Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There Are Strange Things Over Kansas City (So Why Don't More People See Them?)

There are things in the sky – unidentified things. Some hovering, some flying, some triangular, some round.

The Mutual UFO Network takes hundreds of reports of UFOs each month. But maybe the strange part of these reports isn’t the people who see Unidentified Flying Objects; it’s the people who don’t see them.

Janice Vaughan of Des Moines, Iowa, was a Kansas City, Mo., teenager in 1986 when she and her mother were driving to the mall.

“We stopped at a red light,” Vaughan said. “Glancing out my window on the passenger side, I saw a huge silver disc with lights rotating around the middle hovering above the building on the northwest corner of Antioch and Englewood Road.”

The disc dwarfed the buildings at this busy intersection. It just hung there silently.

“I said something like, ‘Mom, look,’” she said. “We were both stunned by what we were seeing.”

While they watched, the object glided silently over the road and briefly hovered over a movie theater.

“Then it whooshed off to the west and disappeared from our sight behind some houses,” Vaughan said. “We turned right onto Englewood Road, abandoning our original errand, and drove around the neighborhoods hoping to see it again, but we didn’t find it.”

Then Vaughan and her mother drove home.

“We told my step-dad about it and watched the news that night for any mention of it,” she said.

But there were no news reports on the UFO that night or in the newspaper the next day. Vaughan doesn’t understand how no one else saw the object, but she knows she did.

“It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen,” she said. “If my mom hadn’t been with me I think I would have convinced myself by now that it didn’t really happen. Once in a while my mom and I will talk about it again, and I’ll ask her to tell me what she remembers about that day, just to verify my memories of it.”

Jim Johnson, Kansas City Section Director for the Mutual UFO Network said this type of sighting – a singular witness over a busy area – is all too common.

“Many of the reports I have received over the last decade-and-a-half with MUFON are from high-traffic areas,” Johnson said. “I was able to get to one of the scenes within an hour or so of the sighting event.”

The witness of this 1997 event, Johnson said, was convincing.

“Whatever she saw, she wasn’t making it up,” Johnson said. “(She) took me back to the locations where she turned off at Southwest Trafficway at 34th Street (another busy intersection) traveling north.”

The oblong object, roughly shaped like a rugby ball, moved slowly over a television tower then toward a second television tower about a mile away before it “blinked out.”

“It lasted a couple minutes,” Johnson said. “Her impression was that others were seeing it as well, as cars were slowing down and pulling to the right lane, but she was the only one who stopped.”

Like the other UFO sighting, there were no news reports about it the next day. So, why is it no one else saw these UFOs moving slowly over busy streets in the middle of the day?

“I have come to believe that in many cases, the people who are supposed to see flying objects, see them repeatedly, and the rest of us see them rarely, if at all,” Johnson said. “Keep in mind that most people aren’t looking for them and don’t want to get involved even if they do see them. The rest of us keep looking up.”

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Sylver Wyrd said...

I have come to believe that these viewings of odd objects can be explained by one of the 3 following explainations:

1. They don't really exist, and are simply some kind of shared illusion.

2. They do exist. They may be only visible to certain people, or visible under specific circumstances. Not everyone sees them because everyone cannot see them.

3. They do exist. Being intgelligent, they cloak themselves or phase out when they realize they are visible.

Either way, there is something going on, and I really doubt that explaination #1 is the answer.

I also believe that most of these sightings (especially the mass sightings) are real vehicles that some government or private organization are working on.

Anonymous said...

Ive had one experience I feel might be relevant..

One time I and two friends were driving in a car, me as a passenger and other friend driving, other sitting in the back with me.

I was looking at clouds from the side window, when I noticed a huge green-and-white hot air balloon. It was way bigger than any I had ever seen - at least 5 times as big, and I saw it very clearly. I asked my friend if he could see it (without telling what I was seeing) and he instantly went "wow! what a huge balloon!".

So far so good, but then the driver looks up, and says "Theres nothing there" - and both I and the other friend see it just vanish in front of our eyes..

Still dont know what to make of that - shared illusion / hallucination / projection?

Anonymous said...

I believe the "Gray's" colonized the planet Earth many many thousands of years ago.....I believe they colonized under the earth's oceans, possibly hundreds of miles deep beneath the earth's surface....when sighted (which is often) they are refered to as USO's....(Unidentified Submerged Objects)....they have a network of portals where they enter and leave the ocean....they have lived there peacfully for many many years....they enjoy an uninterupted "hobby" if you will, of observing the Human race develope since they began their little experiment so long was simple to altar the genetic code's...(DNA) of several "one cell" living organism's to begin the evolutionary process that brought us where we are today...there has been no reason up to this point to make any contact with us, Homo Sapien's, as the "Gray's" are aware of our every move...and actually enjoy the excitement created by "being seen" on any given nite. That is why so many UFO's are spotted...they're not comming from another planet or Galaxy....they're already of there portals is below the infamous "Bermuda Triangle" another is close to Japan, another close to Australia.....these portals are innerconnected internally, somewhat like the Astronomers have speculated about in outer space known as "worm Hole's" to get from one point to another in as short a time & distance as possible. They have made themselves more and more visible in preparation for the first official "Close encounter of the third kind".....there have already been hundreds of close encounters and abductions....they just couldn't be proven and they have been discredited and debunked as "hoax's" by our wonderful government, since the beginning of well....governments.....!! It is a well known fact among the Washington "elite" and passed down from one president to the next....that we have been in contact with these "alien's" since we began experimenting with the atomic can only imagine their concern when we attained the ability to destroy the Earth several hundred times over...with a nuclear holocaust....!! We are simply an experiment and they will probably intervene soon before "Greenhouse Gases" destroy the planet earth totslly !! I believe that is why there is an increase of very close encounters all over the world, to prepare us mentally for there arrival & subsequent take over to save us from....ourselves !!! Please feel free to reply to this post at any time....the answers are so simple..!!

Anonymous said...