Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Missouri Men In Black? – Part Two

Author’s notes: 1) This is the last in a short series on encounters with strange men in Missouri. 2) Witness Lynn Graves has provided me with a picture of one of these strange men, however, since the man is identifiable, I cannot publish the picture.

Lynn Graves saw the first strange man in Jefferson City. Thin, mechanical, and mumbling to the point of buzzing, the man followed Graves through a department store and a bookstore on two separate occasions.

Since those encounters, different men – although with the same robotic, soulless mannerisms – have followed her to work in the Lake of the Ozarks.

“I really think these guys are taking interest in me. These men I believe are non-human people of some sorts,” she said. “I know that they know I'm noticing them and talking about them to certain people.”

About three weeks after she first encountered the odd person with a false male voice, she heard that voice at work – 45 miles away.

“I was working on a day that was kinda busy,” she said. “I heard that same deep low voice that came from the man in Target, but from a different man.”

She looked and saw a fellow employee talking about the hotel with a thin man wearing a beige, button-up shirt and sunglasses. The man shortly left, but he would be back.

“A couple weeks after that I saw him again,” she said. “He asked me about rates. He was very weird the way he spoke and behaved.”

Graves started to tell the man the hotel rates when he interrupted her.

“Oh well,” the man said. “We got some place to stay down the road.”

Then he turned and walked away.

“The way he talked and moved reminded me of the guy in the first ‘Men In Black’ movie,” Graves said. The ‘guy’ in the movie was an alien who behaved robotically. “That’s what these guys would remind you of.”

The movie, “Men in Black” (1997) was loosely based on a character in ufology that resembles the men Graves reports.

When the man walked away, although still in the lobby, two fellow employees approached Graves and asked about the “weird guy.”

“I acted like I didn't suspect anything,” Graves said. “I just agreed that he was very strange.”

The man looked around the hotel’s gift shop before taking a decade-out-of-date cell phone from his pocket and pretended to have a conversation.

“He walked outside around the corner of the building where the parking lot is,” Graves said. “I watched and watched to see what car pulled out, but I didn't see anything.”

Later that night, a hotel guest complained his iPod had been stolen from his locked vehicle, but Graves didn’t think much about it until later.

About a week later, a boat explosion seriously injured a family at a dock near the hotel. Later that day, she saw two of these strange men.

“These guys were a little thinner but also wore sunglasses,” she said. “One of them was dressed like an obvious tourist. I think they try too hard to fit in.”

One of the men – who all appear to be between 45 and 55 – walked through the door and approached the front desk.

“He gave me en evil look out of the corner of his eye, but approached the other woman I worked with and asked her if we had rooms available,” Graves said. “She said, ‘no, we are full.’”

This seemed to be what the man wanted to hear and walked out.

“This guy was like, OK, and just walked off,” Graves said. “My lady friend that I work with made a comment that he was very, very strange.”

Later in the evening, she saw the second man walking back and forth from the hall to the lobby. The man also held an older-model cell phone to his ear, but didn’t speak.

“He looked at me out of the corner of his eye,” Graves said. “That guy gave me such a bad feeling of dread. The feeling I get from them paralyzes me.”

During Labor Day weekend, 2010, another boating accident near the hotel killed a young woman. Soon after, another of Graves’ strange men appeared.

“There were some young guests in the hotel that came up to me concerned about a very suspicious man down on one of the floors that was in shorts, a T-shirt and sunglasses,” Graves said. “Indoors in the evening? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was one of my guys.”

She called security on the radio and asked them to look for the man. Security couldn’t find him. Days later, one of these men showed up again.

“We had a group of business people in house,” Graves said. “I was standing at the front desk on a computer (when) all the sudden out of nowhere there was a guy standing by the fireplace on a cell phone, but not talking.”

The man wore layers of clothing and did not fit in with the hotel crowd. Graves reached to the desk and grabbed her camera, but when she turned back he had vanished.

“I was gone for no more than six seconds and when I came back he was not anywhere,” she said. “He was not standing by a door or hallway to where he could have escaped my view.”

Minutes later, a cab pulled up to the hotel, the cab driver steps out of the car and “falls flat on his butt.”

“These men I've seen are not guests at the hotel. They seem to only stick around for a short while,” Graves said. “Every time I see one of these guys at the hotel something bad, big or small, happens.”

Copyright 2010 by Jason Offutt

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hall442 said...

Okay. What is being described here, is a "Watcher." :) The attempt to appear human, but aren't, really. They observe events.

Since they have not physically threatened the person making these reports, I assume she is a person of interest to them.

They may be Alien. They may simply be from our own future. I highly doubt they are harmful. Or we'd all be smoking piles of poo on the ground. :)

A good example of the Watcher phenomena is in the last season of the Tv show "Fringe." They do appear in many episodes. Although, the concept is "jazzed" up for a Tv audience, to make it more exciting.

foobar said...

Regarding your failure to publish the picture supposedly in your possession - since the guy in question is apparently not human who cares? And even if it is just some weird guy who might take offense, as far as I am aware it is not illegal to publish a picture of somebody even if they might not like it. Happens to Celebs all the time. What you are saying does not add up to me.

Unknown said...

I hope by keeping the picture to yourself your just keeping maybe a public figure from being labeled as a MIB. I do fin it a bit suspicious that you've never had photos or video even if the person might have such evidence. Now... If your keeping it for books I can respect that. The id I used is my gmail account. Could you email me the photo? Something I do want to say is this: some of these stories freak me out. The marionette story has given me nightmares....

Unknown said...

You could always blur the face out a bit but as foobar said, it's not illegal to post a picture of someone online. Hello, People of Wallmart? It was taken in public. You could post it.

Unknown said...

You should post the picture... I dont understand your reasoning in withholding evidence..

Jimmy T said...

I think what is probably being described here is someone on vacation, or someone who is shopping. If there's a photo just crop out or blur identifying marks and facial features, big deal. People look at me strangely all the time and I'm from this planet, just grew up in a remote area and don't keep up with fads. Hand me a cell phone and I might try to plug it into my forehead, that doesn't mean I'm from Neptune.

Bunny said...

Why can't you post the picture? You would be doing so for a legitimate editorial purpose, the same way that newspapers and magazines publish news pictures.

Wild claims with pictures/Wild claims without.

Do I have to tell you which of those people take more seriously?

Jum said...

What is going on here? I don't buy for a second this bit about having a photo but not displaying it because a man is identifiable. It's child's play to obscure, blur or alter a minor feature which makes the person unidentifiable but doesn't completely mask the face. Anyone who runs a blog and posts pics and videos can make make a tiny change in 5 seconds.

Besides, if this is a MIB then why is anyone concerned about whether he's identifiable? You don't seriously think it matters whether he's given a release, do you? These people described as MIB apparently are upset by close human contact - so they're going to go looking for a lawyer to pursue some nothing matter about having a picture of them displayed on a blog? And sit in a lawyer's office and talk for a half-hour or so, and give all kinds of information, sign a contract, etc?

What's really going on here? There's nothing to this, is there? 2-to-1 you've got a photo of some skinny tourist who's wearing bermuda shorts and black socks with sandals, right? And it's just too good a story to ruin by posting the pic of somebody that's obviously not what your correspondent says he is.