Friday, June 17, 2011

There's Something in Our House -- Part Two

Author’s note: This is the second of a two-part story about something wicked that has invaded the Liberty, Mo., home of Kim and Mike Smithmeyer, and their seven-year-old twin boys.

Three years after the Smithmeyers moved into their newly constructed home in Liberty, Mo., strange occurrences slowly appeared in their lives. After four years of unexplained bumps and slamming doors – things started targeting the children.

A child-sized body hit the bed one morning, rousing Kim Smithmeyer from sleep. She expected one of her twin boys, Dan or Randy, trying to sneak into bed with her. She prepared herself, then snapped up to surprise them, but no one was there.

This wasn’t the only childlike event that crept up on Kim. Small voices have called “Mommy” in the night, although when she checked on her children, they were asleep.

Then things began to talk to the twins.

“Randy has mentioned how come sometimes when Dad isn’t home he’ll hear (Dad) say, ‘hey, fellas,’” she said. “Randy has also said ‘I’m really tired of doors shutting and no one comes through them.’”

Kim is sure her experiences in the house haven’t influenced what her children have told her, because they don’t know what has happened to her.

“I have not talked with my kids about any of the stuff I’ve seen. They’re seven,” she said. “He’s hearing doors shutting. They came down one night and said, ‘can we sleep with you? We’re tired of hearing scratching sounds in our room.’”

Although she hasn’t heard the same slamming doors or scratching sounds the children have heard, Kim said the twin’s room feels different than any other room in the house. And they feel it, too.

One day Dan, who’s been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety disorder and often acts out in anger, misbehaved and Kim sent him to his room.

“If he doesn’t do something right the first time he gets angry with himself,” she said. “I took a glass of water up there and said, ‘what can we do about your anger?’”

That’s when darkness wiped itself across Kim’s life.

“I’m just tired of the voices telling me to do bad things,” Dan said.

Calmly, Kim asked, “What do you mean?”

Dan looked at his hands.

“Well, I don’t want to say because they’re bad words and they might hurt your feelings,” he said.

“You can tell me anything,” Kim told him. “If it’s bad, you don’t need to deal with it anyway.”

Dan looked at his mother.

“The voices tell me to kill you,” he said.

Kim sat looking at her son, trying not to let Dan know how much these words disturbed her.

“They tell you to kill me?”

“Yes,” he said.

“Anything else?”

He looked back down.

“To hurt the cats and to do things to my brother,” Dan said.

Kim stood and said she was going to get Daddy. When Mike came to the room, they sat, Dan on Kim’s lap.

“I don’t want to say it,” Dan said abruptly.

“Did someone just say something?” Kim asked.

“Cut the bitch’s head off,” Dan said in a weak voice.

Kim looks back on that moment in horror.

“He said the voices said they killed Jesus,” Kim said. “We don’t watch scary movies. I can’t imagine him saying he wants to kill me.”

They took this normally polite, friendly boy to a psychiatrist the next day. Kim said they’re open to therapy, medication or a paranormal solution – anything to help their son.

Dan spent the next weekend with his grandmother. “He was perfect,” Kim said.

But when Dan came home, bedtime was not so perfect.

“When we brought him home from Mom’s, he was in a great mood, but when we took him to his room his whole demeanor changed,” Kim said. “He just said, ‘can I just sleep with you?’”

“You don’t want to sleep up here?” Kim asked.

“No, I don’t want to sleep up here.”

Kim could see the fear in the boy’s eyes.

“I said, OK.”

As Kim and Mike watched the boys walk down the stairs toward the master bedroom, muffled knocks thudded in the room.

“I heard three knocks from the closet,” Kim said. “I said to my husband, ‘I know you heard that. That was three knocks, Mike. That was from the closet.’”

Mike, who had held the door the entire time, looked at Kim, his face ashen, and shook his head.

“Kim,” he said. “I felt it in the door.”

At this point they decided to do something about whatever lurked in their home.

“I feel like a fool. I talk to the house,” Kim said. “I say, ‘I know something’s here. Please just don’t scare my family leave my children alone.’”

Although Kim and Mike are interested in the paranormal and watch various ghost hunting TV programs, they don’t talk about it with the boys.

“I am intrigued, but I’ve never done Ouija boards or anything,” Kim said. “I just think everything is possible. I think we’re going to keep the boys in our room for a while.”

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Concutio said...

Are you kidding me? Your son says voices are telling him to kill you and hurt others and you stay? You don't move out? I'm having a hard time buying this story. Are people really that stupid? She said they would do anything to help their son...except move it appears.

Cody Lilly said...

While I'm no paranormal expert (and who is; let's think about the words we're using here...), I have had plenty of experiences that still haunt me to this day. The only thing I can recommend is to shy away from the Ouija board idea. Sure they're fun, they're spooky and, hey, they're made by Hasboro...but everything I've experienced and researched points to Ouija board use leading down a sour road--and with the entities/forces/spirits in your home already being malevolent (mimicking you, your children's appearance, intruding on your children's psyche AND making themselves physically present in your home), I don't think you'd want to poke that bear.

Danielle said...

Definitely need to pray over the house. Maybe call a priest. Exorcisms are real and aren't always in human bodies.

Zhenne said...

I agree Concutio that their behavior is odd, but I've read it in other stories. If the problem were virtually anything else they'd get professionals to investigate and fix them, but since it's paranormal or otherwise unexplainable they decide to do nothing and hope it gets better.

If I were in that situation I would rather sleep in my car then subject my son to that kind of horror until it got fixed. It may be a mental disorder or it may be something else but why put him in a bad place until you can figure it out?

hall442 said...

Using the Ouija board is a bad idea in this situation. The problem I am having with this story, is that the cats are NOT reacting to whatever is in the house. This is WAY out of character in this sort of situation.

I would find a local paranormal group to come in and investigate. Depending on their findings, I would contact a local Catholic Church to do a Minor Rite of Exorcism in the house.

But something here just isn't ringing right.

graeylin13 said...

Okay first and foremost rule out anything normal...a lot of newer buildings, but not new were built with supplies from China, which theyhave discovered contain continmantsthat cause physiological and psychological problems. Unseen molds and fungi, animal waste from unknown infestations...yes even in clean homes... note here cats carry several parasites and if their litter is near children or you took care of it when pregnant, you could have exposed them to it and these can infect the brain also.
Look at how the house was put together, doors tat don't close all the way because say the knob was placed just slightly to far from the edge, could spring back open and the knob turn because moving the shaft causes this and vice versa..houses take time to settle over years, maybe the construction was rushed or they cut corners and you're hearing insulation panels fall in walls and etc.
Have everyonetested fortoxins as well and the house and yard... many houses are unknowingly built on old landfills or illegal dumping sites..test the water and etc. Get counseling for everyone..your son ha sbeen diagnosed with ADHD.. check the side effects for his meds (basically even experts are saying most ADHD diagnosis are crocks and just an excuse to drug kids).. He's sevn so has started school and his world is in turmoil..he may not be hearing voices, just angry because he doesn't get the attention he wants, but does get it at the Grands.
They don't get to watch scary movies and etc..are you sure? We were not allowe dto when kids, but I saw Jaws, The Exorcist, The Friday the Thirteenths...and etc... when my parents were not there watching us when we went out with relatives and etc. My oldest was diagnosed with ADHD..I called bull and gave him an option, straighten up here and at school or go to a boarding a school where w eonly see him on holidays and summers..he's doing way better now.
If after all this, the problem remains, then by all means go the parnormal route, start with a house blessing and etc... then work the way up...strange things do exist, but rule the mundane out first.