Friday, February 10, 2012

Physically Assaulted by the Unknown

Author’s note: This is the story of a Swedish woman’s ongoing terrifying sexual assault by an invisible entity. Read with caution.

The attacks started slowly; slowly enough Erica dismissed them as dreams. That small bit of comfort didn’t last.

“Half-awake, see a dark long shadow (in the form of a human body, but more diffuse lines), circling me super fast several times throughout perhaps two to three seconds,” Erica wrote in July 2010 in the diary she keeps to log her dreams. “Find myself immovable. Then several hands touch me over my body. Can’t move. Slightly uncomfortable. Relieved when it’s over.”

The fear, the helplessness, the discomfort of this nighttime encounter disappeared with the light of the new day, and Erica’s mind pushed the events away – until it happened again four years later.

“I felt (this) when living at a youth hostel on the Swedish east coast in July or August 2011,” she said. Erica felt a weight on top of her and waves of sexual pleasure while staying at a hotel in southern Sweden on December 17. Had she attracted the attention of a spirit entity? This wouldn't cross her mind until January. She wrote in February, “I need to raise my vibration, avoid negative feelings as they feed on negative energy.”

As recently as late December, Erica still felt pleasure from these encounters. She didn't begin to suspect she was under attack until later.

“Since December 22 I have experienced sensations as if someone was giving me oral sex,” she said. “Since December 24 it turned to sex and anal sex. Since January 4 I’ve felt a weight on my body, an energy, like the body of a being thrusting into me and moving back and forth above me. First I felt pretty good as I thought my body somehow made itself feel it but that spooky night really turned things around.”

While she lay helpless during these attacks from an unseen entity, loud, painful sounds of wind, classical music, chanting, and one time a girl screaming have also assaulted Erica. For a while she continued with the thought that this was simply her body producing these sensations and a few times simply gave into the pleasure from the invisible sex. Until the attack January 4. “I now realize how foolish that is as I don’t know what this (entity) is,” she said.

She was right, because her attacker soon brought pain.

“Since January 12, I felt sharp painful sticks like a needle on different spots on my body, followed by longer cuts,” she said. “This happens in the evening, at night, in the morning and on and off throughout the day.”

At first, the needle-like sticks across her body only lasted a few seconds, then minutes, then longer and more distinct, although these attacks never left marks.

“A few days later I felt a cut on my stomach while doing yoga,” she said. “During a walk outside on the 18th, my body, particularly shoulders and back, felt unnaturally heavy and I felt something sharp between my legs, like the blade of a knife.”

This feeling on January 18 continued on and off until she lay down for the night and her attacker crawled into bed with her.

“When trying to fall asleep, an energy-like substance moved under or through me and I felt the energy of someone lying next to me while touching my shoulder,” she said.

The next day Erica decided to start thinking thoughts of love during these attacks, hoping this would drive away the thing she knew had attached itself to her. The results weren’t what she’d hoped.

“After switching the light off at night I saw bits of red electricity, two to four centimeters wide, flying above me in the room,” she said. “I felt like it landed on my face.”

At one point during a sexual assault, invisible hands grabbed her own and Erica saw a vague, shadowy face looming above her.

“The 24th I woke up by the same thrusting motion and an intense pain in both of my arms,” she said. “This time I tried to endure it instead of being annoyed or scared. The next day the being seemed to follow me everywhere. I felt motions in the car, at an art exhibition, a bit later in a restaurant, and in the car after.”

By January 25, Erica began to think, “Get the fuck out” as the assaults began, followed by prayers, but nothing helped. It made things worse.

“It seemed to backfire because I felt something sharp against my throat in the bathroom and my breathing didn’t come naturally,” she said. “In the evening of the 26th I yelled out loud to leave me alone. During my prayer I heard a chuckle, followed by a ‘hush.’”

When she crawled tentatively into bed on January 26, she prayed to her guardian angels. Later, a comforting invisible hand brushed across her head and stroked her hair. Later, someone chuckled. As Erica tried to sleep, she felt the sensation of cuts on both of her thumbs. The attacks increased.

“The night the 30th I felt a painful cut on my left leg,” she said. “The next morning during a yoga relaxation a little stab on my stomach made me hunch over. Later when I said, ‘Get off,’ I felt something sharp on my throat.”

For fear of punishment, Erica has stopped yelling at her attacker.

“In the beginning, I felt the energy and movement first further away moving closer, now it’s more directly and increasing in persistence,” she said. “I felt sharp sticks on my body mixed with the other sexual sensations basically twenty-four/seven. Sometimes I also feel someone touching different parts of my body.” The sharp sticks almost entirely stopped in February.

Wherever Erica goes, the entity follows.

“I felt it when I lived in hotels in the beginning, at my sister’s place, at my grandmother’s and in my mom’s house. In the car, library, supermarket, outside, on train rides,” she said. “The location doesn’t seem to matter.”

She just wants it to go away.

“How can I make this stop?,” she asked. “Can this be a human being doing an astral projection to my location? Or is it more likely a spirit, demon, incubus? I welcome any thoughts.”

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