Thursday, September 22, 2011

Incubus Attack in the Night

Author’s note: This is the story of a woman’s terrifying sexual assault by a demonic figure. Read with caution.

Snow fell outside Tsura’s Birmingham, Ala., apartment on the cold January 2011 night terror came to visit.

“I awoke to what I thought was my husband having a bit of fun with me,” she said. “I was very, very wrong.”

Tsura, just showing her pregnancy, and Adrian had been married a month and had only recently moved into the apartment. Tsura felt something was wrong there from the start.

“I was not alone in my apartment, even though my husband was gone,” she said. “I had the company of my kitten, and something else.”

Talking with other residents in the apartment building, Tsura found that people who moved into that apartment usually moved out shortly after. Long-time residents of the building hinted at something odd there, but Tsura could never pin down from them what it was.

It was an entity.

“I could never tell what it was, though it knew me well,” Tsura said. “It was mocking me by leaving standing water in my tub and sink. I would also feel it watching me.”

But not all the time.

“The strangest thing, sometimes it was gone. Just gone,” she said. “That was the worst sign. I knew of no spirit who could leave the shackles of its past. This entity was something else.”

On that snowy night in January, it showed itself.

“Adrian was working that night, which was unusual, but we welcomed the extra money,” she said. “After all, I was, and am, a stay at home wife. It had snowed several times, and I was mostly trapped indoors. How I loathed it.”

Tsura fell to sleep cradling the kitten she’d gotten for companionship when Adrian worked nights, and woke to someone pulling open her legs.

“I thought it was Adrian, but, there was no dawn light coming in from the window,” she said. Adrian didn’t come home from this job until the sun had already risen. “It was pitch black (outside).”

Tsura opened her mouth to scream, but the sight of her attacker in the dim light of the apartment stopped the voice in her throat – she knew it wasn’t human.

“He was ugly and beautiful, a strange mix of Adrian and something else,” she said. “Suddenly, he fell on top of me, knocking the air out of my lungs.”

Then this entity sexually assaulted Tsura, laughing as she screamed.

“Eventually, I became so weak I lost consciousness,” she said.

The chirp of a car’s electric locks from outside her window dragged her awake. As she got up, hoping to find Adrian home, she saw a large, red stain on the sheets.

“My stomach clenched,” she said. “I was calling an ambulance as Adrian opened the door.”

Adrian held his crying wife, trying to comfort her as she recounted the attack, tears streaming down her face.

“I lost my child,” she said. “I explained to Adrian what happened, but he just shook his head. He said it was just sleep paralysis. That I was just trapped, trying to make sense of what was happening as my body miscarried. But I knew.”

Tsura is convinced she was attacked by something unholy.

“My research has led me to believe that I was attacked by an incubus,” she said. An incubus is a demon, present in cultures worldwide, that sexually assaults sleeping women with the intent to father a child. “But why? I was obviously pregnant, and could not bear his demon children.”

Tsura never went back to the apartment.

“When I was released from the hospital, I moved back in with my roommate,” she said. “I refused to step foot in that apartment. Eventually, Adrian was swayed, and we moved.”

She hopes the demon, or whatever attacked her, stayed behind.

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Scared said...

That's a pretty intense story. I hope Tsura got herself some help either psychologically or spiritually.

Alex Bledsoe said...

The description of snowy weather in Birmingham, AL raises a red flag. While not impossible, it's certainly not common and really doesn't sound like Alabama weather (I've lived in both Huntsville [north AL] and Mobile [south AL]). Has anyone checked the weather history for the region from January 2011?

Jason Offutt said...

Good call, Alex. Normally the temperatures in Birmingham for January would be in the 50s therefore, no snow, but it snowed there in January 2010. Here’s the headline and lead paragraph of a news story from WBRC posted Jan. 10, 2011:

Headline: Snow, ice blanket much of Alabama

Lead: BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A powerful winter storm struck Alabama Sunday afternoon, leaving behind several inches of snow and layers of ice on roads as far south as Montgomery.

You can find the complete story at:

Stacy said...

I can somewhat relate to her story though I have never been pregnant. Nobody can convince me that it's sleep paralysis. SP doesn't pull the covers from your body and force your legs open. (I live alone, BTW.) I tried resisting when this happened to me and it only got angry. I know doctors say that moving or resisting in some way stops these attacks. Yeah, if it was really SP. Because I tried to close my legs, this heavy thing pinned one of my arms at my side and made my other hand hold one of the bars of my headboard and pushed itself into me so hard, I thought I would be embedded into the mattress. I've been tortured for 3 years. I don't have any sleep disorders. I'm not stressed and I exercise 5 days a week. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I know in my heart it is an Incubus. I hope this woman is doing much better. To loose a baby must be the worst pain ever.

Unknown said...

It is sp but demons attack one during this state and quite often will bring on sp for that very reason. Best of luck have faith in god he is the power...