Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Haunting Followed Them

Something was wrong with the house.

Angie Kelly of New Cumberland, Pa., and her family moved into the large Foursquare that sat over a large series of caves in the 1990s.

“There was a hole in the back yard that lead down to the caves,” Kelly said. “We kept a board over the opening so kids and dogs wouldn’t fall in.”

But the Kelly family had more to worry about than cave openings.

“Being in the basement doing laundry, I never felt like I was completely alone,” Kelly said. “It was a strange feeling, like someone was watching me.”

Whatever was watching Kelly may have been watching her toddler, too.

“My son, Ryan, was also exhibiting very strange behavior,” Kelly said.

Ryan began slamming himself against the safety rails on his bed and tried to throw himself through the house’s large front window.

“At one point (he) attempted to throw himself down the stairs,” she said. “This was a frightening thought.”

Then things started happening in Ryan’s room.

“A horrible odor filled my son’s room, and just his room,” Kelly said. “Before too long, his room was overrun with flies. They were all over the windows, ala ‘Amityville Horror.’”

Kelly couldn’t get rid of the smell or the flies.

“They seemed to have no desire to leave his room,” she said. “The odor seemed to emanate from his closet and I had to remove his clothes so they wouldn’t stink.”

Finally, Kelly turned to religion.

“We never did figure out what the smell and the flies were all about, but after hanging a cross in his room, the smell left and the flies disappeared,” Kelly said.

The Kellys finally moved away from whatever lurked in that house.

“The house also got hit by lightning while I was living there,” Kelly said. “It was a very weird year that I lived there, just one strange thing after another. It was kind of a relief to move out. The entire experience in that house was very bizarre.”

But whatever was in the house may have followed them.

“In the mid-1990s, I lived in a rented duplex,” she said. “It was probably built in the 1920s. On various occasions, I would see a dark man that came down my stairway, take a left turn and head for my kitchen.”

That’s all the dark man, a walking shadow, would do; walk down the stairs and take a left turn.

“That didn’t bother me much until one night I awoke to the screaming of my young son,” she said. Ryan was now about four or five years old.

She ran to his bedroom and asked what was wrong.

“He was sitting up in bed, hysterical, and said, ‘Please make them go away,’” she said.

“Who?” Kelly asked.

“All of these people,” Ryan screamed.

Kelly couldn’t see anyone in the room, but she believed her son did.

“All I know is that he was absolutely hysterical and the incident frightened me for a very long time,” she said. “Was his room a portal? Could be.”

They eventually moved from the house and it sat vacant.

“Recently this same house was put on the market for sale,” she said. “It sat for a long, long time, the price dropping and dropping. It finally sold, but after many months on the market. I am convinced the reason the house sat so long for sale is that people know it is haunted.”

Copyright 2009 by Jason Offutt

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richard said...

Could someone please explain to me - an atheist - how a cross can eliminate odors?

naughtyzut said...

I think the implication is that whatever was causing the odors was demonic in nature, and the cross scared it away. Or perhaps the cross was filled with baking soda. One or the other.

Anonymous said...

A leaky heating exhaust system might account for the bad smell and the paranormal experiences. Not trying to be a party pooper, but we must take all possibilities into account.

Anonymous said...

To first poster, Richard:
....why would anyone try to explain anything to wouldn't believe it anyway...;0)

Unknown said...

I've never heard of a demon leaving just because someone hung up a cross.
Whats the deal with the "caves" is there a lot more information we are not privy too?

The black figure always walking the same path...residual.

Children of that age are protected. Unless the parents has done something to invite or entice the entity to go after a young child. Or moved to a really bad location...but there is not enough information to ascertain that.
I just don't believe the trying to throw themselves down the stairs or at the bars (if this were the case there would be far far more phenomena to go with it)....Unless of course there is a much much deeper problem with the parents / family.
Furthermore...."had to move the clothes so they would not stink" Hmm, never heard of psychic based smells staying with clothing in a room. But suppose it's possible.
So my opinion from a lifetime of research is that this person was not followed although there is a slim possibility.
I'm not certain the whole first part of the article / house ever happened. Maybe more information?

Anonymous said...

"Recently this same house was put on the market for sale...I am convinced the reason the house sat so long for sale is that people know it is haunted."

yeah, in this 'booming' housing market houses all over the place are getting snatched up the minute they go on the market (snark). not to be another party pooper, but we can't discount the bottoming-out of the housing market as a cause here. we're in the worst economy in how many decades now?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

1. If placing the cross in the boy's room stopped the odor AND the flies, the heating system was not the culprit. That, and Carbon monoxide doesn't always stink. That's why they make carbon detectors, to warn people about the gas filling a room. It can be a silent killer.

2. 1st home built over caves. Possible Native American influences. Either a nearby burial ground, or a "Protector" they may have summoned to guard the area. Alternately it may indeed be demonic, although that is very rare. It would however account for some of the child's early, strange behavior. But possession of a child that young is almost entirely unheard of. When they reach the minimum age of self determination, they are a much more attractive target.

3. 2nd home - shadow man - Definitely residual. People in the son's room - either a portal, or, the child is "sensitive" and his emerging ability is frightening the be-jezuz out of him. The house sitting for sale for an extended period COULD be paranormally related. But, much more likely just because of the current lousy housing market.

Wendy's Coffeehouse said...

Thanks Jason - Great posts and comments. Look forward to reading more of your content.

happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

sasdf15f said...

Better late than never.