Saturday, August 20, 2011

Terror of the Evil Little Man -- Part Three

Author’s note: Last week I gave you the second of a two-part story of a California family terrorized by an evil, gnome-like creature. It was the same story I had reported two years before – with a different family. Last week I asked the question, did they live in the same house? This week I have the answer.

The evil, little man only came at night, and although its origin wasn’t clear, its intention toward Charlie Thomas’ family was – it meant them harm.

Thomas, her husband and their two-year-old twin girls moved out of the two-story country house in Porterville, Calif., by the Tule River in 2010 to escape the cackling imp. Thomas’ story seemed familiar, because it was. I had heard the story before, in 2009 from a woman named Tammy who moved to Porterville, Calif., into a two-story home nestled amongst a few other houses by the Tule River. A gnome-like creature terrorized her and her family as well.

I asked both women if they had lived in the same house; Thomas wasn’t sure.

“It does sound like the house we lived in, only there were no other houses close to us,” she said. “But the description of that barn and everything else sounds just like it, and the Tule River runs behind the house. I don’t know what to think about it all.”

But she wanted to know. Her experience was too terrifying for her be at peace.

“It’s too creepy to think that there are more of those creatures,” she said. “I would like to speak to those other people and find out if we were in the same house or close to it. Thanks for not telling me that I lost my mind.”

I put Thomas in contact with Tammy. Tammy didn’t think it was the same house, either.

“Charlie sent me an email and she described the house that she lived in but it didn’t sound like the same place because the place where I lived had other houses on the property,” Tammy said. “But then she started naming some of the side streets and then I knew it was the same house or really close to it.”

Overwhelmed with curiosity, the women met and drove to the property.

“We decided to go over there to make sure that we were talking about the same place,” Tammy said. “It definitely was the same place. I guess whoever bought it from my landlord had had all the other homes moved off of it.”

As Tammy stood, looking at the house where a three-foot tall man with pointed teeth and an evil cackle stalked them in the night, something seemed wrong – the barn was gone.

“We thought that we might get the nerve up to go and take pictures of the barn to send to you but it was gone,” she said.

Someone had torn down the shed – a place of refuge for the gnome-like creature. Thomas was happy of that.

“We had talked about the possibility of looking inside the shack,” Thomas said. “I really don’t think I would have been able to get close to it; forget about going into it. Even with that shack gone the whole place still had an eerie feel to it and I don’t know if that is because of what we dealt with while living there or just the place itself. I don’t think I’ll be going back there again.”

Before they left, the women approached their old house and knocked on the door. The current resident was not happy to see them.

“I’m not trying to be nasty or anything but the lady that owns it now could very well be an old troll,” Tammy said. “She was just hateful and when we tried to ask her about the barn she pretty much told us to get lost and not in those nice words.”

Thomas was equally taken aback.

“We tried to ask the woman who lives now there about the shack and if she had ever experienced anything while it was there but she didn’t want to talk to us,” Thomas said. “In fact, she told us to leave the property. She didn’t have to tell me twice. I was happy to get away from there.”

The visit brought back other memories to Tammy – memories that rang of the gnome.

“One of the old houses that were on the property when I lived there; the people that lived in the smallest of the houses had some paranormal things going on,” she said. “They would get up in the morning to find huge piles of feces on their kitchen and living room floors and they didn’t have dogs in their house.”

They would also hear their names called when no one else was home, and televisions and radios would come on in the night.

“When they turned them off they would go right back on only louder and when they tried to turn them off again they would hear a really nasty creepy voice yell at them to ‘leave it the F word alone,’” Tammy said. “Could it be that creepy gnome thing in the house? It was just too weird.”

Thomas just hopes the evil little man is gone.

“Hopefully that creepy little creature didn’t move to another barn or shed or shack and is not terrorizing someone else,” she said. “One thing I would like to know is where did it come from and why was it there other than to terrorize everyone who lived near that old shack?”

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Scared said...

Wow! Really great follow-up on this one. I've heard these kinds of stories before, but I've never heard of one being so ill-tempered.

twas_brillig said...

Sounds like it possessed or perhaps is now married to the current resident. -=D

twas_brillig said...

Yes and a wonderful follow up. This has been an extremely interesting story!

jose said...

its all a lies how come there is no pictures or videos if they saw it all the time...its all bu11shIT!!
good story though