Saturday, December 20, 2014

'A Funeral Story'

Jason Offutt’s first novel, A Funeral Story,” is here.

Flirting with the bereaved isn’t easy Deever Dickson is a normal guy. He has friends, mows the lawn, bowls on Saturday, and hates his job. But Deever has a secret. A secret that rates so high on the Creepometer he can’t tell anyone – ever. Deever Dickson has sex with strangers at funerals. Deever’s adept at keeping his sex life hidden. What he never anticipated was meeting Marissa, a woman with the same hobby, and falling for her – hard. When someone close to Deever dies at the biggest science fiction convention of the year this is one funeral Deever and his new relationship are not prepared for. Filled with romance, funerals, beer, bowling, and a time machine, A Funeral Story chronicles the love of Deever Dickson, a normal guy with an abnormal secret.

You can find “A Funeral Story” at

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Shadow People" (2013) a Movie Review

Here's my latest post at Mysterious Universe about a subject I know a little something about -- Shadow People.

Any resemblance between events in the movie and my 2009 book "Darkness Walks" (Anomalist Books), is understandable.