Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Alien Encounters in South Missouri

Eighteen-year-old Ralph Carnahan was sitting on his family’s porch in the southeast Missouri town of Zalma at about 9 p.m. May 7, talking to his girlfriend on the telephone, when he saw strange lights.

“In front of me was a pair of bright lights in the sky; one light was red and one was white,” he said. “The other pair off to my side, both were white.”

He called his mother and her boyfriend outside. They didn’t think the lights were out of the ordinary, so they went back in the house. Ralph didn’t; he waited and the lights moved closer.

“The pair that was in front of me started hovering real slow and there’s a tree in my front yard, it hovered around that tree,” he said. Then the light moved off – but it left something behind. “There’s a street light down the road and it glared on the tree. I looked up and there was something in that tree.”

Ralph saw a brownish-green creature with “real big eyes” sitting in the tree. He ran to the house and called his mother and her boyfriend outside again.

“They came out and we tried to see what it was, but when we got close to it, I could see that (thing) started blending in with the tree,” he said. “My mom didn’t see it, so after a minute they went back in.”

Ralph walked to the porch where his mother’s dog was tied; the dog soon started growling toward a bridge over a nearby creek.

“I looked down by the Huzzah Creek by the bridge and there was a green spaceship not real big hovering as high as the street light, you could barely see it,” he said. “I walked down to the bridge and checked it out. You could see it hovering backwards into the dark, so I turned around and … ran to my house.”

From the front porch, Ralph resumed talking to his girlfriend on the telephone. He told her everything he was seeing.

“The alien in the tree was just staring straight at me, so my girlfriend said, ‘throw a rock at it or poke it with a stick,’” he said. “But I was on a phone with a cord and couldn’t go very far with it, so I grabbed this coffee cup on the porch and threw it at it.”

He missed the thing in the tree, but his action caused it to move.

“I could hear the grass go down like something jumped on it,” he said. “So I told my girlfriend that I’m going inside.”

He went inside around 11 p.m. At 12:30 a.m., things in the house started to move; a table cloth, a radio, a piggy bank and sandals slowly shifted as if they were being inspected by a curious child. Ralph was convinced aliens were in his house.

“I knew it was aliens,” he said. “But they were transparent; I could barely see them.”

At about 5 a.m., Ralph decided he didn’t want to be alone.

“A tall alien was looking through the glass on the top of the door,” Ralph said. “It was staring hard. It didn’t have huge eyes and it was red with black markings on its face. He was scary.”

Ralph woke his 16-year-old sister, “and I told her, ‘look at the alien in the window,’” he said. “She started crying and ran into my mom’s room.”

At dawn, Ralph said the creatures disappeared.

“Mom didn’t see them,” he said. “She doesn’t believe me or my sister, but I know different. They are out there and real. I’m not scared of anything, but now it’s hard for me to go outside at night.

“It ain’t no joke,” Ralph said. “Aliens exist, 100 percent.”

Copyright 2008 by Jason Offutt

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BLASe said...


Back in the mid-70's my siblings and I were about to play with a Ouija board when my grandmother, who was visiting had an absolute fit and made us take it outside and put it in a burn barrel. She told us to burn it. When we set the thing on fire it practicly blew up. The flames that shot out were all different colors. Purples and such. It was kind of freaky lol. She just knodded and said, "See?"

Anyway, Ralph is absolutely correct. We had a similar experience in December, 2007. It isn't a joke or some kind of hysteria. They do go in trees. When these things happen so close to your home, you do have what seems to be a paranormal experience in your house for a time. No joke.
After seeing a craft land in front of us things began to happen. This is just one small experience I will write here. There's a lot more.

We have been having, what most people might consider paranormal activity happening in our house and my daughters. It started out with my 17 year old son hearing low mumbling voices in the room next to mine. I told him to drag the mattress into my room. My husband stays in camp during the week while working. My son did drag the mattress in and that night we both had a lot of difficulty sleeping. Both of us had breezes blowing on us and just a very strange eery sleep. The following night was the same only more intense, and before bedtime my son heard a noise in a room in the basement by our steps. When he went to investigate the dark room he saw a very dark figure standing there. He ran.
Outside, the "clouds" have been very strange. When the day or night is absolutely clear with a billion stars in the sky, suddenly a fog will show up starting very small and growing huge, then just as suddenly disappear. One of the neighbourhood kids and his g/f saw an orb hovering over my daughters building among other things.
The next night, which would be a Friday my husband was home. The air was the same in the room. The blankets felt as though they were being lifted then dropped which would create a slight breeze around you. My son again saw a figure, but in the room we were sleeping and he kept getting touched. He was very upset and I finally got up with him and then after going to bed it continued to bother him badly. He finally got so upset he got up. I could still feel it as well, but dropped off to sleep. At 8 am, I could feel my blankets moving slowly and suddenly my husband sat straight up in bed and swore loudly telling whatever it was to go away in not so many words! The blankets were being pulled off of us from the bottom of the bed. We got up.
The next night was uneventful for my husband, but I could still feel the strange air and was shaken awake. My son, was shaken about the very same time and got up staying awake.
The alien in the tree happened a couple of days later, which led to a photograph we got of it after it entered our neighbours home. It also led to making my blog on the subject. Thank you for your blog From The Shadows.

UFO's And The Star People

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