Monday, April 25, 2011

The Fae Girl

Gary Donaldson couldn’t find his glasses. He woke and reached to his bedside table as he did every morning and put his hand on nothing but the table’s surface.

This wasn’t the first time he’d lost his glasses.

“I later found them in the kitchen, upstairs bathroom, or in the middle of the living room floor,” Donaldson said. ”My glasses? I can’t do that. I am blind without them. I wear them 100 percent of the time and simply cannot leave them someplace accidentally, much less on the floor.”

Strange things like this began to happen once he met a Fae girl.

“We met online at a social networking site,” he said. “During this three-week period while we were getting to know each other online it felt like my house had been invaded.”

The television remote control would disappear, only to be found in the garage, laundry room, or in the kitchen freezer. Pencils would vanish from the house, and his dogs started barking at an “intruder” neither Donaldson nor his nine-year-old daughter could see.

“We had the general sense of being watched at all times,” Donaldson said. “My daughter woke up with nightmares. Keep in mind none of this was terrifying or oppressive. Nothing like the Poltergeist movies or anything. More like wacky or mischievous.”

As the “invasion” continued, so did the online relationship between Donaldson and the girl claiming to be Fae.

“By Fae folk I mean human/fairy hybrids whose grandparents had sex with spiritual beings, nominally fairies but possibly other little people,” Donaldson said. “This woman claimed to be one-quarter Fae, which I discounted as delusional. Fairies are those little Disney Tinkerbelle flying people, right? But she was adamant and I so smitten that I shrugged and went with the flow, and eventually came to recognize and fear what she was capable of.”

These Fae, Donaldson said, live and work among us, operating in the wee hours at jobs like janitors, waitresses, and motel clerks – jobs that don’t draw much attention.

Once Donaldson drove the 900 miles to meet this “Fae,” he knew she told the truth. She was “beautiful, mesmerizing, strange, terrifying.”

“This is important because of my mental state when I met my Fae,” he said. “They are fascinated with emotions, especially strong ones. This is because pure Fae have no emotions and are jealous of ours. There was an aspect of her that was cold and inhuman and when it peered out at me it was soul chilling, and it gave her pleasure to see me flustered when it happened.”

Once he met her in a south Missouri motel, they spent the weekend in bed.

“We literally spent 10 to 12 hours a day having sex, going out only for meals,” he said. “I slept maybe four hours that weekend and felt like a train had run me over by the end. She, on the other hand, seemed energized when we parted ways.”

That weekend was also the time she talked about her origins.

“It began my education in how to conduct myself around her kind,” he said. “It was all laid out as a matter of fact, no winking or giggling. This was serious business and if I wanted to see her again I needed to know the rules. I dutifully filed it away, but the whole weekend was like a dream. I did not reflect too heavily on it until my return home and a good bout of introspection.”

When he returned home, the mischievous activities had stopped, but he couldn’t stay away from her long. He drove the 1,800 miles round trip to see her four times in four months.

“The intensity never let up once,” he said. “Every time we met, usually the same motel, it would be damned near continuous sex, broken up by meals and her work. It was nothing like a date. I have never had a relationship like this before or since. The whole thing seemed impossible.”

Strange things – lucky things – happened while Donaldson had this relationship with the Fae. He’d hit all green lights and always find a parking space, but it was the medical recovery of a close friend with a terminal disease that made him realize his new girlfriend might be telling the truth. Donaldson told her about his friend’s medical condition and shortly received word his friend was cured.

“I call my Fae to tell her the good news and she is so smug it’s unbearable,” Donaldson said. “‘I know,’ she says, ‘isn’t it wonderful?’”

Their relationship ended abruptly.

“I made my final trip there, without a clue anything would be different,” he said. “Instead, the girl I met seemed cold, distant, distracted. We fell into each others arms as before, but she said she had to be someplace and hurriedly left. Things felt horribly awry.”

They met the next day and Donaldson knew the relationship was over.

“I begged her to talk to me, but she simply said ‘goodbye,’ hugged me for an extended period of time, then left,” he said. “That ‘goodbye’ was final. I never saw her again.”

Donaldson suspects her “Fae” side took over.

“The Fae component within had grown bored of me and yanked her chain,” he said. “A part of her was upset, perhaps, but the creature inside maintained control with a steel fist. It had gotten enough sex-energy or whatever it wanted from me and was done. Experiment concluded; send the human home.”

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Shadow Army in the Czech Republic

Something dark visited the village Bystrá nad Jizerou in the Semily District in the north Czech Republic in 2007 – something that still terrifies Lucie Gore.

“My parents, my son and me were spending some time at our weekend house,” she said. “The house is about 150 years old. It used to be a pub.”

As Gore’s son slept in an upstairs bedroom, Gore and her parents sat relaxing in the downstairs living room when she saw something that couldn’t be – there were people in the room; people her parents couldn’t see. Gore thought them an army.

“In the evening, about 9 p.m., I had a vision,” she said. “I saw one or two leaders, normal height of a man, not too tall, about five to six feet tall. I understood they were the leaders of this army of small little figures.”

These two beings, both hooded, stood in front of Gore, ignoring her and motioning orders to the entities behind them – tiny entities.

“This army was standing, lined up and waiting for a command from the leaders,” she said. “There were 10s and 10s of them. They were somewhere between one to two feet tall. The army was small, like midgets.”

Gore could do nothing but sit in the living room, staring gap-jawed at these diminutive, hooded beings forming ranks before her. But the encounter quickly turned wicked.

“They didn't do anything,” she said. “They just stood there and with that vision I had a sharp feeling inside of my body that someone was killing me. I really thought that I was dying suddenly right there, surrounded by my family.”

Pain shot through Gore’s chest, but she was powerless to move, powerless to speak.

“I felt the worst fear and badness,” she said. “I had a real evil feeling from them.”

She sat, staring at the army of small entities and their commanders, until something snapped within her and the beings were gone. Her first thought was of her child.

“When I ‘got back’ and was able to walk, I went upstairs to check on my son,” she said. “I was worried about him. I was thinking that there might be something wrong with him.”

The boy lay in bed sleeping peacefully. Gore was relieved, but hesitant.

“I didn't get close to him, because I didn't want to put this evil feeling around him,” she said. “I didn't know what to think at all.”

But she did know one thing – she wasn’t going to talk about this incident.

“The experience was very frightening and I never wanted to talk about this with anyone else,” she said. “I feel that they wouldn't understand anyway and I would look like a total freak. Also, I don't want to think about this because it’s too scary.”

Gore wouldn’t tell her parents, even though this event occurred in their house.

“They are atheists and they would say that I am going crazy and would make me go see a doctor,” she said. “I believe in God, respect nature and I am interested in new age science. I’ve never experienced anything similar to that before or after.”

She eventually told her husband from Louisiana, and a Catholic friend.

“This Catholic friend is very religious,” she said. “My Catholic friend told me to pray and she thought I was haunted. My husband supported me and believed me.”

Gore knows of a similar incident to hers, but she doesn’t want to know more about it.

“I have heard about one more lady here in the Czech Republic that saw them too, but I never investigated it,” she said. “I didn’t want to. I think it definitely changed my life and the way I think.”

Gore has only experienced something paranormal one other time – in Greece.

“I also had a strange experience with my husband 15 years ago while we were on vacation,” she said. “While in our rental apartment, I was in the shower and he was in bed reading a book.”

When Gore stepped out of the shower and walked into the bedroom, she saw chocolate milk on the floor, but it was not pooled as spilled liquid usually is.

“I saw a line of chocolate milk on the wall,” she said. “That line was around our bed on two walls around the bed. The line was made with chocolate milk from a glass we had on the night table by the bed. The line was perfectly straight.”

The milk went two ways around the bed, something Gore can’t explain.

“We never figured that out,” she said, but thinks maybe a ghost was in the room. “It’s interesting to note that (Gore’s father-in-law) had a heart attack in the USA during the exact time that this happened.”

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Ominous Man

Author’s note: In the March 2 “From the Shadows,” I wrote about a 2006 encounter between Kalie Ulriksen of Saskatchewan, Canada, and a man she wasn’t sure was human. The individual radiated evil and danger. After reading Ulriksen’s story, a Southern California man recalled his similar dangerous encounter.

The woman was intriguing. As Tim Davis sat the bar of the Miwuk Indian’s Black Oak Casino in Tuolomne, Calif., in 2009, he turned toward the pretty lady who sat next to him, smiled and flirted.

“I had been having a few drinks and hitting on a woman sitting next to me for about an hour,” he said. “We were hitting it off wonderfully.”

Then the air around them changed; it grew heavy, ominous.

“I felt something coming. That’s the best I can describe it,” Davis said. “The sort of uneasy feeling I always have when there is something about to happen that can possibly
injure me, kill me, or ruin my life in some manner.”

Davis stopped and looked around him. Older people smoked cigarettes and cranked slot machine arms behind him. A live band played from a stage on the other side of the bar. Life in the casino seemed as normal as casino life can be.

“Nothing struck me as odd,” he said. “I turn back to my bantering partner and continue the conversation.”

The person on the other side of Davis paid for his drinks and left. The seat didn’t stay empty long.

“Suddenly, a man sits down next to me,” Davis said. His uneasy feeling grew unnerving. “I glance over and have an overwhelming feeling of danger and evil coming off this man.”

The man was a giant.

“He was wearing flannel, appeared to have just come out of the woods,” Davis said. “He stood easily 6’8” and was built like a linebacker. Easily one of the most dangerous men I have ever encountered.”

It wasn’t the man’s size Davis felt as dangerous. It was something else.

“I’m certainly not small and have nephews and brother-in-laws 6’5” to 6’7”,” Davis said. “But they do not exude this sort of danger vibe.”

Davis turned back toward the woman he had been hitting it off with. She was getting up to leave.

“The woman I have been chatting with takes one look at the man gets up and walks away,” he said. But not Davis. “Being slightly buzzed I stay there to finish up my drink.”

He wished he hadn’t.

“With no prompting the man turns and looks at me and says the name of the town I am from,” Davis said. “The town has about 20,000 people and is a bedroom community about 400 miles away from my current location.”

This statement took Davis aback; he had never met this man. Then things became stranger.

“We chat for a couple minutes and he then says, ‘you are all right Tim,’ using my name which I had not given him,” Davis said. “The comment had the feeling of a decision on his part. Like he had decided not to kill me.”

A few minutes later, Davis stands up, excuses himself, and leaves the bar.

“I go see if I can find the woman I had been chatting with,” he said. “I find her across the casino at a slot machine and ask her why she just got up and left.”

The woman looks Davis full in the eyes and says, “Didn’t you get the, ‘I will kill you and stuff you in a van’ vibe from that guy?”

Yes, he had.

Who are these people? The ones who wander amongst us, radiating terror through no means other than their mere presence? Are they human, or something else?

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Friday, April 01, 2011

A Case of Time Traveling Tourists – Part Two

Author’s note: This is an update from the March 9 “From the Shadows” column* on a man’s encounter with people he’s sure were from the future.

It’s been five years since Ken Helbling, 40, went to Barnes and Noble and walked into the future.

As Helbling stood in line for coffee, he noticed two out-of-place girls and their out-of-place “guide” observing him suspiciously.

“The (girls) were wearing designer jeans and hairdos that were 25 years out of date,” he said. “They looked about 17, but seemed older.”

The girls also looked similar to girls he knew in high school. Maybe their daughters – or maybe their granddaughters.

When he saw the same trio at the same time in the same place wearing the same clothes the next Sunday, he knew something was wrong.

“When I walked past them they gave me a weird look,” he said. “I’m thinking this is really strange.”

Helbling bought the book he’d gone to the store to buy the week before and thinks it may have something to do with his encounter. The book was “The Keepers” by Jim Sparks.

“It may well be the first book in modern history that mentioned time travelers taking tours as a fact,” Helbling said. He’s sure that’s what he encountered in the bookstore – time traveling tourists.

But since the publication of Helbling’s original story in “From the Shadows,” the future hasn’t left him alone.

When a link to Helbling’s story appeared on the popular late-night paranormal talk show Coast to Coast AM’s website, Helbling called his older brother in Connecticut to tell him – only to discover he already had.

“I called as I had a true story I’d never told (my brother) about written up online,” Helbling said. “And he said, ‘yeah, you emailed me and sent me a link to ‘From the Shadows.’ I read it on Friday.”

Helbling did no such thing.

“I said that’s not possible because I didn’t email or call you,” Helbling said. “And you’re the first person I mentioned this to.”

Helbling’s brother recited the text of the email and the address it came from. The email was from Helbling; but it wasn’t.

“There has been no correspondence by phone since March 1,” Helbling said. “And I have not emailed or had an email from my brother since June 22, 2010. He swears he got an email from me on March 11, 2011. It wasn’t me, and I can prove it.”

Helbling’s brother, who has worked in the computer industry since 1979, confirmed his brother’s suspicions.

“My older brother sent me this email,” Helbling said. “And I quote; ‘OK, I’ve gone back into the server logs. There is no record of an email to me from you or anyone that would have linked me to ‘From the Shadows,’ or anywhere else for that matter. Still, I wouldn’t have known where to look, and all I did was click a link and get there. The link is in my browser history. I recall sitting on the couch reading it – three days before you called me. Curious and more curious.’”

Helbling’s story appeared on the blog “From the Shadows” at 6:58 p.m. March 8. Coast to Coast AM posted the link March 14. Helbling’s brother read the post March 11.

Who sent the email? A future Helbling?

“Things are getting very curious,” Helbling said. “I feel that I need to back off and get a better perspective on what’s going on.”

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Copyright 2011 by Jason Offutt

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