Friday, March 20, 2009

Encounters with The Shadow People

Walking shadows.

People across the globe have reported seeing these black, two-dimensional, human shapes stalk the bedrooms and hallways of their homes. Sometimes these Shadow People ignore you, sometimes they pay all too much attention, but they are always sinister.

Although there are many theories as to what they are – ghosts, demons, aliens – there is one thing for certain regarding these walking shadows. They’re a mystery.

“I’ve seen them three times,” an anonymous poster to ‘From The Shadows’ wrote. “Two times in the daytime with my sister, and once by myself at night. What really is it?”

No one knows for certain, but the people who encounter them know they exist.

“There truly are a such thing as these Shadow People,” ‘Shadows’ reader Mike H. said. “I have had my own encounters.”

The first was when something wrenched Mike from sleep.

“This one started off waking me up in my sleep by smacking me,” he said. “Then I felt uncomfortable and started sleeping with lights, TV and door opened a crack.”

But the door started slamming shut, but only when Mike slept.

“This happened several times, and, no, it was not wind and it was not another person. Believe me, I checked,” Mike said. “That is what my first conclusion was, until it happened.”

The door slam jolted him from sleep. He sat up and looked at the door. He wasn’t ready for what he saw.

“I initially looked up at the door and what I seen shocked me,” he said. “There was a tall Shadow Man standing above me at the door and it had both its hands up as if in the motion like it just got done slamming my door.”

There was no confusion as to what had slammed his door, because Mike had left his bedroom light on. The Shadow Man was in full view.

“Before I seen this Shadow figure, I kept telling myself that, ‘oh it’s just a muscle spasm, nothing smacked me,’ or, ‘oh, it must be neighbors messing around or wind blowing against the door and causing it to slam like that.’ But when I seen this thing, there was no denying it anymore, I had either a ghost or evil entity in my room.”

Then it was gone. But not forever. The Shadow Man still haunts Mike’s room, often enough Mike gave it a name, Casper the Unfriendly Ghost.”

“I think it is something more along the lines of an evil entity or maybe a demon or some other form of being and not human,” he said.

Carl has seen the Shadow Man, too, and, much like Mike’s sighting, the room was well lit.

“Back when I was about seven years old, I was walking to the kitchen to go eat breakfast,” he said. “On my way there, I ran into a black cloud hovering above the floor but didn’t pay it much attention and walked right through it, at which point it vanished.”

But the black cloud in the kitchen hadn’t really gone.

“About 10 minutes later, while I was still in the kitchen, I saw a completely black figure with blood-red eyes watching me through the window,” Carl said. “As soon as it saw that I had noticed it, it ran through the wall (out to) my front yard. Strangely, my parents were looking in the same direction and did not see anything.”

Carl thought the red-eyed Shadow Man had left him that day, but he was wrong.

“More recently, I have begun noticing figures similar to the one I saw eight years ago walking around,” he said. “No one but myself seem to notice them, and they do not run away or disappear when seen, they just stick to dark secluded and hidden corners, watching as though some untold event is about to transpire.”

Another anonymous “Shadows” poster saw the Shadow Man in March.

“Four nights ago I was sitting on my bed, laptop on my lap, and something suddenly caught my attention,” the poster said. “At the foot of the wall a shadow started to grow and crawl up the wall.”

Anonymous slowly reached over, picked up his cell phone and snapped a picture of the Shadow.

“As soon as I snapped the picture it stopped moving up the wall, paused for a second and then faded away,” Anonymous said. “The whole thing did not last more than six or seven seconds. I didn’t feel anything negative or evil from the Shadow. If anything it felt like I had surprised it and once it noticed I was watching it, it got out of there.”

Trying to avoid ridicule, Anonymous closely guards the photo and his identity.

“I have only shared this with a few trustworthy friends as it has been my experience that most people laugh, make fun of such things, call a person names, and mock them,” Anonymous said. “Because of people like that we may never find out what these things are. No one wants to be thought of as crazy, delusional, or a liar, so they won’t seriously investigate it. The ones that do try to find out what things are are not taken seriously by the scientific community.

“Anyways, that is my story.”

Copyright 2009 by Jason Offutt

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Anonymous said...

Let's run for a moment with the theory that these entities have always been here, and only recently have enough people gained the ability to occasionally see them. this would suggest some kind of trigger, perhaps environmental, that is activating this latent ability. I have no idea what this trigger might be, but I suspect a chemical or electromagnetic source. I suppose the next questions would be: when did this modern rash of Shadow sightings begin, and what product or service introductions into our environment began around this time? Perhaps no single trigger would be responsible, but a combination of many, which would also help to explain why some see and others do not in the same instance. Doubtless the answer will be long in coming.

Julie Ferguson said...

I have had a recent experience of what appeared to be a shadowperson running by my kitchen window outside, then a short time later looking in my back window and quickly darting away after I noticed it. I have seen them before but this time it was with both eyes and even my dogs responded as if someone was outside. I never had a bad feeling during those times, I was just startled.

My Life with the Paranormal said...

I have seen shadow people many times. I even saw one this morning. But - I've noticed that I don't see them regularly. I'll see them for a few weeks or months but then I'll stop seeing them for another couple of weeks or months and then they'll reappear. And when they reappear, I feel like they follow me. Or like something is following me even though I'm alone in certain situations.
I can't really explain it but I know I'm never alone when this happens and I don't like it. I guess I'm just looking for an explanation and I like knowing, for sure, that I'm not the only one who sees these "things".

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it's just a trick of the light, but when it's night, and I'm walking outside, or looking out the window, I see a shadow-like thing run across the street, and then vanish competely. It doesn't happen only once, though.

Anonymous said...

I have been searching the internet about these experiences and it seems that it's more frequent with younger children at the ages of 10 and up.

Sometimes these Shadow People will pull the covers off of you at night or even sit on the side of your bed.

I've only seen or felt them at night. One sat on the side of my bed a few weeks ago, but when i was at the age of about 9 I was pulled down my bed and i was shocked to see a shadow figure standing before me at the foot of my bed! I felt nothing about it until it happened again. I get a sense they want to harm me, but next time I will be ready to defend myself in the name and blood of Jesus Christ.

Aussie Reader said...

I think you people should be incredibly careful about these things, I don't have any first hand experience but I am interested as to whether these paranormal occurences really do happen.

For the record I am not a skeptic, but that's not to say I'll just go with the flow and agree on every account/story that I read - and I'm not an expert either. But Concerning these "shadow people" and what I have read about them, they appear to be pretty terrifying.What really concerns me is that people are posting more and more about these things and perpetuating the belief that they exist.

I am completely against censorship and all for freedom of speech, but what if these things are "thought-forms"? It could be possible that the more people read about these things and entertain the possiblity that they exist, the more they manifest themselves in our world and live among us.

I bear no animosity towards these creatures, but I'm sure those who have read about them and/or have seen them, would want to decrease the chances of having another encounter them again.

Just a theory guys,

Stay safe, and good health to you!

Anonymous said...

This has been going on since time began from my understanding. I've spoken with enough people to conclude it was not a delusion on my part, I saw this thing when I was a little boy. "Ask a priest yourself!" They apparently hear these stories all the time. But, how can people say, that sounds hokey, but I believe in God? It's stupid, isn't it? And again, YES it is real.

Rick said...

I had an experience when I was just a child. Prior to this experience, I hated sleeping in any room with any sort of light. I was a toddler, probably about two years old, and I remember seeing a red-eyed apparition standing by the window. I had just woke up, and I screamed for my mom.

She came in, and explained that everything was ok, nothing was scary, and that she would be right outside. I was so incredibly terrified, yet she still left and shut the light off.

When she shut the light off, the apparition appeared in exactly the same place. Since I was in a crib, I was unable to move, although I distinctly remember standing while holding onto the bars.

The eerie part of the story was the fact that I don't remember any nightmares from when I was a child, this is my absolute earliest memory, and I can, to this day, draw an exact diagram of how my room was setup, where my crib was, where the window the apparition appeared was. I can even tell where the light switch was.

This was in 1983, and I haven't seen anything of the sort since. But I've never been so sure of anything.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a shadow person twice.
I almost ran right into one!

Indians/Native Americans have known about them for a long time, from what I've heard.

Anonymous said...

I grew up as a kid seeing this extrange beings, I used to see them watching over me, but when I turned around they would ran away or dissapear as if they were just watching me but didn't want to be seen maybe they just here to protect us.

plutonianman said...

I see them all the time, usually when there is dim lighting in a room. However, they vary in size and often appear to rapidly change shape. Not sure if this is the same thing, but I often see 'little people' walking along the wall, doing normal day to day activiites, like riding a bicycle, pushing a wheelbarrow and so forth. I've even seen them embrace and kiss one another. I wonder if I'm actually seeing into another dimension or reality. If anyone else has similar experiences please let me know. The fact that very few can relate to my experiences is very frustrating.

Lore Walker said...

My friends and I see similar things all the time. We live in an area known for slate mining, and the leftover electromagnetic fields mix with the earth's natural energies to create a lot of power sinks.

Mostly, what we see can be described as thick, humanoid shadows. We call them shades. Most of the time, they'll just wander on their own business, but there was an encounter where my friend and I both almost had our cars crash because of a shade.

We were driving to a friend's house late at night, and were coming up to a stop sign at a four-way intersection. I was in front, and I saw the shade first. I know that they're generally incorporeal and not alive, so I guess it was just instinct that made me swerve. I recovered in time to look in my rear-view mirror to check on my friend. Her car was still moving, and the shade stood directly in her way. As she spotted it and tried to break, the shade reached down, grabbed her front bumper, and physically lifted the front of the car from the road. It shifted the whole car sideways and then dropped it, almost forcing my friend to drive into the guard-rail. The shade vanished, and I got out to see if my friend was okay.

The experience shook us both, but that was the most direct experience we've had with a shade, and certainly the most malevolent. It was years ago, but I still remember that night very clearly, as does she.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When I was 18 years old, I had two ingrowing toenails removed from my big toes. Even though I had my own place, I had a young baby and needed help for the first night as I was in a lot of pain. My parents in their bedroom upstairs had my baby Daughter sleeping with them for the night and I shared my Sisters bedroom downstairs with her.

My Sister and I had been asleep for an unknown period of time when I awoke very suddenly in our slightly moon illuminated bedroom. I felt inexplicably terrified and the right side of my face felt extremely cold. As my eyes focused more, I saw a shadow of a person who seemed in excess of 6 feet tall move slowly from the right side of my bed to the foot of my bed.

As it reached the foot of my bed, I noticed another taller shadow standing in front of my Sister's bed. Although I could see no facial features, I felt it staring at me intensely. This whole time, I was ice cold, terrified and unable to move or speak.

I had an increasing sense of terror rising in me and felt for sure that if this moving shadow touched me, I would die. The shadow at the foot of the bed move slowly to the left side of my bed whilst the other stood motionless. I was fully awake at this time and fearing for my life completely. I felt pure hatred towards me and knew that they wanted me dead.

As the shadow moved closer to me, I felt as if I was being pushed into a freezer, my chest started to tighten, I had the fastest heart rate I can remember and I started uncontrolably shaking. The shadow was now roughly 2 feet from my side and I managed to push out a strangled scream. The shadow in front of my Sister's bed moved to the side as my Sister leapt out of bed and switched on the light.

My Sister stood staring at me with a look of horror and told me later that I looked dead for a few moments. She said she was freezing cold and scared for no reason. I told her of what had happened to me and we decided to sleep in the same bed that night with the lights ON!

I have had quite a few 'ghostly encounters' in my life, I am now 34 but, never have I had that sort of 'near death' experience. I hoping that I, or any of my family never will again.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@ Aussie Reader
When I encountered one of these things, at the time I knew nothing about it and had never even heard of a shadow people. As far as I knew ghosts and things of the nature were not real. One night changed my whole life and I have never looked at things the same since. I was five years old. I will never forget. I was heading upstairs to use the bathroom. It was night time, but not very late. When I reached the top of the landing fromt he corner of my eye I spotted a tall dark shadowy figure coming out of my mother's room. I thought someone broke in to the house. I was terrified, but it didn't end there. This thing came walking down the hall. I was paralyzed with fear. I wanted to run but was too afraid thinking it might chase me. And was too afraid to scream thinking I might make it angry. At any rate, I just stood there and watched it walk down the hall until it was right in front of me. It was a tall, dark shadow man. I could not see through it. It had the form of a man. It stodd there in front of me for a brief moment and then touched my face with it hand. This was no brush to the cheek!!! It literally grabbed my face like a basketball. At that point I ran down the stairs. My mom and I went back upstairs to investigate, but needless to say it disappeared. But I felt like it was still there watching us, just invisible. I had never been afraid of the dark until the day. This was not my imagination. This thing touched me. Whatever it was it scared me. I don't think an angel would have scared me like that. Since that time I have been afraid of the dark. I'm a grown woman and I still turn the lights on. I can't speak for anyone else. I only know what I experienced. For me, these things are real. I think info got out there because people are coming forward. We live in an age where its easy to share your story with others and to know that you are not alone. We truly are not alone. But you will not know that until you experience it for yourself and hopefully you will never have to.

fabian said...

Plutonianman, Hi my name is Fabian, born in Brooklyn N.Y. and I have a similiar story as yours as well, as younger boy with my brother living in a small apartment in Brooklyn with our parents. Before I begin I want to tell you a little about my self, I have Native Indian blood from the Natives of Colombia, South America, from my mothers side, now I'am 30 years old former U.S Army veteran 82nd airborne division airborne combat engineer, from F.T. Bragg N.C. , my brother is a aircraft engineer a well respected job as well, to me their is no reason to lie or make up stories. It began around the age of 4-5 years old we had moved back to Colombia, because of my parents struggle at that time in the early 80's. I was sleeping one night and got awaken by a vibration, i can recall seeing a group of small men working around my bed silently, like if i was looking at a second dimension characters,these creatures got the most of me and I started to be more curious and observed them walking around like if they were working in a mine of some kind, like digging or something. They appeared to be bright white three inches or smaller mining their own business. The following day I tolled my parents and I just simply got brushed of. At that time I got a little scared and did not know what to do, so I simply forgot it as time passsed by growing up.
Now years later living back to Brooklyn N.Y. around the age of 9 and my brother just a few years older then me, we lived in a small apartment where we shared the same bed in our parents room. One day I was really sick with the flu we had gone to sleep early that night, I sleeped against the wall and my brother towards the edge. I think it was around 2 or 3-4 in the morning when i noticed a white long bright light,like when window blinds when close and the light comes in through like a silhouette but in this case it was a bright light with two little holes looking down, I had awaken my brother laying next to me to see what i was seeing, after this long bright light transformed gradually moving and my brother tolled "look its moving" I said "what is that"
it started giving shape to these small characters moving around talking amongst each other, moving around rapidly in a second dimension sort of way, across the ceiling and the wall next to me. Since then i havent seen them any more but my brother and I continue to experience paranormal activity, till this time i get the chills talking about it, as well as my brother. Is not until today reading these blogs and came to your experience, because just like me their hasn't been alot of people that experienced something like this. Until today when I decided to look into this because it has been something that has been bothering my brother and I for many years, thinking that it was just some mind or eyes playing tricks on me, but I know it wasn't a child problem, since my older brother had confirmed it also. I hope to hear from you and hopefully this helps, My email address is to anyone who wrights similar experiences or comments, I dont have good access to a computer just to my emails most of the time.

October 27, 2010 2:04 AM

Anonymous said...

from james, when i was a kid i saw this shadow beings.looking over me,they would be on the wall.i thought i was the only one that saw them.until one day i told my brother about it ,he told me that he also saw this shadow being, i thought i was going crazy. but now i know they are real.ones they know that you are able to see them, they dont stop coming back to visit you.we just lack the energy to see them or to interact with them.they have been here on this earth much longer than we have.but they lack the energy that us humans have.anyhow its nice to see that i am not the only one that sees this things. they say we are give-ted.i dont know about that i dont tell many people.about this,they think i am crazy. but i know now that i am not.

jaded_siren said...

My daughter Goes to a Private Catholic school and they attend church regularly. 2 times now I have had to go pick her up from school because she claims to see shadow people following and sitting next to all the children. She claims that they have no features and that they are not the persons shadow. I ruled out double vision because she says she doesn't see it around the adult teachers or the preist...just the children. She says when she sees them she gets a headache and feels really sick to her stomach. When I go to get her and take her home she seems to feel better so I have ruled out migraines. She doesn't seem to be scared but keeps asking me if I see them when I have a headache. She claims to have never seen them anywhere but in the church and it has only happened 2 times about 8 months apart. Not sure what to think about this one...She is 8 years old and seems to be telling the truth.

bryn said...

what are these shadows? i had many experiences and tried taking pictures but nothing is in the film. i have an on going experience. i seen it many times in my room just watching me sleep - as of lately it has touch me at first stroking my back when i turned over and saw nothing, i started to sleep on my back now i feel him sitting near the edge sometimes he touches my face and kisses my forehead, brow, cheek sometimes it feels like hes holding his hand against my cheek. i though my house was haunted. my dog always glances in his direction but never shows fear or aggression.

Wendy said...

I have had 3 experiences with shadow people that I want to share with others to see if perhaps this mirrors someone else's experience. My first happened about 6 or 7 years ago. I was laying in bed awake as my husband snored beside me. I was thinking of events of the day, etc as I always do before falling asleep. I suddenly had this unexplainable feeling of dread, coupled with a certainty that someone else was in the bedroom with us. Immediately after the dread, I saw clearly in the bedroom doorway the dark shadow of a tall man about seven feet tall. His outline was distinct, but within that outline was a dark beyond the night's darkness, a black beyond black, if that makes any sense at all. It was like a void within the outline, and I sensed there was no face. He was wearing pants and a sweatshirt type of hoodie. He stood there looking directly at me. Dread turned to fear and then terror as I felt sheer hatred and evil eminating from him, directed solely at me. His stance was threatening-- I can only describe it as a stance that someone might take prior to assaulting you. In this case, I felt in fear for my life, and I was paralyzed with fear. The shadow suddenly rushed at me with incredible speed, and went right through me. I was finally able to scream, waking my husband. I have told no one else but him about this, in fear I would be labeled or misunderstood. I find the posts of others here comforting-- like me, ordinary people having extraordinary experiences, and looking for solace and answers among others who have had firsthand knowledge of the existence of these beings, whatever they are. The second was a few years later. It was also male, and I was surprised in reading many posts to read one similar to this one here. It was again at night, but this time I was in my living room, watching television, completely awake of course-- not tired at all. I got up, walked to the living room window, and looked outside, as I sometimes do for no other reason than to see the moon or just look at the night sky. I had no fear at the time, no thoughts to initiate what I was about to experience. Standing on the edge of my yard was a shadow man, equally tall as the first one I had encountered a few years prior, looking directly at my living room window. Again, same darkness, same distinct outline, same black void, no face. Eminating malice and evil once more, and instilling terror. I backed off from the window, turned off the lights, and approached my window again, trying to remain calm and sensible, and see if it was still there. It was. It appeared to be 2 dimensional, with human form, but not human in many aspects. Not normal in any way-- not physical. Once I saw it, it sped across the street to my neighbor's yard (sped at a speed beyond belief, not ran), and stood there looking right at me. I could not move. I forced myself to watch to ensure it wasn't a neighbor, or a person running across the street, but it disappeared in front of me after a few moments. The third was last weekend, prompting me to post this. It was an entirely new and even more frightening experience, because this time, it was a woman, and it was in a public place that was dark at the time. I don't want to go into details, but she was taller and larger than any woman I've ever seen, about 7 feet again. Once more blocking a doorway, once more assuming a threatening type of stance, again with no facial features, a void in the darkness. After gathering all the strength I could, even with the sheer terror that I felt, I forced myself to try to pass her. I walked right through her. There is no doubt in my mind that this experience, as well as the other two, were genuine and real encounters with shadow beings of some sort that I am at a loss to explain. I hope that as more people come forward with their shared stories, a common thread can be established, and further research into this terrifying phenomenon will be pursued.

Nina said...

About 10 years ago when I slept in my room by myself I awoke to found 2 tall black shadow people stood over me looking at me one on either side of bed. At first they just inspected me and I was terrified nothing can explain how scared I was. All of a sudden they both at the same time pressed down on my chest I couldn't breath I fought as hard as I could to escape from them. I managed to get away and ran downstairs and got into bed with my Mum. After that only one would come and watch me at night-time before I ever went to sleep he never touched me instead it looked out of the window. At the time I thought it was the Grim Reaper looking out for people to die. This happened every night for months until I told my friend and she said that her daughter had seen one but it wasn't after her it was after her boyfriend who slept next to her. My friend had looked into it and said that people all over the world have seen these beings. I think that the shadow person who just watched was keeping the evil ones away but then one who was more powerful than him showed up and since then the new one tries to put fear into me. He stands next to my bed close enough that I can see his shadow cloak pressing on my sheets. It's horrible I get scared to go to sleep what's stranger is that one of my friends is desperate to see them and keeps trying but they won't go near her.

Unknown said...

I swear on everything I ever loved today is the day I found out about shadow people. I dont really remember much from my childhood but if there is one thing I remember in every detail its the one dream I had when I was 6 years old. I remember "waking up" in a dream and staring right at the door. There was this male or female I dont really know what it was it was black and had a hat and a trenchcoat and it just stared at me. Even at that age I wasnt scared it didnt even feel weird I just felt watched. It was silent and just stared at me through the open door. I remembered this dream a few years later when I was 12 and when I was 15 and a few years later again and I always wondered why I cant remember simple stuff but this dream stuck in my head forever. Today I randomly googled paranormal stuff and there was a list with signs for shadow people. I swear I never had more goosebumps in my life. I mean even if its coincidence why the hell would a 6 year old kid who doesnt even know anything about that stuff dream something like that? I really cant describe it but I swear I could draw it right now thats how much I remember it. All of this comes from a very skeptical person who questions everything. There are a lot of people who wont believe me but I dont give a crap. I just wanted to share the little story and I really believe that there are paranormal beigns like that. It all makes sense now.