Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Ouija Board Spelled 'Join Me in Hell'

The night of terror began with a few drinks.

“It was just another night out with our group of friends,” Toni said. “We had all been drinking so we decided to go to our friend Brittny’s house.”

The idea of using a Ouija board had picked at Toni’s mind for the past three days so, as the group of friends sat at Brittny’s house, she brought it up.

“I had been wanting to play around with a Ouija board just for the hell of it,” she said. “Since we were all drunk and my older brother knew how to make a pretty nifty homemade Ouija board, we all thought it was a great idea.”

The friends soon discovered it was not.

After an opening prayer, the friends began their Ouija session.

“We started off with me and my brother’s hands on the triangle (planchette) we had cut out,” Toni said. “We warmed it up by spinning it in a circle for about 40 seconds.”

Once they stopped spinning the planchette, Toni’s brother asked the first question.

“Is there any spirit with us now?”

Tense moments past and nothing happened. Toni’s friend Taylor shouted something sarcastic and the planchette shot to the word “yes” on the top corner of the board.

“At first, I truly believed it was my older brother,” Toni said. “I was wrong.”

Very wrong.

Toni and her brother took turns with others in the room, and eventually the messages grew dark.

“We switched people maybe about eight times before it really started getting frightening,” she said. “All together, we had let nine spirits into the room.”

Messages from the board claimed the spirits of six women and three men were in the room. Then the questions began to flow, like, “Did any of you kill yourselves?”

They did.

“It answered with a ‘three,’” Toni said. “We then asked them how. G for gunshot, H for hanging.”

For the first answer, the planchette moved to X, but the next rested on H. Then something happened that pulled a blanket of fear over the group.

“We heard soft banging as if someone had just hung themselves and their feet were gently hitting the wall,” Toni said. “We asked the spirit who had made the banging noise to speak. We asked him why he killed himself and he spelled out ‘wife.’”

Had his wife been murdered?


How did she die?


“We asked if the devil made him do it and the triangle moved to ‘Yes,’” Toni said. “We asked if he hated women and he spelt out ‘all of them.’”

The room grew silently tense as the planchette skittered across the homemade board, broken only by heavy breaths and the occasional brave question.

“We asked if he wanted to harm any of the girls in the room and the triangle moved to ‘yes,’” Toni said. “We asked how and he spelt out ‘fire.’”

Then the planchette quickly moved from letter to letter, repeatedly spelling “maim.”

“Then one of the candles we had fell to the floor and hot wax got on my leg,” Toni said. “Or at least I thought it was hot wax. It turned out to be a pretty deep cut. I don’t know where it came from.”

Despite the injury, the friends kept playing.

“There were a few people in the room who were scared,” Toni said. When asked, the Ouija board identified each one.

The last people to use the board were Toni’s brother and Brittny. Facing each other, the two spun the planchette and began asking questions.

“I wasn’t scared until the last session with the board,” Toni said. “This time, we were dealing with a demonic spirit; an angry demonic spirit.”

Toni’s brother asked, “are you evil or good?”

The board signified evil.

“We all laughed and my brother began asking more questions,” Toni said.

Taylor screamed, “We needed to put it away and stop (messing) around with it.”

The group, focused on the spinning planchette, ignored him.

“We asked the demonic spirit if it wanted to hurt anyone in the room,” Toni said, and the planchette spelled “HAT.” Taylor was the only one wearing a hat.

“My brother asked him to point the triangle at who he wanted to hurt and it went straight to Taylor,” Toni said.

Taylor shot from his seat and screamed an expletive; then he moved to another part of the room. The point of the planchette followed him. The board spelled that Taylor was cursed.

“We asked more questions but the answers were too confusing for us to understand,” Toni said.

The next few answers weren’t.

“The Ouija board spelt out my father’s name,” Toni said. “This part made my heart stop because my dad truly is a (messed) up being.”

Toni’s brother asked why the board was interested in their father.

“It slowly spelt out ‘deal with devil,’” Toni said. “My brother asked to be more specific and it spelt out ‘no work.’”

Their father is technically disabled and “gets free meds and money from the government.”

Then the planchette started spinning, resting briefly on the board’s roughly written letters.

J. O. I. N. M. E. I. N. H. E. L. L. P. A. D. …

“My brother flipped the board before it could finish spelling our last name,” Toni said.

Toni’s brother and Brittny released the board, and destroyed it, along with the paper they used to write the messages. Then they burned the remains.

“After that night, I will not touch a Ouija board,” Toni said. “I now know how serious the Ouija board is.”

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Kevin Lee, Speaker, Author, Coach, Intuitive said...

Ouija boards are simply a tool to connect with the spirit world. It has no power any more than holding a Bible or a feather. We and spirit beings lend their energies to such a tool thus energizing it for communication work.

The makers of the Board is Hasbro and it is found - where? In TOY STORES as a board game!!! Simply terrible!

Ouija boards are NOT evil! The prob above is SOOO obvious...words such as "playing around", "drinking", etc. When you go into a sitting with the board in a mindset to "play around", "stir up taboo things", "desiring to speak to scary negative beings"... That is EXACTLY what u will draw unto u! Spirits that enjoyed alcohol, drugs, crime etc will be drawn in to that specific energy or "feel" of the group. INTENTION is the key!

I have always used the ouija board in my classes and sittings successfully because of my purely positive spiritual intention of use. I use it to "help" those sitting with me. They get to receive messages from loved ones in spirit now. How healing! I have never had negative messages come thru! It is EASY not to get negative spirits coming in. Set your intention! Can evil-( I hate that word, that is a man made label.) (I like very chaotic and unenlightened beings-the lack more Light of God) beings come thru? Yes, due to YOUR intention. So only use it for helpful spirit work for those seeking to heal and learn and grow spiritually...please. Visit a Metaphysical or Spiritualist or Spiritism church for more info.


Interesting comments, Metaphysical. I see the Ouija board as merely psychological in nature. The results you get basically what are in the mind of it's users. Like you mentioned, intention does make a difference.

Danielle said...

You should never use one without knowing what you're doing!

Those things can open up all kinds of bad things.

Ayashe said...

The quija board opens door to the spirit world.
You need to be a very well trained person and bless the area with protection prayers. Ask respectfuly.
And only use it for good intentions.
Again better go to see a medium.
This is not a toy and if the wrong spirit gets locked in you are stuck with it. Don't play with a quija board.

hall442 said...

Okay. The Ouija board should NOT be used when one is drunk or stoned. Period. These folks did this to themselves. AND, they did not dispose of the board correctly, so I am willing to bet they are still having problems.

1. Always treat the board w/ respect. It is very important. Always be silent when a spirit is speaking and never get on the board looking for a fight. Whether or not the spirit is powerful, you might just get that fight. And always assume you have no idea what you're dealing with.

2. Be careful on stormy days and days w/ solar and lunar eclipses. The barrier between this world and the next is thin on these days.

3. Candles are not necessary but do seem to help with communication. Lighter colored candles are used to attract good spirits, black or red candles for malevolent ones. In personal experience, darker colors have worked well for me-but be careful w/ your color of choice. (place them on either side of the board.)

4. NEVER let the spirits use the planchette to move down through the #'s or through the alphabet because they can be released from the board this way.

5. Never tell them they can join you or visit you. Never.

6. Always properly close the board when you are done. (to open, circle the sun 3-5 times depending on who you are trying to contact, go over the Ouija logo, and "get it started" by running it over the alphabet a bit. Circle the sun 3 times for a random spirit, 4 times for a specific spirit, 5 times for an evil spirit.) To close the board, circle the moon the # of times you circled the sun and go over the "Goodbye" to break the connection.

7. Never leave the planchette on the board by itself when you aren't playing.

8. Spirits will lie. Even so, don't ask about God, the devil or death.

9. It is not a good idea to ask the spirits to carry out tasks for you. There was a recorded case of two girls who asked the Ouija board to carry out nasty little tasks for them-it led to the death of one of the friends they were mad at. In other words, be careful what you wish for.

10. Taking part in Ouija in a haunted place is very dangerous and WILL call fourth malevolent forces. Don't do it.

11. Do not drink or do drugs prior to playing. It's making your body weak and susceptible to possession.

12. Loud noises should be diminished for any worthwhile results.

13. And finally, NEVER BURN THE BOARD!!!!!! A lot of people think this is the proper way to dispose of it-its the most dangerous thing anyone can do when dealing with a Ouija board. DON'T DO IT. It will lead to severe trouble. Do dispose of the board, break it into seven pieces, sprinkle it with holy water and bury it.

These rules come directly from the talking board website.

fatimamovement said...

The reason you are cursed is because you are baptised in the devil, the Holy Spirit. The name of God, Holy Ghost or Spiritum Sanctum must be used. They are polar opposites. You can correct this yourself with the conditional Traditional Catholic Rite- all you need is water- this is the basis of an exorcism. The other piece of knowledge necessary to avoid hell is to remember that Christ is God. If you tell Him that he is the son of the lord, a commanding, jealous fire, you will end up in that fire.

There's a lot of bad priests out there, many, many more bad than good. Watch out.

David Mary said...

The curse is because of having ANYTHING to do with the occult. One should not use a ouija board, or any other form of occult practice, period.

Secondly, these fatima movement people are opposed to the very fabric of Christ's Church. They have reinvented their own version of Christianity where the Virgin Mary is actually one of the persons in the Trinity; they blaspheme! By doing so they overturn all of what the true Christian Church, the Catholic Church, has taught from the time of Christ and the Apostles.

Anonymous said...

As a very serious occultist, my house and property is covered in layers and layers of warding spells, I know a fair bit about Ouija Boards (I have one and have used it numerous times). Ouija Boards are just open mike for any spirit that stops by (I once spoke with Death) and as such can be dangerous if the participants are not willing to focus enough to control the spirit conjured. However, you would have to be drunk to conjure in multiple ghosts and a low class angry Dæmon. The Dæmon was a bit of a jerk even for one of their kind though, playing off the superstitions of the idiots who called it up. It was effective though, in their state, how else could it have been certain that the board would be destroyed enough to dispel the spirits summoned when the participants in the summoning were in no state to do a proper banishing? All in all, it was a low blow, but probably necessary in the circumstances.