Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sleep deprivation or a glimpse into another dimension?

A cool October breeze brushed Len Berroth as he stood at his front door in 2006. Len, of DeLand, Fla., thought he was at the end of three mostly sleepless nights and a seven-hour drive.

But something wasn’t right at Len’s house.

“Sleep depravation lifted the veil between parallel plains that coexist at different vibration levels would be my guess,” Len said. “What showed itself was not of this world yet interacted with dwellings, objects, landscape surroundings as if it were theirs.”

The world around Len rippled, sending streaks of light dancing past him, as his perception of reality changed. For the next nine and a half hours, he watched his neighborhood team with life that shouldn’t be.

Like the giants.

“Three giant beings were visible, human-like … except in height. They ducked their heads to go under the wires on the telephone poles,” Len said. “The tops of their heads were even with the roof tops.”

The giants gently groomed bushes and trees as they made their way down the neighborhood.

“It looked like they were twining rope from the leaves and branches,” Len said.

His neighbors across the street were on vacation, but as Len stood at his door, two SUVs pulled in the neighbor’s drive and six “average-looking people” got out of the SUVs and spent several hours talking, never approaching the house.

“Positioning myself for a better look across the street I heard the sound of grass being ripped up behind me,” Len said. “Turning, I saw my two 15-foot high, elephant yard adornments grazing the front lawn. Their trunks yanked the grass up, feeding to their mouths while slowly walking around the yard.”

Tires sliding across pavement drew Len’s eyes back to the SUVs which, like the giants and the lawn ornaments, were alive.

“The two SUVs were acting like a pair of grazing buffalo,” Len said. “Their tires scraped at the driveway as their front ends dipped down till the bumpers touched the ground as if eating. I did go over the next day and have pictures showing erratic black rubber markings on the concrete consistent with what I saw.”

The “average-looking people” didn’t seem to notice the activity because they were interested in something else.

“I saw one person in their group holding what I’ll describe as box-like, four inches high, 14 inches deep, 18 inches wide, a series of different colored lights forming several rows,” he said.

The others circled around the man with the box as a sequence of colored lights turned on and off in a pattern. Len said the box was a signal light.

“The group now looked up to the night sky, then I saw hovering about 2,000 feet above us was a saucer-shaped craft completely silent, then it’s underbelly lit up as rows of colored lights flashed the same sequence toward the ground,” Len said. “Just then six beings appeared on the sidewalk in front of that house, they were in mid stride when they popped out of nowhere.”

The beings were eight-feet tall, slender and dressed in black, hooded robes.

“They seemed relevant to the space craft as the colored light exchange stopped,” Len said. Then the beings dressed in black disappeared as did the craft. “The craft shot from sight directly after the black robed beings disappeared.”

That wasn’t the end. Len later saw what he described as Neanderthals milling for hours in his yard until a friend of his pulled up to his house.

“Ten of them were in my front yard, taking no notice as a friend pulled up next to them,” he said. “These beings acted like we weren’t there as I met my friend at the curb, she couldn’t see them.

“Tell me you don’t see these people,” Len demanded of his friend. “‘Nobody’s there,’ was her response. The commotion from my raised voice caused the people that signaled the UFO to walk toward us.”

The people crossed the road and stopped several feet from Len and his friend.

“You know I can see you,” Len thought, and a voice in his head said “yes.”

Len grabbed his friend’s arm and ran into his house. A year later, Len is convinced his experience was not caused by sleep deprivation, but by our dimension merging with dimensions we don’t normally see.

“That night, trees and plants took active roles, exposing their living spirits as being more in tune to surroundings, quite capable of telepathic exchange,” he said. “But that’s another story in itself.”

Copyright 2007 by Jason Offutt

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Anonymous said...

Those are some wonderful images! I particularly like the thought of the SUV's grazing placidly while the owners chat, like pioneers resting their oxen on a long trip...

While I have no particular reason to believe this was a supernatural event (sorry, I'm a bit of a skeptic) I quite envy his experience, as it sounds far more fantastic (in the best sense of the word) and awe-inspiring than any drug trip I'VE ever been on.

Thanks for the story!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure LSD was not involved?

Mike Eitelman said...

Sounds like the dude was dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Are you realted to Michael Jerome Offutt, (brother Charley, decd., parents Harold Marvin and Georgia Mae Offutt?

Jason Offutt said...

Nope, I'm not related to Michael Jerome Offutt ... that I know of. There aren't many Offutt families in the US, so if Michael Jerome's family originated from Kentucky, there's a good chance I am related.

Oh, and I don't live in Kentucky, that's just where my family's from.

Vicarious said...

well, you do realize that sleep deprivation can lead to mild -moderate hallucinations right? Not that this story cant possibly be true, there most definately is something.. else.. out there. But I wouldnt quite hold everything stated here to be true. And no, as a frequent lsd user (totaling 160 times, max dose of 20 at once), lsd most likely wouldnt cause this kind of hallucination.

Anonymous said...

i have never witnessed anything like this in the day. the night on the other hand has held strange,very strange things. at times i belive i have gone insane and other times i know i have as a child when you know what you have seen,is real,but with adult type belief you can somehow pass it off,out of fear?

Anonymous said...

I really liked the story. I don't know about grazing SUVs,but I do believe that as we get closer to the end of the age, galactic aliangment, 2012 ect. ect. strange things will happen and things will be seen as we mesh with other dimensions. Most people will be really scared as they may not understand what they are seeing. I'll probably be one of

Anonymous said...

Juz like in my experience.. As i sleep i noticed air is blowing hardly towardz my body dragging me closely to a tiny hole that so bright. My mind is half asleep, but my eyes is awake.

Anonymous said...

Juz like in my experience.. As i sleep i noticed air is blowing hardly towardz my body dragging me closely to a tiny hole that so bright. My mind is half asleep, but my eyes is awake.

eda said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mya's Energy said...

Ugh. Dealing with it 24/7 is enough. Normal life ? Far from it.