed. IMPORTANT!Stand at base of bed. Cast a seal (3 times)totally enclosing the bed. Say "God, protect this bed and its occupant, myself, tonight and always, Amen. Thanks." Now loop two hoops of light around it, repeating the words. One encloses the bed lengthwise, one wodthwise. THen I place another seal above the bed (on the horizontal, as though floating over.) THen one above my pillow and finally, I enclose the whole bed once more in a light circle.
Then move to the next room. Ask anything that shouldn't be there to go home. Seal the window. SEal anything like a loft hatch/ ventilation extractor opening etc. THen relax!
Fortunately, since finding and doing this protection ritual, I've slept fine.
God bless us all. Personally, I think it's up to all of us to affirm and strengthen our direct connection to God. That way, even if there's evil, its effect is to help us become stronger. I've had ME for years and now I wonder if I'd had things sucking my energy. Now I'm not a willing free lunch or tasty snack! FIGHT BACK with light, prayer and humour! Watch comedy films and tv. Avoid depressing, violent material. Pray! Believe me - it works.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I believe i've seen one of these so called "shadow people" too. I may have been dreaming though. All I can remember is about a month ago (give or take a week) and I wasn't sleeping well - I kept drifting in and out of sleep early in the morning from about 1-2am to 5am (when I got up for work). I remember a figure that was black with red eyes in the corner about four feet from my bed and by the door. I could have sworn I had my eyes closed and didn't actually see it but dreamed it instead and I remember thinking that I would see it if I fell asleep again so I curled up and just lay there for a few hours. I wasn't really worried though. I did mention this a day or two later to a friend of mine but dismissed it as nothing more than an odd dream.

*Now* a few weeks later i'm discussing dreams with a close friend and at some point he mentions shadow people again how his family had seen them or something along those lines and even shows me the wiki site on it. This is when I started to feel a bit uneasy upon reading the same description as what I saw. I was really hoping there would be no mention of eyes but there it was. I want to say I saw this before last year I think while sleeping in the other bedroom of my apt. This time on the ceiling instead of in front of me but I think I daydreamed that too or was half awake at the time. I just went through all these responses and one struck me by mentioning being around domestic violence or arguing like my neighbors do (alot - no violence but they're vocal).

on a side note i've never felt really in danger or a tingling electric sensation though.

Also years ago while I was living in florida I experienced a nightmare or night terror I think. I was dreaming that there was something terribly frightening in my closet but I willed myself to fall towards it and then woke up. Not sure if that's worth mentioning.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that I have been kind of stressed and depressed a bit due to big career changes and being sick on top of that although recently i've been feeling a lot better (I saw one person mention stress might affect it - trying to be as accurate as possible here).

Anonymous said...

My two younger children always talk about the "Darkman". Or the "Redeyes". They are truly scared by these things ( for lack of better description). I don't ignore them and say they are just imagining them. I really listen to what they tell me. Sometimmes it takes only a few mins. to calm them down sometimes longer. My son has been having night terrors since he was a small baby. The only thing I can do is hold him, b/c there's no waking him up. So for many parents....don't put the stories off that your kid tell you. Don't turn them away when they wake you up at 2 am screaming in fear. Comfort them, b/c I for one have seen these "Dark People" since Iwas small, and they can be EXTREMELY frightening.

money_mattt said...


good or "funny" shadow person video
Can not make up my mind. No story behind it yet

Para Dude said...

I had an experience. I was bbysittin my cuz and u saw the window was open i went to close it and felt something move behind me and i turned around but nothing was there. I called to my cuz and he was downsstairs. so i grabbed the bat and started searching the house for a robber. I heard a hissing and turned around. i saw a shapeless black thing inches from my face . i swung. AND IT SPLIT IN TWO!
My mom came hom eand the things left CREEPY!

Shadow _people said...


Category 1
This category falls into drugs use, seizures, and other mental issues.
This category covers a very vast description and is known to have descriptions that may or may not match what others describe in category 2 and 3. Category 1 actually may not be considered shadow people at all due to the non consistancy in the descriptions.

Category 2
This category falls more into the ghost and spirit category. The descriptions in this category are as follows: non human shaped shadows or masses of human shaped shadow people in one place, insect shadows, animal shadow people, and women shadow people. These are mostly see thru shadows. Category 2 shadow people tend to be drawn more to a location than a person. It is common for this category to actually try and not become seen. Light may affect this group.

Category 3
This category does not fall into the ghost or Spirit category. This category has only 2 types of shadow people, One tall shadow man and several small hooded "twin" style shadow people.
These are usually seen non see thru however they may be see thru. This category is more drawn to a person rather than a place, this category may actually be drawn to a certain spirit or ghost as well as humans. This category tends to not care about being seen. Light has no effect on this group.

If you need anymore information,
You can contact me at: www.myspace.com/lowuhs

Anonymous said...

1) Charge you chakra "spiritual energy" by meditating in physical contact with the light, fresh air and earth(water?). Imagine it pulsating through your body. We are from the earth, we absorb air and water inside of our bodies to continue living. We all have an energy line that flows throughout our body(hence meditation of the light/sun for energy)
2) Appreciate God, have frequent conversations with him. Believe in him, defend yourself with what you have, but when you are loosing, he will save you if you just ask. Don't question God, for every counter therein lies another counter(counter=fact to negate)-which results in a spiraling circle. You can't understand everything in the world, train yourself to believe in God-whomever you deem him to be.
3) Live a good life. Make the best of what you have been given. Don't hate or judge other people. Catch yourself when you are thinking negatively-kick bad thoughts our of your mind-you must make a conscious effor to accomplish this.
Remember, some of this beings are hundreds of years old, you are a young soul, no matter how old you are. These energies have been gaining strength for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. No matter how strong you are, you may not be strong enough, and that is when to ask God for help. He promises protection, not for your physical body, but definantly for your soul. If you've given your soul to him, it is his responsibility to protect it. He will not let you down, you are a part of him!

Anonymous said...


Thought I was the only one!!!

Yah I had a run in with a shadow person for a couple of months when I was younger.
When I was 12 I would sleep with my bedroom door open because it made me feel more safe. One night I was listening to the radio with headphones on falling a sleep and a shadow person came down the hall from the linens closet. It came in my room and as soon as it was close I was paralyzed.
I could barley move, scream, or do anything as if I was being deliberately incapacitated for some reason. I would fight hard against this with no avail.
This happened for about 2 months. Not knowing what to do I started closing my door when I went to sleep. It completely stopped.
I figured at the time it couldn't open the door.
I never had a name for it like shadow person; at the time I though of it as some sort of entity.

Andrew from Seattle said...

It is interesting coming to blog sites like these and reading the collective experiences of the paranormal witnessed of so many. Before I tell my story, I want to say that I am open to the possibility that perhaps these strange experiences (i.e. UFO Abduction, Ghosts, Shadow people, etc) are all products of an over active imagination created by the hype surrounding the unknown; and by shows dedicated to dramatizing paranormal stories. That being said I will also tell you that like many other people here, I have experienced numerous paranormal experiences through my life, though increasingly so in the last two years since a near death experience. I have lived in a haunted dorm room with poltergeist like activity, and have had what can only be described as out of body experiences that always ended in the feeling of being attacked (perhaps a possible attempt at possession?) by a black mass hovering over my body. I have also born witness to objects flying across the room of no volition of their own at my work, with more than myself to witness it. Perhaps I am a magnet for such experiences... I do not know. But My most recent experience (this last week) was encountering what I now know is called a "shadow person" two seperate mornings in a row.

The first day that I encountered this shadowy and definitely male figure was when I was scraping the driver window of my car of the ice that had accumulated on it the previous night. I should also mention that I go to work around 4 am every morning (as I am a barista and Seattle cannot survive without its morning coffee). While scraping my window with my back towards the figure, I got a sudden sensation of dread, or a feeling of doom, along with an intuitive knowledge that I was being watched. I turned my head slightly and out of the corner of my eye I saw a black figure about 6 foot tall standing about 8 feet away from me and watching me while I worked. As I zipped my head around to look at the figure directly, I watched it dart around the corner at an inhuman speed. I ran after it hoping that I could scare the 'person' away, but when I got around the corner, I found that nothing was there (as this only dead ends into a 12 foot tall fence). A little shaken, I drove off to work as fast as I could. The following morning I was much more prepared for the figures second appearance. I was frightened that he might return, so I was waiting for it to show itself again. Like clockwork it did, only this time it only peeking around the corner, as if it only wanted to make sure that I knew it was there. This time though, I said that it needs to 'f**k off' and went to work. It has yet to return, but I have a feeling that this wont be the last time that I encounter such an entity. I pray to whatever deity will listen that these series of strange experiences are leading to a positive end, and that I am indeed not half so crazy as I am partly willing to believe (because the rational mind can find no other explaination). I hope this helps others out there to speak about their experiences. I never wish to have another again, but I will be prepared the next time it does, and wont die of fright.

Jenni Lee said...

I was in a seriously depressed state due to my environment. I started seeing shadows out of the corner of my eyes. I really thought it had something to do with the emotional state I was in--hallucinations.

Until one night I was up late (around 11pm) on the computer talking to a friend when I had noticed a shadow out of the corner of my eye (the right side). I was about to mention it to the friend I was talking to, but as soon as I turned back around from looking to my right, there it was, 2 feet in front of me on a wall behind the computer monitor--directly in front of me! No longer was it an illusion from the corner of my eye. It was only a matter of seconds and it had whisked away across the wall while fading--nothing human about it's movement. It was a shadow figure of a larger man, with a dated fedora hat and what appeared to be a cloak. I blinked, and after I did was when It moved and faded away. I froze. Not able to look behind me, I made a mad dash strait towards my destination--the bedroom. Shaking and scared, I woke Josh up and explained what I had saw, needless to say he's a deep sleeper and fell right back to sleep... leaving me with nothing but my thoughts. Was I crazy?

The next day he woke and I had reminded him. he faintly remembered it like it was a dream, but then suggested lookin online. He had heard something on a radio talk show called "Art Bell Coast to Coast", a conversation they had about shadow men. So I typed in "shadow men" in a Google search engine, and the first picture I saw was an almost exact depiction of the shadow man I saw. They called him "hat man". Then I started thinking I wasn't so crazy. After talking to several people about this experience, I found that many people I KNOW have had a very similar experience.

After a while the memory faded and it just wasn't as important as the life surrounding me. Until very recently I started watching Ghost Whisperer. They introduced a being towards the end of the first season that had a man with the fedora hat, a cloak-like jacket, and a shadowed face. The only difference is it was a 3 dimensional being in this show, and eventually they gave him a face. I wondered "now where on earth would they get that as an idea to use on a ghost show?". After watching episode 1 to the second season, I had a strong urge to do another Internet search for "shadow beings" this time I came across a wikipedia result located here http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Shadow_people describing almost exactly what I experienced. Then they go off on their hunches on what they believe it may be. Some of them I know not to be a possibility due to my personal experience.

One mentioning an object in the room and how peripheral vision can distort these shadows. That claim is discounted because I eventually saw it HEAD ON and as clear as my computer sitting in front of me. Plus it moved. Objects don't move!

Another mentioning a mental state causing hallucinations. I don't believe that because this many people can't hallucinate the SAME THING! I have a bunch more reasons why I don't believe this.

I don't know what I saw that day, or what I see out of the corner of my eyes on a rare basis... but what I do know--is it's something real. Something unexplained and undiscovered. It wasn't in my mind. I have hallucinated before and had no question in my mind it was a hallucination. When I have, there was a feeling like there was almost a fog around the hallucination, almost indicating it wasn't real. Maybe it was the drugs causing it. But I know if all my friends dosed acid, they wouldn't all see the same purple and pink elephant walking down the street.

When I tell people about my experience I feel as if they want to jump to the simplest explanation--it was all in my head. That's easy for you to say, but if it's that simple, why hasn't science proven it?

I 100% believe what I saw was real, the question is, what is it?

Are you a person of science that only believes what you see? If so, could you imagine the frustration of telling someone you saw a yellow submarine in the ocean, and they tell you they don't believe in yellow submarines cause they have never seen one? You can show them a picture of the yellow submarine, they still don't believe you. Why? Because the picture could of been altered. Sure, a lot of people have seen one, but I haven't, so why believe they exist??

DER! Because they do exists! Just because not everyone has seen one, doesn't mean they're not around.

I'm a woman of faith, and I believe someone when a quarter of the world has seen it rather than not believe it because some people haven't seen it. I believe there is enough solid evidence, but people find any way to discredit it. There is more than the 3 dimensions we live in, ones your average Joe can't see. I believe that. I believe that in this vast universe, Earth is not the only planet inhabited. It's just too far fetched not to believe anymore. Logic is playing on the paranormal side in my world.

I also question "crazy"

-Jenni Lee

Andrew from Seattle said...

This comment is directed to Jenni. I am glad that you shared your story with us, however, I do have one bone of contention that I would like to address with you. How is it that you are so sure that such entities as these aren't simply powerful manifestations of the mind? I mean, I know what I experienced, and I know what I felt was real, but it is also important to remember that reality is subjective to every individual. But, the common dinominator for our personal realities is what we assume to be the 'objective' reality; or the reality that we share with others. What I am trying to point out here is that there is no scientifically or factually accurate explaination for what it is that people like you and I have experienced; and the fact that our experiences differ quite markedly in a number of ways goes to show that his phenomenon is not exactly the same all across the board. Perhaps there are many different causes for this phenomenon, maybe there is only one, but it is healthy I think to nuture (if only slightly) a seed of doubt because it helps one from becoming too sure of the subjective nature of our own experiences.

Anonymous said...

I have one trying to kill me, or have me kill a bunch of people WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?

Anonymous said...

My sister and I have had remarkably similar happenings to us. A total of 4-5 or so times each. The first time this electric empowering vibrational feeling I had was when I lived in the desert in Victorville, Ca. about 10 years ago. Before falling asleep I felt a jolt starting from my feet and moving upwards eventually throughout my whole body. Being very conscience and afraid of this increasing uncomfortable feeling, I mentally tried to fight it while thinking of God to rescue me. After maybe a minute it left. I sat up bug-eyed thinking this couldn't have been real. After settling back down 10 minutes later almost asleep, it occurred again. Again I tried to fight it. I released a myriad of emotions the second time from panic, fear, hostility, then helplessness. After 30 seconds it ceased. I felt abused, used, and confused! After I delt with that, minutes later I unfortunately experienced it again. 3 times a charm I guess. This time after having the "OH S**T, not again", feelings, I just let it do what it wanted to do. Then it left immediately. When I was submissive to this intrusive thing, it certainly wasn't as uncomfortable. I think that was its goal, to make me feel that I was not in control. A couple years later in northern Ca. it came to me again just once this time. 2 years later it happened to my sister. The same year she also saw a dark shadow figure observing her in the corner of her room. She described it looked like a statue or like the Oscar trophy. It was standing with its arms crossed about 6 1/2 ft tall, broad shoulders and slender lower body. Identical shape to the ancient Samarian God statue. Personally I think its alien origin. I haven't had that feeling in 5 or 6 years now, but should it happen again, I will not reward it with fearful emotions. They do seem to me to be "Psychic Vampires", as some mention, sucking on our fear. I am better equipped these days spiritually strengthened knowing that love does conquer all. perhaps this is why they have not returned. my e-mail is steffysez@msn.com. Take care all and remember, love is the answer.

deejay said...

I've seen these things for ever, even felt a couple. I'm use to them but my 10 year old son has one that follows him and scares him to death. At first it would jump out from behind things like it was playing. It would follow him to school and around the house. My son asks it to go away everytime it shows up. Sometimes daily, sometimes weeks pass betweeen visits. My son is obsessed with cats and this figure will occassionally "transform" into a "shadow cat" rather than a "shadow person". Last week my son said it made a hissing sound as it tried to say something. He said it sounded part snake and was trying to say "Hey". He closed his eyes tight and told it to go away that it was scaring him. Then the toy he had in his hand jumped out and hit him in his chest. I'm use to them and they don't bother me anymore, but my son is terrified. (And can you believe my daughter is jealous because she wants to see them!) Where do you go for professional help without running the risk of taking a trip on the short bus to the funny farm?

deejay said...

Oops - account was not verified before I sent my comment. email address is deejay6972@hotmail.com

Katie Crosby said...

My sister hates talking about it but when she told me I wanted answers. When she was 6 years old we lived in Brockton, MA. We lived in an apartment with no haunted history. She was in bed and the light was on in our room. She woke to see a shadowy figure in the door way. She described it as a man with glowing eyes holding a bundle of what she assumed was a baby. At the time my sister Brittany was a new born. She cried and covered herself with a blanket. She cried herself to sleep and has never seen that figure again. When you mention it to her now she gets very upset.

Kaci said...

Hello my name is Kaci. Me and five of my friends see the shadow people. We each have special gifts. My gifts are seeing the dead, seeing the future and seeing the shadow people. for some reason the shadow people wish to harm me and my friends. Were looking for others like us with our abilities. We aren't crazy, we don't need mental help. We need answers. If you have abilities like ours please contact me at kcsinger@optonline.net Your not alone. We can help you control your gift. I'm not a fake trust me I cant stand fakes. Please contact me if your one of us.

Kaci said...

Hello my name is Kaci. Me and five of my friends see the shadow people. We each have special gifts. My gifts are seeing the dead, seeing the future and seeing the shadow people. for some reason the shadow people wish to harm me and my friends. Were looking for others like us with our abilities. We aren't crazy, we don't need mental help. We need answers. If you have abilities like ours please contact me at kcsinger@optonline.net Your not alone. We can help you control your gift. I'm not a fake trust me I cant stand fakes. Please contact me if your one of us.

Kaci said...

Hello my name is Kaci. Me and five of my friends see the shadow people. We each have special gifts. My gifts are seeing the dead, seeing the future and seeing the shadow people. for some reason the shadow people wish to harm me and my friends. Were looking for others like us with our abilities. We aren't crazy, we don't need mental help. We need answers. If you have abilities like ours please contact me at kcsinger@optonline.net Your not alone. We can help you control your gift. I'm not a fake trust me I cant stand fakes. Please contact me if your one of us.

Kaci said...

Guys listen I need you to read my comments. We are searching for others like us. We have some answers that I know you guys are looking for. The five of us will help you. Please contact me at kcsinger@optonline.net I dont check comments so email me.

Anonymous said...

I can let you know for a fact the shadows do exist and they are NOT your imagination. The "Hat-Man" was the first sighting for me, many years ago. I later had dipped into the arcane for my own personal gain of knowledge on this subject and the results were most interesting. I have seen nearly every description you can find as well as my own I discovered. It's my personal belief they do exist on our own plane and for whatever reason is beyond me at this point. I did however discover what seemed to be "habits" of the creatures. I think once you find yourself deep enough into their own existence they almost begin to swarm you, sometimes quite literally. It's the ones in direct sunlight or in pitch black you want to worry about. They are their own breed and have shown a most menacing purpose about themselves. Most of you will most likely try to call "bullshit" on this, but I promise this is no joke. My overall point I guess is to warn those who want to investigate for themselves. Please trust me when I say "that is one rabbit hole you don't want to fall in".

Anonymous said...

certain sounds will drive them away, temporarily. dont leave the tv on the channel with the static. sweep your house with light if you feel them near, intense dread is a huge indicator. keep an eye out for faint red or blue pairs of dots above the ground those are the fast ones.

Anonymous said...

Last week I settled myself into bed and began to drift off to sleep... I was dreaming whil in that 'half-asleep-stage' or whatever you wanna call it, when I was aware of almost being asleep, but my body was completely relaxed. Anyway, in this dream I was actually settled in the exact place I was settled (asleep in my bed, on my stomach, lying on the right side of my face) so in a way one could argue that I wasn't completely asleep... you get the picture, I'm sure.

Anyway! Getting to the point and I would like to point out this all happened quite quickly too. I remember feeling the presence of people at the bottom of my bed, so (in my dream) I turned my head around (while still laying on my front) and saw 3 or four (not sure) 'shadow' or dark entities shaped like people at the bottom of my bed. I remember feeling scared especially as it looked so real and it seemed like they had been waiting for me to fall asleep, so I called for someone to watch over me while this was happening. I remember my body sort of rising out of the bed, a weird floating sensation and I was going towards them, almost an attempt to get past them I'd say? But I had no control over my actions. Anyway, as I was 'floating' towards them, they put out their arms in front of my and I immediately was pushed out back into my bed where I woke up and could remember everything vividly.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like the dementors from Harry Potter? I have had an expierience with shadow people and instantly I felt like I was going to die

Anonymous said...

Ah...alright I'm glad I'm not the only one whose encountered these. My personal experience was a few minutes before I posted this.

Well, I believe in aliens and ghosts...ect. I've seen some UFO's around my area. Though tonight...tonight was different, I was letting my dog in (He came in just before this happened.) I oddly had the door open for a few minutes looking out into the darkness. I heard a scream, loud...scream it wasn't human nor animal, It wasn't the scream that scared me. It was the object that ran up towards me. Now I didn't get a good look at this figure but the air was warm just before it came near me.

You know when an animal runs towards quickly and stops just before it hits you. Yeah...that's what it did. While I was slamming the door shut I saw what appeared to be a hand trying to stop the door from shutting, I'm glad it didn't work. But...personally...I was scared out of my mind. Still am, which is why I'm staying up all night. Haha.

Also, I believe Shadow People are more than just ghosts/demons. I believe they are some type of Alien race. We have no idea what they are but we do know they're alive.

If anyone wishes to talk to me about it

shdwmurphy@live.com is my MSN
e-mail is shdwmurphy@yahoo.com

-- Shadow R. Murphy

Anonymous said...

I have and always have had seen these things. I am excited to see so many people posting their experiences. We can not really start researching and figuring out what is going on without talking and gathering each others stories.
I am collecting all stories and experiences. I am researching all these types of things. I love talking with others and hearing any other people's opinions and speculations and sharing my own. So, any like-minded people, please contact me. Or, if you have more experiences you did not post here and would like to share.

My e-mail is laceyjade1010@msn.com

When I was young I saw light and dark figures. Now, I mostly see dark. My most recent experiences; I was up at 2am cleaning. As I was bending down to sweep some dust into a dustpan I felt and saw something out of the corner of my eye come up behind me fairly fast as I was bending over. It was so real I gasped and turned around about to say, "What are you doing up?" expecting to see one of my sons. But, as I turned I saw nothing and felt immediatly creepy. Another recent time, in this same room, I was dozing at about 11pm. I woke up right as a black whoosh swooped in the doorway near the ceailing and disappeared. These recent encounters are the most undeniable for me because I have actually physically startled. Usually I will see them and not startle but also I have never encountered them as agressive as these.
I do live in the town's "haunted house" and have been there for about a year. A person did shoot themselves in the room above where I see these things, back in the 90's.
However, I have seen these things my whole life. Mostly in my bedroom as I am falling asleep. One thing I noticed as a child was as I watched the shadows and I would try and focus on them, I would get overwhelmingly sleepy. Like it drains me to concentrate on them or either they are actually feeding off of our energy. I believe they are attracted to different energy fields and maybe by scaring us, they get us to produce a different energy that they like. Because we KNOW they dont hurt us. However, if you have ever been hurt, please tell me! But so far the extent that has ever seemed to happen to anyone has just been extreme fear...
Anyway, that is just a tiny exert of my experiences. Please contact me if you'd like to discusss more!

Anonymous said...

Hey, also, have any of you ever listened to EVP's others have gathered??
A vast majority of them either say things like, "SHH!, Hide, Can they see us?" or mean things like, "Get out of here! Kill you!", etc. That kinda goes along with the shadow people always sneaking and hiding and darting around. I really dont know if those two things are connected, ya know. But, maybe picking up on EVP's is actually listening to these "shadow people" whatever they may be.
I sure hope they are not what we could become when we die because they dont seem too happy.
I do think certain areas, houses, etc have their own shadows, but also some people may have a shadow or whatever that follows them.
ANYWAY, My e-mail is laceyjade1010@msn.com if you would like to discuss/speculate farther. Put shadow people as the subject.

thegrayone said...

I used to see shadow people since I was 8 till I was around 15 years old. My shadow people where gray in color, no distinguishable face feature but I, some how, knew the males from the females. The used to see me and call me to them. I used to see them behind my friends or people and they used to call me to them, not by saying my name but by making gestures. Even though they had not features on their faces, I knew when they were smiling or "making faces" to me. I always used to see them in the outdoors, like backyards, the streets and mountains; almost always in day light. I thought they were friendly and some how I knew they weren't from "here"(as in the town or city I was visiting or living at the time) I stopped seeing them when I was 15 right after an old lady, that I didn't know and never saw again, told me to never go to them when they call me, for if I did, I would never return. Maybe one day I will be able to see them again.

Anonymous said...

ok people. i think i can explain the full length of the sleep paralysis/alien abduction idea. ok, first of all, like an earlier post said before me: your body can sometimes not reconnect before you wake up. that explains the whole unmoving part. now as for the "sightings" and "abductions." there is another type of malfunction that sometimes occurs with peoples bodies that can make you "think" you have these memories of abduction. Its when people wake up, but they are not completely awake. in other words they are both in the real world and the dream world. so you can't tell reality from fantasy anymore. this would explain why, when coupled with the paralysis, some people are unable to move AND they see or feel things around them. Basically your mind controls all that you feel and if you believe something enough your mind will make something seem real. so these two malfunctions when together can sometimes make people feel as if they are strapped down to an "alien" dissection table and seeing or feeling the aliens do these things. Also, i would like to clarify that i do believe in paranormal activity, its just this one activity was able to be explained. i hope I've helped anybody that has experienced these problems and now understands them. so remember, if you ever experience what i just described, to keep calm and think of what i have said. good luck fighting away your fears.

Veronica said...

I'm 27 years old, very skeptical and always triying to analize things in a Scientific matter. That is why at first I thought I was becoming schizophrenic until I met someone that had similar experiences.
I don't know if it has a connection but I had an alien-like episode were the hole bedroom shook by vibrating (there was no sound) and lights (red/green) outside etc...I also hear things but have not seen one (Thank God). I hear crowds mumbling close to me were Im alone, I've heard weird animal sounds in my room or beside me, things running or following me (steps) but I dont see anyone, animals growling in my ear, things mumbling in a strange languaje. Some times when this things happen other people have also heard or seen (not me) shadow things (some have not been human like but like big dogs or birds). This things get worse from 12:00am - 5:00am. Its not just that I hear them the worst part is the fealing of fear and something malignant watching. I also dont know if its related but I kind of hear some sounds that other people can't hear or I hear them even before my pets. Also mechanical things break a lot when I'm near. I used to work in a factory and they called me "Black Cloud". Peopple that have come across me randomly (4 people) have said that I atract them and they stay with me and that I've got some shadow like thing on my right side. At first I didn't believe it but now there have been 4 different random people that have said the same thing, the first one when I was like 16 and the last one just a couple of months ago.

Anonymous said...

I also have been trying to find an answer to this.I have had a shadow person follow me around everywhere I go basically.I ahve moved 4 houses so I have seen it in all four houses.I used to live in USA and used to see it everynight bending down at me and I bascially froze and it's like I was calling out my mom's name but they couldn't hear me until the thing was gone.And I would hear like a buzzing sound and when it was gone I could breathe again.I stopped seeing that particular shadow and I thought thanks God it's gone.Then I had my son 4 years ago and I started seeing it again but thsi time it was a shadow with cape. One time I saw it swinging my son's swing. And then there was another time...which really scared the hell out of me..basically I was a sleep and my baby was sleeping beside me and I think my baby almost must have fallen of the bed as the shadow thing tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at my son and then disappeared I quickly picked my son up to make sure it was okay and then I realized that maybe it was trying to tell me that my son was about to fall off the bed. I have moved again and then saw it again in the house I'm living in now...so I don't know why it keeps following me everywhere I go...I do get scared of it sometimes but now I don't really..maybe it's a good being...But please if anyone has any answer to this or has a similar experience or can help me in anyway please email me on dream_angel2005@hotmail.com thanks

Anonymous said...

ok, this has been bugging me since I started seeing the comments on here. no offense to those people... *sleep paralysis* You guys have it wrong. All the sleep paralysis stuff i've been seeing on here has been from the point of WAKING up from sleep. What if you are wide awake and have not gotten near sleep yet? I may be off base here, but all ive seen is people saying that its a 'normal' thing and it happens because the body is still trying to 'reconnect' from sleep mode... This whole thing bugs me because I have encounters with these things just like these other people, but I have been (un)lucky enough to be awake when the "sleep paralysis" takes place. Sure, ive had my times where I wake up and BAM, I cant move, but its not always when your asleep. Luckily I have learned a little trick to get out of it. (As I can now feel it trying to take me before I am totally unable to move.) *IF you know that they are around you or if you feel yourself going, focus all of your attention on moving something small. (like a finger, in my case) As long as you put your effort into fighting it from your finger you will break out of the 'hold'. I am physically healthy, and have no disorders in my family, so hopefully I can convince some of you that there is something more than just sleep paralysis. To those of you that deal with this please try this. It took me a few times, but its a skill that I picked up fairly quick, and I hope that you do to if you need it. good luck and send me a line if you like.


Anonymous said...

Well When we move to my new house 18 years ago. My brohter to me he always use to see Demons outside the yard I was like whatever so he never live me and my mom. Well I heard goust and see things at my house on off over the 18 years. But I started new job for my local Paper. I am not use to night hours Then i saw tons of Shadow people every where I drove around city! I thought I was freaking out O keplt Slaming my breaks thing I going to hit someone. It Happen for about 5 months. I told my brother whats happing to me and he said that what he use to see at my moms house when we first move there. What they are who really knows but there things out there we will never know till we past way maybe?

Anonymous said...

I do not think Shadow People are ghost, because any time i go ghost hunting w/ my brother 1 wiccan the other christian we would always see a group them outside our house. They would fell threaten and sometime get psi attack when i would peace of mind i'm pagan

Juan de Pab said...

last comment is full of fail

Anonymous said...

I have at least three shadow people in my house, or just one that changes form.. once i saw a dog walking past my leg, then i saw someone as tall as my little brother walking down and up the hall way a few times, and once when i was making pancakes, I saw a man just watching me... Then another time, i saw someone walking towards the door, and just going through it.. Its kinda creepy.. But, Im not that freaked out

Andrew from Seattle said...

Okay... I am having a really hard time here with people posting in this Blog. Can you people not use proper English punctuation and grammar? I mean it is hard enough to trust anyone who may have had an experience like my own. I mean is it too much to ask for someone to end a sentence properly instead of droning on without a simple period or comma? I'm not the English police, but half the time these postings are a bunch of useless dribble that contributes nothing to the conversation herein. On another note, I find that there are several other people here who indulge the subject far too much and make too much conjecture as to the 'purpose' of these beings. Doubt is a healthy thing, and if you don't want to sound like a bored pubecent girl who is making up a story, it might be helpful to simply report your experience rather than making wild conjectures. These subjects are ethereal, and metaphysical in nature because of our lack of ability to match up these experiences to an appropriate means of labling and packaging them for others to consume in a comprehendable way. All I am saying is that I would like to hear from other adults who may be have gone from experience to enlightenment with their shadow people, rather than indulging their fanciful delights (as would be portrayed by the fact that I believe some individuals use the stories and experiences of others such as shadow people as a means to wrap themselves inside a self-delusion which allows them to feel special or escape the normative reality that they may dislike). I ask others to keep it simple, tell about your experiences, but don't make it into some fanciful horror story, that helps nobody.

Anonymous said...

I found this site in search of some information on a dark shadow form I witnessed in my home one evening. My husband and I were watching a movie and when it was over I got up off of the couch to move to another when through the doorway into the next room, I saw an unmistakable large figure of a person standing in that room. I immediately froze, turned around, and jumped back on the couch with my husband..at this time, I looked at him in complete fright and he immediately said.."I saw it too" because his focus was in the same direction at the same time as mine as we both witnessed this very interesting phenomenon..we still wonder to this day what it was and what it was doing watching us watch this movie..VERY CREEPY. We haven't seen it again, however, at times..more than i would like..I have uneasy feelings to leave a room..mainly my kitchen which is attached to the room this shadow figured appeared.

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Anonymous said...

I woke up and there it was, at the foot of my bed. Looked like a brimmed hat on , and a trench coat maybe. Very dark, shadowy, but the door was open behind it, and there was a light on in the next room. So, I saw it's form. Masculine, dark and lurking, curious.

leslieroberts35 said...

My husband was diagnosed with end stage liver cancer in September 07. The cancer progressed rapidly and by the end of November He was claiming to see " Shadow People "
standing at the edge of the room watching him. He said that there were at least 12 to 20 of them and they were always present listening to our conversations and watching as we nursed him through his illness.

At one point even though he was extremely ill he insisted on him and I taking a trip to Redding California, which was at least 150 miles away. I did not want to go because I was extremely worried about him, but because he insisted we went. The first night we rented a motel room and he and I were laying on the bed with the tv off just holding each other and talking. He told me not to be alarmed but that the " Shadow People " were in the room with us paying very close attention to everything we were saying. I was alarmed and the hair stood up on my arms and neck. He then told me that the reason he wanted to go so badly was he thought he might be able to hide from them at least for awhile. This really upset me. The next night we spent at his Uncles house and it was a very bad night both because he was so sick and also because they were getting clearer and more present.

Later after we were home it seemed to get even more entense for him, and I being raised by a Pentecostal minister felt I had to do something to relieve his fears. I sat with him and asked him one simple question. Did he think the Shadow people were good or bad. He did not know but he was affraid. From my experience with church i did know that when something of the spirit world is good you knew it. There only seemed to be doubt and fear if the spirits were evil. So I placed my hands in my husbands hands and I prayed. I prayed not to God, so maybe prayer is not the right word. I addressed the spirits that he was seeing and let them know that my husband was a child of the light, and a child of the almighty God in heaven. I claimed my home a home of light and a dwelling of peace and love. I rebuked the spirits and told them that there was no place for them there and that in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost they could not remain.
The very moment I finished this, my husband jerked hard and looked at me with wide open eyse and said " You just took what I was using to keep me here!" I was shocked. he said they were gone.

The next morning he told my daughter he was leaving and about an hour later he went into a semi coma which he did not return fully from until he passed about 2 weeks later.

I do not know excatly what was tormenting him, but I do believe they were not good forces because otherwise I could not have sent them out.

Anonymous said...

for those of you who have had expierences with this, with the being paralyzed (sp?) in your sleep, with the litteral seeing of a shadow..thing, maybe with it talking to you or at you (i only read a handful of replys but that DEFINATELY happened to me) i would like to have some chats with you! ive been looking for YEARS for people with the same expierences, and this is the first ive come across anything of the sort! i dont want to post my story up on here but get in touch at myspace.com/applex18 and id be glad to tell you about my expierences..

i will say this though, the end result of the first expierence when i was 15 yrs old, was indentations on my bed which to this day are still there, and i had an orange cross hanging on my wall, and to this day theres a scratch in it where it was seemingly RIPPED off the wall man, and ended up in a spot across the room that it couldnt have simply fallen off the wall and landed at.

does anyone else look at these things "religiously"? whatever that might mean to you..

please get back at me on the myspace!!

Anonymous said...

i was stting in my living room chair when i saw a shadow person...he was hooded and completely black.i was looking at the tv, which i turned off, and i looked down the hall and there it was.i was completely frozen in place with fear or who knows.

Anonymous said...

4 Nights ago I was sitting on my bed, laptop on my lap and something suddenly caught my attantion. At the foot of the wall a shadow started to grow and crawl up the wall.
I had recently gotten a new cell phone and had been playing with it off and on to get familiar with it so it happened to be next to me.
I picked it up and took a picture of this shadow. As soon as I snapped the picture it stopped moving up the wall, paused for a second and then faded away.The whole thing did not last more then 6 or 7 seconds. It is definitely one of the strangest experiences I have had. I didn't feel anything negative or evil from the shadow. If anything it felt like I had surprised it and once it noticed I was watching it it got out of there.
I I have only shared this with a few trustworthy friends as it has been my experience that most people laugh, make fun of such things, call a person names, and mock them. Because of people like that we may never find out what these things are. No one wants to be thought of as crazy, delusional, or a liar, so they won't seriouslky investigate it. The ones that do try to find out what things are are not taken seriously by the scientific community.
If you had told these people that there would be something like the internet, or cell phones, or a space shuttle, they would have said the same thing.
Anyways, that is my story.

DeeJay said...

I would love to see the picture you took. And these things are bad. The white ones are good. My son sees both. Over the past month he has started seeing ghosts as well. He is only 10 years old


Mike H said...

There truely are a such thing as these "Shadow People" I have had my own encouner.Before I seen the shadow This one started off waking me up in my sleep by smacking me. Then I felt uncomfortable and started sleeping with Lights, TV, and door opened a crack. Well, then the door started slamming shut, only while I slept. This happened several times, and no it was not wind and it was not another person, believe me I checked. That is what my first conclusion was, until it happened, as I awoke to the tune of the door slamming loudly, i initially looked up at the door and what I seen shocked me. There was a Tall shadow man standing above me at the door and it had both its hands up as if in the motion like it just got done slamming my door. I had my lights on as usual , so as to comfort me. I sat up and then it hit me that I had something else going on, before I seen this shadow figure, I kept telling myself that "Oh it's just a muslce spasm, nothing smacked me, or oh it must be neighbors messing around or wind blowing against the door and causing it to slam like that. But when I seen this thing , there was no denying it anymore , I had either a ghost or evil entity in my room, I even gave it a name from there on out and called it "Casper the unfriendly Ghost" even though I think it is something more along the lines of an evil entity or maybe a demon or some other form of being and not human.

Anonymous said...

Back when I was about 7 years old, I was walking to the kitchen to go eat breakfast. On my way there, I ran into a black cloud hovering above the floor but didn't pay it much attention and walked right through it, at which point it vanished. Then, about ten minutes later while I was still in the kitchen, I saw a completely black figure with blood-red eyes watching me through the window, and as soon as it saw that I had noticed it, it ran through the wall of my front yard. Strangely, my parents were looking in the same direction and did not see anything. More recently, I have begun noticing figures similar to the one I saw 8 years ago walking around. No one but myself seem to notice them, and they do not run away or disappear when seen, they just stick to dark secluded and hidden corners, watching as though some untold event is about to transpire.

Anonymous said...

I see them, outside my home. In the car, the first time near the airport. I see them and so do my father and mother. People in my family have been believed to see them also. Which therefore means it must not just be an illusion. Dont fret, dont complain, dont be angry. They usually pray on an idea such as that one. I came face to face to one and so has my father. I believe that they can protect and be there for some peculiar reason that is unknown. Overall Ive learned a ton about them in the past years. I am very young yet young minds seem to refresh memories quite instantly.

thumper0024@hotmail.com said...

I have experienced the paranormal all of my life, as a matter of fact my mom and my children are all very sensitive to the paranormal. I have a picture of my friends niece in my livingroom and standing behind her is this being.... but when the picture was taken no one was standing behind her or near her. We have also come in contact with "shadow people", but the ones we've encountered have not been the peaceful type. We are haunted by demons, ghosts or whatever you want to call them and they have gone so far as dragging my 14 year old daughter across the floor (she was 11 at the time).

TK said...

First let me say that i am thankfull to find so many people who experienced the same shadow people as i did, i felt a little crazy there for a second. My first experience with one was about 5 months ago in a guest room at my parents house, the most recent was 4 days ago when i went back home for spring break and stayed in the same room. The first time i saw the shadow figure was while i was laying in my bed trying to fall asleep...The room was very dark and the door was cracked slightly. Out of no where i big shadow figure walked in, about 6ft 6 tall maybe bigger. It walked in and proceeded to the other side of the room by the end of my bed and the window. At this point i wasint sure if my mind was playing tricks on me so i just observed. The figure began to lean into the bed and stare at me, it would then lean back and look out the window. It went back and forth doing this for maybe a minute or 2. After watching this for over a minute i began to get scared b/c it made absolutley no sense, i wasint sure if it was an actual person or possibly a ghost. from a spur of the moment decision i leaned forward and kicked at the figure while kind of yellling, i kicked right through it and my parents ran in a couple second later turning the light on. After this i was very creeped out but I pretty much convinced my self that my mind had played a trick on me. I soon moved out of my parents for college and never encountered anything like it again. Until 4 days ago when i came back to my parents and stayed in the same room. I stayed there about 4 nights but only had an encounter on one night. On that night i went to bed around 12 or so... ide say about 30 min to an hour later i woke up to what sounded like someone knocking on my door. I was sleeping on my side facing away from the door. When i woke up to the sound i turn around to look at the door and right next to my bed was the same shadowing figure. Im pretty sure it was the same, definitely the same size. When i saw it, it completely scared the shit out of me, i though for sure it was a person. The first thing i said was "what the f**ck are you doing?" and my kicking reflex took over and i lunged at it. This is where it gets wierd. Most of the storys i read say the figure fanishes once it knows you see it. This one did not. After i tried to kick it and completely hit nothing i laid back down in bed and just watched it. I didint feel scared or threatend what so ever. I sat there an watched this thing for atleast 10 or more minutes. Questioning if it was real but it would not go away. As i watched, the shadow person was moving it arms up in down, almost like it was dancing but not really. I could not believe what i was watching, i looked at this thing long enough that experimented looking at it different ways. He was completely black but if i focused in on one spot i could see through, which was a picture hanging on the wall on the other side. I tried to talked to it a few times but go no answer. The shadow then walked to the end of my bed. Like i said this went on for about 10 minutes until i started to get extreamly creeped out and scared. I mean it looked so real, i just couldint see how it was possible. I decoded to just jump up and turn the light on, once the light was on it vanished, after that i turned the TV on because i could not handle sleeping in that room with it being dark...naturally i though i was a little crazy, until i found all this info on the net. Also i wanna add that my older brother had an encounter in the same room, but he was just paralyzed while laying bed, he said he could not move anything but he was screaming. When my dad ran in and touched him all the sudden he says he could move. He described it as a very strong person holding him down. Which is weird because i had very different experiences. In addition ive had my grandfather and uncle die in the last month, could that have anything to do with it, yet they were still alive for the first experience. I was completely sober when all this happened, i wish i was fucked up, then at-least i could explain what happened.....

Anonymous said...

Hi. Im a very young sensitive and have seen shadow people or person in my apartment and im not sure if its positive or not. I feel like im watched whenever im in the house. Its disturbing sometimes because its ALWAYS there. dangerous or not im not sure but i want to know. I feel it watching me in the shower or when im falling alseep. What are these things? Ive herd some are good and some arent, how can i find out? Also today i smelled something "off" like a wet dog but nothing.My cat seem to smell it to and have fear in his eyes and wouldnt come when i called him like he always does. If you have any answers please email at katt5cent@hotmail.com

kelly said...

OK. First, TK what your brother experienced sounds like astral projection. Sometimes when you come back into your body you wake up but aren't completely in yet. That happening gives you the feeling of not being able to move and can sometimes even feel like someone's holding you down or sitting on you. When your dad came in and touched your brother it probably brought him completely back into his body. I've actually had this happen to me before. Second, Does anyone think that technology could be in some way influencing this phenomonam?

Frightened said...

Hello everyone, you all seem to know whats what with these shadow people; I am having some trouble with one such creature, or at least it appears to be. My sister and I both have been seeing a creature in our kitchen ever since we discovered that we have auto immune diseases, she found hers first and began seeing the creature, then I discovered mine and I too began seeing 'him'. But I digress, our mother is perfectly healthy as well as the rest of our family and friends and they cannot see 'him'. This creature was confined to our kitchen, but he stands at the door way staring at you, and you can stair at him as long as you want and he wont vanish. He paces between the two door ways into out kitchen, but he doesn't walk on two feet, once he begins to pace he is 4 legged with claws and they click on the floor like a k-9's would. We are rather afraid of him, and he has recently managed to get out of the kitchen and stand in the yard as well as the garage. My sister and I fear that if he ever manages to get upstairs or into our living room something very bad will happen. This creature does not mean us well. You all talk about the feelings these creatures bring, Lucas Frank, which is what we call him, he brings dread and the foreboding of evil. Please, I need advise, some kind of guidance. I feel that he might be interfering with more than just this aspect of our lives. I know you say that these shadow people are not dangerous and that if you take a stand against them they will go away but I want to hear if you all have any ideas. Please reply with help or support "Black_Winged_Werewolf@hotmail.com"

Anonymous said...

thursday night i saw a shadow man in my room. it scared the living hell out of me. I woke up because my dog was sleeping next to me but woke up and was growling like crazy. when i opened my eyes there was this figure of a man walking past my bed. he stopped and glanced at me (from what i could tell) then darted through the wall. I feel like it's there all time now, and my friends want to communicate with it this friday night.

Anonymous said...

I always see something in the corner of my eyes while walking around my neiborhood. When I try to turn fast to see it but it disapears.

DeeJay said...

I have dealt with these shadows for almost 40 years. These things are not good. They don't typically cause harm, but they are not there for your benefit. One knocked a toy out of my sons hands; it went flying across the room but not before it left a cut across his chest. What makes them go away is praying! I'm not a religious person, but spiritual. When he prays he sees the "white ones" chase the "shadow ones" way. I've told a few people about this and it pissed them off! They've really messed with me a couple of times since I told that praying makes them go away. Whether you believe in God or not doesn't matter. But believe there is an opposite side to the shadows that over powers them. They feed on your negative energy - fear, sadness, depression, uncertainty, etc. Just like magnets, there is an opposite polarity that can and will propel them away. The shadows come uninvited; the remedy must me asked for.


DeeJay said...

As far as animals go - the shadow CAT has been the only reported animal seen as a shadow "thingy". I'm not very educated on the shadow cat but I'm learning. Shadow people - ask me anything!


Martin said...

I was told by a neurologist that i have sleep paralysis and wen ever i have an episode i see one shadow person. it has attacked me a couple of times. every time i have my atttacks i feel a tingly feeling throught my whole body and hear a buzzing noise i cant really explain it but i always immideatly feel a sense of danger and get the most teryfying feeling i have ever felt. i cant say that ive gotten scared but wen it happens thats the only time i actually feel scared and danger for my life.
my email is martn101@yahoo.com

lme126 said...

the most recent shadow people i have experienced was one peeking at me from around the corner of the kitchen. i saw it in the reflection of the television(turned on) late at night here in my friends duplex...i experienced seven years ago, six of them following me in the television, as i passed by, and happened to glance at the darkened television...that was a terrifying experience...i mean how many were/are actually latched on to me?..they can't be good...

lme126 said...

i just read deejay's post and it helped me...the depression and sadness made total sense...seven years ago i was going through a separation/ divorce... and these days clinical depression...makes total sense...i am catholic and haven't been to church in a while...or prayed much, lately...think i am snapping out of it though...back to the basics, i guess!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching 'A Haunting' on the Discovery channel and just saw an episode featuring shadow people. I decided to search the web and see what I could find. I now have an explanation of something that happened to me when I was about 5 years old, 25 years ago. My stomach turns and I get anxious thinking about it. I was asleep in my bed (the top of a bunk bed), the foot of my bed was next to my bedroom door. I woke up from a strange feeling and without sitting up I looked toward my door. It was cracked open about 12 inches and there was a very large dark male figure, wearing a trench coat and a hat (fedora style, something I didn't know about at the time) and had red eyes. I couldn't move, I tried to scream and couldn't. I blinked over and over trying to "fix" my eyes so it would go away and it never did. I could finally pull my covers up over my head, I was terrified. I eventually passed out and woke up safe the next morning. I had always tried to convince myself that it was just my dad just checking in on me but I never believed it he would have asked if I was okay if he saw me awake and looking at him. I haven't seen anything like it since that time. I can still feel the terror I felt that night.

monica said...

omg i don't feel so psychotic anymore! as far as i can remember this dark shadow has been following me. and recently it has gotten closer than it usually does, i see him nearly everywhere i go. now thanks to this blog i don't feel alone or crazy thak you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Darksithoverlord said...

I lived in a house once where there was always a shadow cat in the bathroom. My family thought I was being stupid cuz we owned a cat at the time. But it was always when I knew the cat was on the other side of the house and it was never there when I looked straight at it. Where I live now I see "shadow people" all the time in the local area. but a lot of them have details I glimpse and remember after i look straight toward them.

though it seems the ones that show up around my yard and hallway are all shadow, no or barely any details. faeries prehaps?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. When I was about 4 I saw A shadow Person. He was standing in the doorway. Then he aimed a gun at me and fired. I felt nothing, but saw the bullet go through me.

Anonymous said...

Funny, what Jenni described is similar to the active phase in the onset of schizophrenia.
As it turns out, seeing a shadowy figure with a fedora is classic symbology.
And the fact that you might share the same disease would explain similarities in the hallucinations you'd have.
But I'm just saying, yo. I'm not so scientifically minded that I don't think there are things we can't see. I just thought it was an odd coincidence that you'd mention that same, eh, vision.

Anonymous said...

For a while i saw alot of things other people couldn't like shadow bug creatures in the dark they were everywhere and it scared the crap out of me then i started seeing a shadow person it was tall and copletely black and very creepy it would chase me sometimes and sometimes it just sat there.....watching me it never talked and was mostly in dark bathrooms and hallways.....but sometimes it came at other times and was always alone watching....without eyes! THEY ARE NOT FAKE!! they scare the crap out of me!It followed me!i'm not sure what it wants but i'm not sure i want to find out.

Dagmara said...

I kept seeing/ hearing/ smelling entities to the point they had me tested for all kinds of mental inlnesses. Good news: I'm not crazy. Bad news: I'm never alone either.

Anonymous said...

I'm 13 years old and sometimes I get the feeling I'm not alone. When iwas eleven we used to live I t his apartment complex, abd o e. Ight it was just my grandmother, little brother, and I while my mother was at work. It was around 10:30 when I saw a strange shadow-like figure at the corner of my eye. It appeared as if it were tip-toe across the doorwY of the bedroom. I wasn't in the bedroom I was in the living room while this was happening and the door happened to be open. It also appearedto be crippled or something. I guess u can say i'm sensitive to the supernatural, ever since I was little I sort of new that things had to die and I used to have strange dreams and still do. I dnt really see them anymore. But I have strange dreams. And whenever the bathroom mirror fogs up an unusal creepy image comes up.

Phyllis Denton said...

I have been followed my whole life but I would see them at night at the foot of the bed or in the closet I would keep my kids in bed with me because of this I would tell it to go away that I was not going to let it hurt my children. My kids remember waking up to me talking to it. But a month ago I move in a house and I woke up and on the other side of my bed it was a man with a hat on from the old days and had a coat on but was all black just standing there looking at me in bed. I found I could not move or even breath I was scared to death and I turn my tv on and it went away. Now I sleep with a night light and my dog want even come in this room. It is like she is scared of something. I talked to my oldest dauther and she has seen the same thing growing up so today I just type it in and was shocked to find that there are others that have seen this also. I see things in the day time also. It is like they go where I do. I just wish I knew what it means because I am hard of hearing and deaf and only have 2% of my hearing and it does not make me feel very safe knowing something is watching me that has scared me many times. I could be sitting in the living room and see white light with a little blue in the kitchen I would think it was one of the kids and go in there and it would but no one. It happen a number of times. The shadow man seems to like to be close and goes where I go over the years. I have prayed for it to just be a bad dream and go away and let me be. But my kids see it also and I want to protect them from harm. How do you fight something like that. Most of all why have they been following me my whole life.

Anonymous said...

Part 1
My name is David Emerick This is nice to know other people experience this to. This has happened to me dozens of times. The first time it happened to me I was 16 years this experience was a dramatizing event for me because I have never felt so helpless combined for the first time in my life feeling another ghostly presence in the room with me, it scared me bad I felt afraid for my life. I had a total paralyzing feeling on my entire body. I couldn't get up or move any part of my body no matter how hard I tried. I remember trying to scream for my mom but I couldn't even move my lips but I was aware of my surroundings and it was during the day I could see everything limited from where my head was pointing. I knew it wasn't a dream but it seemed like my hearing was amplified I could hear my own heart and what sounded like a loud static noise with what sounded like a Bath running with the water splashing on to the surface. The noises seemed confusing at first until I was terrified of a clear sound of giggling like a little kid or person of young age laughing at me in the room. I felt very fearful and this is where I began to try and struggle and fight out of the state I was in. I was trying to yell out to someone in the house again but I couldn't say anything. I heard the giggles right next to me I knew the direction in which they came. I had a small couch next to my bed. I was able to force my head in the direction of the sound and this might sound a little off or freaky but it was a ghostly figure of a pale baby and its head was bigger then normal. I was able to snap myself out of the state I was in I got up sweating bad and shook up and confused I then looked at the couch again nothing was there and everything was back to normal almost as quickly as it started. The room was exactly how I seen it while I was in that state. This was the first and only time it happened in that extreme to where I could clearly make out the figure in detail and actually hear it plus it never happened during the day again I don't understand why my episodes continued but they did in that house I lived in, but no ghostly figure or talking and giggling. Just the same paralyzed feeling and unable to get up or call for help plus my hearing would be amplified but the only difference with the rest of the episodes I felt like my head was tingling to a point where it hurt I felt like my body would be going through some kind of seizure during the episodes. (Continued in post below.)

Anonymous said...

Part 2
I have moved from that house since then and didn't have that happen to me again for a long time until I stayed the night in the guest room of a friends house. Something different and unique compared to all the other episodes happened in this guest room. It was a violent episode for me where I actually felt the presence angry or where it actually felt like it was doing something to me I don't know what it was one thing that caught my attention during my paralyzed state was my friends dogs they were going crazy scratching on my window very loud with there paws and whimpering. I was able to see the ceiling for a bit from a glimpse of light from the moon outside but just enough to see the cooler vent and then suddenly I felt like my body was floating above the bed slowly and then it started to get violent it felt like my body was going in all kinds of directions I could clearly see the ceiling and cooler vent up close and then I would be dragged back down to the bed and I remember the ceiling again at different speeds but never slow would get closer and closer and back and forth over and over again then instead of going up I felt my body being forced off the bed from my feet and then back on to the bed it was a very violent episode then just like that my body stopped being yanked around but I was paralyzed still. I was able to get a view of a dark figure near my bed it was weird it kind of looked like a shape of a lamp post and it looked intimidating I felt the presence was not good and its presence was a feeling of hatred. I was able to snap out of it shortly afterward. I was real shaken up I quickly turned my attention to the window and opened the blinds to let light in the dogs were still going nuts and up on the window barking and looking at me I turned on the lights looking everywhere I could I looked under the bed in the closet everywhere. My fear quickly turned to anger, I was very angry at the time I was sick of being harassed and attacked by whatever was causing my episodes. I then decided it wasn't a good idea to sleep in that room and I crashed out on my friends couch in the living room. That was the last bad episode I had and that was about 3 years ago to this date I get mild episodes but I am learning to snap out of it and try to control it. It is nice to know other people go though this while sleeping also I was starting to feel alone on the issue.
my email is below if you would like to contact me. statesecurityservice@myspace.com

Anonymous said...


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scaredycat said...

I've recently had a problem with a shadow person. it's been happening since i moved into my new room. usually at night and a few times during the day. i have seen shadows cross the walls quickly. except i never really get a focus on them. then a week after having my room, i woke up and standing two feet in front of me at the side of my bed was a shadow. they seemed to move to the wall that is next to the bed and their mouth moved but i could not hear anything. and then they faded into the wall. antother night it scared me so bad i fell out of bed and ran for the door. i couldn't go back into my room for an hour, whatever it was seemed to give off a strange presence of not wanting me in there. i am scared and it's getting worse, i see it more, and for longer periods of time. a light helps. but not always, is there a way to make them go away?

Anonymous said...

I saw one, (yes, late at night), when I went to let my dog out. The dog ignored it, but I saw a man standing infront of me, a little under seven feet tall, wide- shouldered. 2-D, but very solid. Just, completely black. I have poor night vision, but it was standing like a person- proper weight distribution and whatnot.

I had been getting creepy feelings from the hallway for a few days, but I wasn't freaked out for some reason. I looked down, passed about 6 inches from it, made the turn, let my dog out, and went back to my room, without looking up.

My dog died two days later.(Got out, and ate some trash- her stomach was cut open by some bones :( )

I haven't seen it since, and the creepy vibe of the hallway's completely gone.

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Madeleine said...

I have this problem, where in my house we have many shadows. Normally they are benign, and sometimes friendly, but lately they've been really scary, especially outside. I get the sense of extreme anger, and hatred from some of them, and if fact just an hour ago I got the one of the worst experiences i've had in years here. I was laying on the porch looking at the stars, and i saw a VERY tall shadow person about two feet away from my head. I grabbed a Sage leaf for some sort of protection, and the bad feelings seemed less intense, but they're still here. I dont know what to do, someone please help me!

yogi said...

i dunno hw much of whatever m readin is true or not but i by gods grace have not personally ever experienced shadow guys or black eyed boys but i do have an experience to tell.i use to live in a house which was built upon a land that was once terrorist affected and god knows how many of them died there.but this one fine morning around 11 a.m. i was taking a after meal nap when suddenly out of no where i was able to see my whole(me bieng staring at myself from outside my body) body and also experience it n suddenly i felt a sort of an high voltage of current flowing through my body n i was completely paralyzed n i saw myself floating with me not bieng able to move ny part of my body n after that i saw something like a non uniform pitch black humanly scary figure spitting out its anger at me through words .no matter how hard i tried i was not able 2 move my body when finally i started fighting back cursing it and finally woke up paralyzed for few minutes.my family members say that this must have happened becouse i slept in a wrong way n must have pressed my chest pretty hard leaving me with some discomfort to lead to such a dream but i know i was paralyzed for sure n that this thing did happened with me many times .but before this i use to have peaceful out of body experiences(may b cos i used to b too much in meditation)but this n many other that followed were the one which really knocked the wind out of me.

davidisgoliath38 said...

Alright so heres my two cents. I've been haunted for going on about four years now, and it has ruined my life in more ways than you can imagine. At first it was just with pure terror, this girl i was dating when i was 19, was with me in my room and, i was getting ready to plug in my amp, and use my new distortion pedal, cus i was in a band. then before i did it we both heard an intense scream, terrifying, come out of the amp. my hair stands up just thinking about it. we were both terrified. a couple months later, i went into the bathroom to go pee and she was laying on my bed. i looked in the mirror and then blacked out. i remember being possessed like someone else was moving my body, i reentered the room and turned off the light immediately, hopped on top of her and woke up to her shaking me violently screaming. i was terrified. i broke up with her thinking somehow her craziness (because she had told me she saw ghosts) was rubbing off on me. about six months after breaking up with her i was jamming with my band and at the moment the rest of the band was just sitting there listening to me play guitar. at the moment i was really into dethklok and was playing thunderhorse. where the singer would normally say those words a voice came over our speakers. i had to stop playing and we all just looked at each other. after all these experiences i got really into meditation to try to understand this contact and decided that i was seeing a lot more than i was letting myself see. i still get woken up by one creature that shakes my bed violently and grabs my feet, making them freeze like i jumped in a frozen lake. My oldest brother has had similar experiences and helped me find a way to fight it. i, like many others, fed into the fear for a long time. now i envision St Michael, as though he is there, sometimes Odin or Thor depending on how i am feeling. I beg for his help even though i am sinful and he does. All i can say is find your faith, even if it is in between faiths, and hold onto it.
Fear is your downfall just as courage is your strength

Wisened One said...

This was in the early 90's. My friend was staying over. (Btw: We had never even heard of Shadow People, at this time). We were sleeping in the same room. She slept in my bed and I slept in the guest bed that slid out from under my bed.
We were both sound asleep for a while, when I was jerked awake by a yell from my friend. I looked up from my bed to find her literally struggling to push away a very dark, black shadow person who was strangely wearing a fedora!? It looked like the two of them
were fighting and the Shadow person was moving in jagged, fast movements as if it was angry it couldn't gain control of or attack my friend. It felt very unfriendly. Then it flew away from my friend and above and in front of me! It did not interact with me, though I felt the presence of it and again it felt very unfriendly and angry! Then it flew straight up and disappeared or dissolved and was gone.

The whole thing lasted only a few short minutes but felt like longer than that! I rushed to my friend to ask her if she was ok and she described to me exactly what I had seen, only from her angle. She said she was asleep and was suddenly jerked awake and felt and saw the Shadow person (also noticing the Fedora) in front of her and struggling with her trying to attack her in some way. It took a while for both of us to calm down and get back to sleep but we eventually did. To this day, when we speak of it, she has chills recalling it and feels uncomfortable talking of it. Neither one of us had ever experienced something like that before and since (and hope we never do!).

Creepy, huh?

Maria said...

One 4th of July my family and me were out popping fireworks it was around 11.24 pm and suddenly something orange-ish gold flashed in the sky. We knew it couldn't have been a firework, it was too slow in speed, too high in the sky, and lasted too long to be one. well when everyone turned away I saw its course was headed for the moon and instead of hitting it it completely veered away almost to what looked like it was on top of it and then once it cleared it resumed its intended course and then it disappeared into thin air... the whole spectacle lasted probably no more than a minute or two... but it was enough to convince me that there is other life out there than just us...and it couldn't have just been an illusion caused by my eyes because even the neighbors saw it. not that image is stuck in my mind imprinted there forever and it will never leave. But ever since that night I have been having strange dreams like something is trying to communicate but one i try to talk to it and find out more about it I wake up in a cold sweat knowing and frustrated that I will probably never find out what it wants. This frustrates me because I WANT to know if there's anyone out there that can tell me how to communicate with it please reply. Also there are dreams that I see that ARE real because it's like there telling me the future

Maria said...

One 4th of July my family and me were out popping fireworks it was around 11.24 pm and suddenly something orange-ish gold flashed in the sky. We knew it couldn't have been a firework, it was too slow in speed, too high in the sky, and lasted too long to be one. well when everyone turned away I saw its course was headed for the moon and instead of hitting it it completely veered away almost to what looked like it was on top of it and then once it cleared it resumed its intended course and then it disappeared into thin air... the whole spectacle lasted probably no more than a minute or two... but it was enough to convince me that there is other life out there than just us...and it couldn't have just been an illusion caused by my eyes because even the neighbors saw it. not that image is stuck in my mind imprinted there forever and it will never leave. But ever since that night I have been having strange dreams like something is trying to communicate but one i try to talk to it and find out more about it I wake up in a cold sweat knowing and frustrated that I will probably never find out what it wants. This frustrates me because I WANT to know if there's anyone out there that can tell me how to communicate with it please reply. Also there are dreams that I see that ARE real because it's like there telling me the future

GregK said...

iv seen a share of spirits or shadow people. the most intense to me was one night at my grandmothers old house i woke up at 1 in the morning and turned my head towards my grandmothers bed and saw a 6 foot tall shadow apparation that sortv looked like the shape of the grim. i was only 8yrs old at the time but i jumped up and immeddiately went to wake my grandmother. the shadow was slowly bending over her more and more every second and once i had woke her up the figure dissapeared through the wall. ever since i have been somewhat scared of being alone in the dark. another account iv had was at my mothers old mobile home. i was ^ at the time and my mother and i had just gotton home from shopping. my mom was putting a painting on the wall and i turned my head towards the kitchen and saw a man wearing some sort of torn up army uniform with torn brown and green skin pacing around in circles. i told my mom and was pointing at him and once he noticed i could see him he looked at me with a stern look then started walking towards me and walked through me then dissapeared. ive been convinced that spirits and ghosts and stuff are real and noone can convince me otherwise

Sherry Soule said...

There are many types of shadow beings; there are hooded shadows, cloaked ones, solid or wispy, and even smoky shapes. They dart into corners, through walls, into closets, or behind bushes, and buildings. Sometimes they simply fade into the dark recesses of the night.

Lacking in the description is one common denominator unifying the many different types of shadow people that enter our world... They are "intensely dark." And evil!

Thanks for sharing!



Anonymous said...

Once, when i was a kid. I saw an male, shadow. I was scared, so i just lied to myself. Telling that it is my dad. But it was still there! I looked at my dolls, and looked back at the shadowy figure. I stood up, and slowly walked to my doll collection. I waved with my hand to the dolls, and i looked back. The shadow was not caused by my dolls. I hopped back in to my bed, and closed my eyes. Hoping that he would go away.

Marisa said...

I've been seeing these beings for years. Always out of the corner of my eyes. Sometimes even during the day. Now I'm a big baby and I terrified of the dark, I won't even watch scary movies. I had just put my daughter to bed and I saw something out of the corner of my eye, like something crawling out from the end of the couch as if they were trying to hide, I thought it was my dog so I called her but when I went to stand up My feet stepped on my dog... Confused I called my daughter, but she was asleep in her room. As afraid as I am for things that go bump in the night I think that this being is an animal and I sense it's the same one. I don't feel threatened but I would like to bless my house and wish this being on there way to somewhere better. My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts but then again, you see what you see and if someone else told me they saw something I'm not sure if I would believe them. If I ever do feel uneasy in my house I read the bible and say prayers and usually I feel a lot better.

Unknown said...

The first time I saw shadow people was when I was 16. I was depressed and suicidal,in fact, I was thinking about cutting my wrists. First I saw them surrounding the family farm house,I could see them going around the windows. It felt like I was being surrounded,or rounded up like a cow that had strayed from the herd. It felt scarey and exciting at the same time,a rush. Then I took the knife and lightly cut one of my wrist,then things got really weird. The shadow people moved really fast around the windows. Where their feel and hands were supposed to be were instead like misty blurs. It actually scared me so bad that I turned on every light in the house and cleaned up my stupidity wound and decided never again to even think of suicide. Fast forward to age 42. I was lying in bed at a new apartment. We lived on the second floor. I was looking out in the living room and saw 2 shadow people in my livingroom. I knew they weren't from the outside because I could see them clearly moving in the apartment. No shadows came up from the ground below. You could see the darkness like they were solid beings. I thought I was possibly going crazy because I saw them over a weeks time. I didn't mention this to my boyfriend or anyone else because,simply,I didn't want anyone thinking I'd gone nuts. One evening my boyfriend yelled out "What the hell is that?" . I asked him what he'd seen. He told me that itg was a black looking rat with red eyes going underneath my feet under the sofa. I started laughing and said that it isn't me going crazy. I explained to him what I had been seeing. We decided to do a sage house cleanseing. Actually, it worked. So,I'm a firm believer that shadow people exist.

Rudy Diaz said...

I see shadow people all the time and ghosts but the other night I was sitting on my porch and in the park across from my house I seen a winged man standing in the park and first I thought it was just a man till he opened up his arms and had wings freaked me the hell out has anyone else seen something like this I live in northeast Kansas city