Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lights in the Woods

Author’s note: This is the first part of a two-part series on Missouri deer hunter Chris Black's encounter with an unseen force.

Dead leaves covered the forest floor. Young firs fought for sunlight among the tall, straight trees of Southeast Missouri. A small camper sat beside wood stacked for a campfire. Chris Black, of Park Hills, Mo., rustled through the leaves on his property setting up a digital camera to capture photographs of deer; the next day was deer season.

Chris usually slept in the camper during deer and turkey season, and did again on Nov. 19, 2006. But the eve of this deer season was different.

“Something kind of weird happened on my property,” Chris said.

Chris set up the motion-activated camera at 2 p.m. – according to the time-stamped photo with Chris’s head in the foreground – and spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for the first day of hunting season.

“I was down there by myself,” he said. “I’d sit by the fire and drink and one particular night, I got fairly (drunk), but I was sure of what was going on. I had a pretty big rip-roaring fire. As I sat there by the fire, I felt there was something else there. I remember feeling something there.”

As Chris sat before the fire drinking beer, he said into the night, “If anyone wants to come join me by the fire, you’re more than welcome.” He thinks something took him up on his offer.

“Maybe that night at the property, I wonder if I didn’t invite something,” he said. “I just kinda got mesmerized by the fire. That’s when I felt something there.”

After a time, Chris put out the fire and went to bed. But the feeling of his visitor grew unnerving.

“The door to the camper can only be locked on the inside,” Chris said. “I woke up at 3 or 4 in the morning and the door wouldn’t open like it was locked. It was stuck hard. I kicked on it, I beat on it, I couldn’t get it open. I started to panic.”

Chris thought the door had been barred from the outside.

“It was a camper door and I should have been able to kick right through it,” he said.

Thinking someone was outside, he grabbed his shotgun and yelled a warning that he was going to shoot at the door.

“It would not budge,” Chris said. “I shot a hole completely through where the lock is and the door still wouldn’t open. After I shot about half a dozen holes in the door I kicked the handle through the door and then I hit it with my shoulder and it came open. There was absolutely no way it would have been locked.”

No one was outside the camper, nor was there evidence the camper door had been barred. The rest of the night was quiet, but this wasn’t the last strange encounter he’d have relating to that property or that deer season. The trail camera had captured something anomalous.

The motion-activated camera had shot a picture of a deer, but it also captured two lights that should not have been in the woods, far away from roads.

“One of them, the round one, you can tell it’s moving straight up from the ground,” he said. “It’s round and I swear it almost looks like you can make out a face in it. The other one in the upper right hand corner is moving from right to left in an upward angle. It looks like a star shape. You can see edges on it.”

These strange lights corresponded with his visitor … and his panic in the camper.

“I’ve seen stuff I haven’t been able to explain and I know there’s not an explanation. I know there’s things out there.”

Next week: something follows Chris home.

Copyright 2008 by Jason Offutt

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Anonymous said...

So, where's the picture?

Anonymous said...

Im the one who got the pics. Lights in the Woods. Please, ask any questions you want. I have nothing to hide. I will offer any and all info that I have.

Anonymous said...

I'm just guessing, because I don't think that there is really any expert on any subject reguarding the paranormal, or UFO's, or Anything else, of that nature. Only skeptics, and people like me. One's who have experienced things. I know that there are others like me. Not, people of expertise, but, just everyday Joe's. You know who you are. I've seen things, and I know you have also. Please, share anything you wish to.

Anonymous said...

chris, tell me your email and if you'd like, i'll tell you my story. not many people get to hear it these days (i'm not interested in going public atm) but it's neat to find someone with similar (but different) issues. My "effects" will have been going on for 6 years this spring.

Anonymous said...

I Googled "lights in the woods" because tonight I was sitting out outside before I went to bed... We live out in the country a bit and there are alot of woods out here. I was staring out towards the trees and there was a HUGE flash of light in the tree tops, then a few minutes later there was another more orange flash from inside the woods. I was just wondering if maybe these lights could be a natural thing?? This isn't the only time I've seen weird things around here lately either...


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KL Little said...

Here in Central PA, you're told not to follow the lights in the woods. People who follow the lights never learn anything to their benefit, and some don't come back. Rumor is that the lights are just the shades of people who've passed on, still trying to finish some project, still running errands that no longer matter.
When you felt the presence in the woods near you and offered it a seat by the fire, that was the right thing to do. Some will offer food and drink, as well. Has it occurred to you that you were being kept in your trailer, not as a prisoner, but because something dangerous was outside, and you were being kept from it? Perhaps it only released you after the danger had passed.