Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Note from Jason: Why Posts Have Become Few and Far Between

I recently received a comment from a reader named "Jum" about the fact that my once-weekly posts on From the Shadows have been relegated to "whenever" status.

Jum wrote: "A month since the last post seems like a long time. Particularly since FTS has been my #1 "alt" blog site almost since the first instant Jason started blogging. Out of necessity I've had to shift allegiance in the last several months, as FTS posts came slower and slower."

Although I alluded to this happening back in October, I guess I didn't really explain things all that well.

I had written "From the Shadows" as a weekly newspaper column for one month shy of five years when the newspapers publishing the column, citing budget issues, cut all their outside columnists -- which included me. Since to a writer time is money, I've been concentrating on paying markets. Sorry it's affecting you, loyal readers of From the Shadows.

Since October, I've published between two and three articles a month at Mysterious Universe, such as my most recent, "The Wolff Exorcisms,". You can check out my other offerings there.

I will try to increase the number of posts at From the Shadows, but to ensure more columns here, I ask a few things of you:

1) Story ideas. If anyone has a paranormal encounter they would like to share, let me know at

2) Contact your local newspaper and suggest they pick up my column (please give the editor my email address).


3) A donation now and again would be nice.

Thank you for your loyalty. I hope to bring you more stories soon ... From the Shadows.


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