Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Plea For Help

I receive messages from people who are curious, angry or afraid of something strange happening in their lives. Then I heard from Kaci, someone who sees things in the dark recesses of everyday life most people can’t see. She is looking for something, and she’s looking to help.

Her messages started with a plea.

May 7, 2008, 9:36 p.m. (posted on “My name is Kaci. Me and my friends see the Shadow People. We each have special gifts. My gifts are seeing the dead, seeing the future and seeing the Shadow People. For some reason the Shadow People wish to harm me and my friends. We’re looking for others like us with our abilities. We aren’t crazy, we don’t need mental help. We need answers. If you have abilities like ours please contact me at You’re not alone. We can help you control your gift. I’m not a fake. Please contact me if you’re one of us.

May 8, 2008, 10:20 p.m. (e-mail to me):
The five of us try to hide our abilities because we don’t want to seem like freaks or get put away because of the things we see. We are looking for answers and others like us. We want to help them. The Shadow People we encounter are harmful. I was driving home one night and a shade (Shadow Person) reached over and tried to jerk the steering wheel I almost lost control. Today I saw my uncle who died when I was in the second grade. He watches over me and since then I have been seeing the dead. The dead, shades and the future are not things you wanna mess with. I won’t tell you anymore about us because there are things even you are not meant to know about, at least not yet. If there is a way you can help us find others like us with our abilities you would really be helping us.

May 11, 2008, 2:35 p.m. (e-mail to me):
Jason I need your help to get my message out to people. I get e-mails from people telling me who they are and what they can do but we are looking for more people. My visions can only show me so much. They help me point out the fakes but that doesn’t leave us with many people. They are laughing at us but we’re trying to help people. Those who leave you comments, some of them are scared. We can help them block the images. For a while I did it. Please help us find our friends.

May 11, 2008, 11:17 p.m. (e-mail to me):
Like I said there isn’t a whole lot I can tell you because there are certain things you’re not suppose to know about yet. The five of us have been a well-kept secret for a long time. We are normal like everyone else. I know that they are scared. When I came into my powers I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. I was seeing dead people and having them all come to me saying they don’t know they are dead. FYI, don’t talk to the dead. We aren’t sure who are good and who are bad. One follows me frequently and he appears to be nether living nor dead. We just ignore him. There is one thing we all share, we are all blessed with incredible luck, it protects us, it helps us, and it keeps us safe. We aren’t positive where are luck comes from but I believe it’s a pentagram. I was on a road one day and I didn’t see a wall I was coming straight at and I just barely escaped. A pentagram was drawn on the wall. Since then I keep one drawn on the palm of my hand and it changes traffic lights for me, sometimes protects me from shades and it gives us power. We will help anyone that comes to us. I can help them block their images. We’ll help anyway we can. We need help finding others like us. Thanks for all the help, Jason. You’re really saving a lot of people.
Sincerely, Kaci and the Others.

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Unknown said...

Does Kaci have an email where she can be contacted?


Jason Offutt said...

Yes, Kaci's e-mail address is in the third paragraph.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm thinking she either has an extreme need for attention or is possibly mentally ill.

NickJones said...

I'm with daveb on this one. Having done hospital time myself (chronic suicidal depression, if you must know), I've seen a lot of different types of mental illness, and I see hints of paranoid schizophrenia here. Even if my speculation is wrong, her emails show an amateurish grasp of factual and historical evidence of the supernatural, and much internal contradiction. "I was seeing dead people and having them all come to me saying they don't know they are dead"? They're saying they don't know they're dead? In my reading, earth-bound spirits don't know that they are dead, and need to have their condition explained to them, so they can pass on to Whatever Comes Next. She sees her dead uncle as her guardian spirit, but tells us not to talk to the dead because you can't tell if they are good or not? She and her group want help and answers, but claim they can help other people, but only for a short time ("We can help them block the images. For a while I did it"). And what is it we aren't yet supposed to know. Thanks, but I get enough of that malarkey from the Bush Administration. Put up or shut up.

I was going to soften this a bit with some resources that "Kaci" could look into, but I suspect that she and her friends have picked up a few uneducated and out-of-context notions of the supernatural, and are looking for converts to the world-view that they have spun from them, and nothing I would recommend could disabuse her of her delusions.

Anonymous said...

Another one agreeing with Dave B.

My sense is that Kaci is looking for attention that might help bolster a sense of superiority. The assurances that she and her friends can help people, that they have special gifts, etc., all sound alarmingly like a very disturbed teenager I once knew.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with daveb and nickjones. This seems like someone that needs mental help instead of spiritual help.

The 'blocking of images' sounds like something from a David Gemmell book.

How do five people claiming such strong spiritual gifts all end up in the same group? Chance and luck do not flip a coin and hey presto they find each other in the supermarket...

And all the dead people just walked over to have a chat and all of them claim they do not know they are dead? It very very very rarely happens that any spirit approaches you in that manner AND speaks to you off hand like what is claimed.

Sounds very fishy to me....

Well Kaci, should you really have all the gifts you claim, try seeing a blast of pure white light emit from yourself when you are in danger..... or at least try to give yourself a better, more intimidating spiritual form, if you know how to....

Anonymous said...

Sorry. The BS meter pegged full when she brought up pentagrams.

Also that whole, "there are things you aren't meant to know yet" would be quite at home in a deluisional paranoid's phrasebook.

Sorry, I've seen the shadow people, and they don't know your face.

Anonymous said...


TDW said...

I think she is pleading to be helped, bet for the reasons she gives,I think people should stay away from this "Kaci" person, she can't get her schizophrenia in order to make much sense and the pentagram stuff screams enough.There are however good and PURE intention people out there in the world that do have "abilities" and help people understand and use their own in ways that do work for them.Those people are far and few in between though."Kaci" is Not one of them.And just who are the "others" ???