Thursday, December 09, 2010

Little People in the Night

Legends of little people dance at the periphery of societies around the world. Elves, gnomes, goblins, trolls, ebu gogo, makiawisug, menehune – some of these entities are said to help humans, others kidnap, rob and devour.

Modern tales of these little people come from places like Iceland, Hawaii, the Midwest, Sweden, New Zealand and Colombia, South America. These stories have one thing in common – they are all terrifying.

Fabian Hernandez knows. He’s seen the little people.

Hernandez, 30, a veteran of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division, and his brother, an aircraft engineer, were born in Brooklyn, N.Y., in the 1980s.

“We lived in a small apartment in Brooklyn with our parents,” he said. “I have Native Indian blood from the natives of Colombia, South America, from my mother’s side.”

Due to financial struggles, the family soon moved back to their mother’s home country, Colombia. There, Hernandez saw little people in his room.

Hernandez and his brother were sleeping when a vibration woke Fabian. He wasn’t prepared for what he saw.

“I can recall seeing a group of small men working around my bed, silently,” Hernandez said. “It was like if I was looking at characters (from another) dimension.”

Hernandez lie in bed, staring at the little men.

“These creatures got the most of me and I started to be more curious,” Hernandez said. “I observed them walking around like if they were working in a mine of some kind, like digging or something.”

The little men were three inches tall and bright white.

“They were minding their own business,” Hernandez said. “The following day I told my parents and I just simply got brushed off. At that time I got a little scared and did not know what to do, so I simply forgot it as time past.”

Four years later, the Hernandez family moved back to Brooklyn.

“I was around the age of nine and my brother was just a few years older then me,” Hernandez said. “We lived in a small apartment where we shared the same bed in our parent’s room.”

One night Hernandez went to sleep early because of the flu. When he woke in the early morning, he saw something he’d seen years before, a continent away.

“I slept against the wall and my brother towards the edge,” he said. “I think it was around two or three in the morning when I noticed a white, long bright light, like when window blinds close and the light comes in.”

Something moved in the light.

“I had awaken my brother laying next to me to see what I was seeing,” he said. “This long, bright light transformed, and my brother said ‘look, it’s moving.’ I said, ‘what is that?’”

Both Hernandez and his brother saw little white figures, about three inches tall, moving in that light.

“They were talking amongst each other, moving around rapidly in a (different) dimension sort of way,” Hernandez said.

The light drew across the ceiling and onto the wall next to Hernandez before it disappeared.

Since this incident, Hernandez hasn’t seen the little people, but the thought of them still frightens him.

“I get the chills talking about it, as (does) my brother,” Hernandez said. “This has been something that has been bothering my brother and I for many years, thinking that it was just my mind or eyes playing tricks on me, but I know it wasn’t a child problem, since my older brother had confirmed it.”

Copyright 2010 by Jason Offutt

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Scared said...

When you think Little People you think leprechauns and elves, but I don't know what kind of beings Fabian saw. Could be ghosts, angels, or something slipping in from a place between places. What a great twist on an old story.

Shim said...

I my self have experience the same when I was a kid in my home town, Ethiopia. I still wonder if I truly experienced it or if it was my imagination.

GeeLadiz said...

When I was 6 years old I shared a room with my little brother there was two beds and one day I woke up in the middle of the night and in my brothers bed I saw these little people, they looked like kids and they didn't look at me like you said they were minding there own business. I went tell my mom but when she came to my room to see she turned on the light and they disappeared as soon as she left and turned off the light they were back I woke up my brother and I asked him if he could see them and he said yes but I never knew if I was just crazy I would also see red and green dots flying all around....

Davin said...

Happened to me last night when I had terrible flu, and I'm 22 now. I saw many little people were doing some mining stuff as well but they were not glowing. Just some ordinary little people. I was surprised that my mum had the same experience too since she sleeps in the same room with me. So weird.

Unknown said...

I've had similar experience when I was child, they were white. I lived in studio apartment I saw them looking for things they went to my fridge and took food I saw the fridge light turn on. They talked among themselves and worked in group. Mind you I lived on 3rd floor they came through my window. It wasn't my last encounter though they visited me again when I moved to palmdale California they then again came through my window