Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Alien Lover

Scott Palmer’s family moved from Chicago to Marceline, Mo. – population 2,650 – in 1981. His parents wanted to raise their family somewhere smaller and safer than Chicago.

Eleven years later, he experienced something in Missouri that was neither small nor safe.

“I feel I ran into some people from another planet,” he said.

Scott was 21 years old in 1992 when he and a friend moved to Columbia, Mo., to work. Scott’s sister Stephanie was attending the University of Missouri–Columbia at the time and let them live with her until they could afford an apartment.

“She had moved out of a sorority house and moved in with some roommates,” he said. “My friend and I we moved up there because we thought it would be a good place to party it up.”

Scott and his friend – who doesn’t talk about the encounter – were sleeping on couches when Scott struck up a relationship with one of Stephanie’s roommates.

“One of my sister’s roommates was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl. Very pale skin,” Scott said. “I kind of took a liking to her.”

The girl, about 5’8” and muscular “like a gymnast,” Scott said, was intelligent and quiet. But there was something strange about her.

“Sometimes you would ask her questions and she’d just look like she wasn’t sure what you were talking about,” he said. “Like ‘who won the World Series?’ ‘Hey you remember the Rubik’s Cube?’ Stuff everyone should know. I thought, ‘where’s she from?’”

As the relationship progressed, so did the aura of strangeness around the girl.

“I ended up having a sexual relationship with her,” Scott said. “On her part it was emotionless. She acted like she didn’t know what to do. But I was still interested in her.”

Soon after, Scott discovered the girl had a boyfriend. He was blonde, like her, and also like her, there was something not quite right about him.

“He came over a few times and never showed any aggression towards me,” Scott said. “I thought when I heard he was coming over we would probably get into it but he never even showed me any kind of response. Like he didn't care.”

The “boyfriend” didn’t visit often, and the girl didn’t talk about him, so Scott pursued the relationship.

A few weeks later when her sister came in for the weekend, Scott and his friend discovered something terrifying.

“Her sister looked a lot like she did,” Scott said. “They were sisters, but it was really weird. They were the same height, and so on. They were in very good condition. I remember how clean and clear their skin was. They were like twins, but they weren’t twins.”

Scott and his friend sat on the couch watching TV as they waited for the sisters to get ready for their date.

“We’re waiting around for them,” he said. “They’re sitting behind us talking. We’re not thinking anything about it then they got into a little bit of an argument.”

The sisters moved to another room as the argument got louder – then Scott heard something that froze him to the couch.

“All of a sudden it just got really loud,” he said. “Right as we were thinking about getting up and investigating, we heard their language switch over.”

Noises, high-pitched and crackling, came from the girls in the other room.

“What we heard was something out of a Star Wars movie,” Scott said. “If it was a language, which I’m sure it was because they were speaking to each other, it sounded like insects or something.”

Scott and his friend sat in front of the TV, unable to move.

“At that time my friend and I had both gone into shock,” he said. “Our bodies just shut down. I’m not sure how much time went by but I remember getting myself together and walking out on the balcony. I just stood there and I just couldn’t think. I was still in shock. I was just trying to catch my breath.”

A few minutes later, Scott’s friend joined him on the balcony.

“My heart was beating fast, I couldn’t breathe well,” Scott said. “I looked over to him and asked, ‘did you just hear what I heard?’ He said, ‘let’s go for a walk.’”

The boys walked out of the apartment to a nearby sand volleyball pit.

“I don’t know who those girls are,” Scott’s friend said. “But they’re not from this planet.”

For a time they tried to reproduce the sounds, but couldn’t.

“To this day I can’t reproduce those sounds,” Scott said. “It was too otherworldly.”

Then the thought hit them – they’d heard something they weren’t supposed to hear.

“We were smart enough to say whatever that was, they don’t want to be known,” Scott said. “We decided to go back in (the apartment) because we didn’t want to alarm them. We might be in maximum danger.”

When they returned to the apartment, the sisters were sitting quietly on the couch.

“I can’t remember how it went down, but they said ‘where did you go?’” Scott said. “I’m not sure what our answer was. I think we hung out with them a little bit, but I don’t remember any detail after that.”

Scott’s friend’s memory after that point is just as sketchy. After that day, the story remained between the two until 2007 when Scott told his sister.

“She’s a real straight shooter, real conservative,” Scott said. “When I told her that story she said, ‘Wow. I always thought something was strange. Something about that girl that didn’t make any sense.’ That was out of character for her.”

Although Scott’s friend still won’t discuss the incident with anyone but him, they’re both convinced the sisters were the “Nordics” of UFO lore. UFO researchers claim the Nordics – called such because of their resemblance to Scandinavians – are an alien race that looks similar to average humans, but are slightly taller, in excellent physical condition, with pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that those girls were from a different planet,” Scott said. “It was a life-altering thing.”

Copyright 2008 by Jason Offutt

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like two blond chicks having a lark on these two fellows.
Occam's Razor, you know.

Anonymous said...

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