Monday, January 10, 2011

UFO Crash Recovery in the UK

The light sank into the forest near Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, as Hilary Porter and her family drove home.

“In 1977 July, whilst traveling through a military wooded area, still open to the public at that time, we were convinced that something had downed at the edge of the woods,” Porter said.

As they neared the area where the light would have landed, the military was already there.

“We were met with many blacked-windowed Army buses, accompanied by loads of soldiers in combat gear with rifles, all spreading out over the land,” she said. “We had no choice but to turn back and get out of there.”

As they turned to retrace their steps away from the armed soldiers, Hilary and her husband noticed a large, round burn mark on the ground.

After a short drive they realized their encounter wasn’t over.

“After going back down the road for about quarter of a mile suddenly we saw two very thin humanoid beings about six feet or so tall, dressed in all white with helmets, looking on at the soldiers,” she said. “The beings suddenly ran down into a clearing, which both my former husband and I saw, and then they dematerialized right in front of us.”

Hilary turned to her husband.

“Get the hell out of here,” she shouted.

As they drove home, shaken, they discussed what they’d seen and were sure they’d been witness to extraterrestrials and a UFO crash retrieval.

“The big round burn mark in the ground was the giveaway to what was going on,” she said. “This area alone has had more than its fare share of UFO sightings.”

In 1977, Farnborough was the home of the Royal Aircraft Establishment and Hilary is convinced was also the site where the military took the craft she and her husband saw downed in the woods.

Hilary also thinks something followed them home.

“Within a few weeks, my family and I suffered much poltergeist activity,” Hilary said.

Activity such as the sound of buckets full of stones poured down their roof late at night, appliances turning on and off, cups exploding, and the sound of dirt clods thrown against their windows.

“And yet next day there was nothing on the ground,” she said.

Then they saw the light again.

“In early September, a smoky gray/blue craft was hovering in the sky,” Hilary said. “From my house, which is up on a hill overlooking this site, I could see what was happening clearly and watched this with a telescope.”

After observing the craft for 45 minutes, she asked her husband to look through the telescope.

“Suddenly the craft changed color to blood-red and twice it’s initial size, then it suddenly zoomed over into marshland, which is still part of the ground of the Farnborough Airfield,” she said. “My husband took the telescope and dashed over to the airfield, two hours later the craft was still there, I had been watching it with binoculars.”

Her husband returned after those two hours, and had seen the craft close up.

“The craft was at least 20 feet across, self-lit and glowing red,” Hilary said. “It was either on the ground or hovering just above it; there seemed to be zero activity on the ground. No one got out or entered the area of the landing.”

Hilary is convinced the craft she saw go down in the woods was at the airfield, home of the British government’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch, and the glowing red craft was searching for it.

“This place is on a par with your Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in its own way, and possibly Europe’s answer to Area 51,” she said. “All downed craft, be they planes or UFOs, come to this above place for re-assembling, as this is the British crash retrieval site.”

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