Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Dream of Shadow People

The shadows sat across one side of a semi-circle table, cloaked, piercing holes for eyes fixed on a crowd of people. Dawn Sevier of Sparta, Tenn., who has been haunted by Shadow People, thought this was a dream – but it felt so real.

“There was more than one, there were nine,” she said. “Each one was allowing their eyes to be seen. All the eyes were black, the blackest black I've ever seen, and they were looking out on a crowd of people who were there to voice concerns.”

Dream-Dawn walked up to the table and looked at each of nine shadows, one by one.

“None acknowledged that I was standing in front of them observing them,” she said. “In my dream, I had no fear at all. After I reached the last shadow, two people grabbed me and carried me through the crowd and put me into the back of a white limousine. I awoke feeling disturbed and have never forgotten this dream.”

Many parapsychologists consider dreams – especially lucid dreams, dreams that seem too real to be just dreams – to be a form of astral projection. You’re consciously aware during the dream and can control your actions while your soul travels outside your body – as can the very real entities you may encounter there.

Dawn’s soul may have stood before that council of nine, but she doesn’t know who they were judging, or who in the white limousine stepped in to save her.

Dawn has had a few of these lucid dreaming encounters, but none as terrifying as the thing she encountered while recovering from surgery.

“I had just been released from the hospital, and was heavily medicated,” she said. “I'd had a bad experience in the hospital, suddenly I couldn't tolerate morphine and it arrested my breathing. I had one of those experiences where you disconnect from your body and watch everything that's going on.”

Dawn was staying with a friend because she couldn’t be alone. During the first night at her friend’s house, she saw herself leave her body.

“I was sleeping and I found myself standing next to myself, watching myself sleep,” she said. “As I stood there, I could sense that someone was standing to my left – behind me – but I couldn't turn and look, I was blocked from turning. I could look to my right, and when I did, the wall began vibrating faster and faster.”

Suddenly a Shadow Person walked through the wall.

“It was uncloaked and its appearance was like looking at black oil,” Dawn said. “Its body was muscular, its head was large, no hair, and its eyes were black and red.”

Dawn stood next to her body and watched the creature. The entity had almond-shaped eyes, a small nose and small mouth set in an oval-shaped head. But the main feature was its veins.

“It had red blood veins … like humans have blue ones, running all over it's muscular structure,” she said. “It stood about seven feet tall, and it couldn't see me at all.”

She stood, staring at the creature when she realized it was looking at something specific – it was looking at her.

“I noticed that it was looking at the me laying in bed,” she said. “I suddenly felt like fighting and looked down at its feet, only it had no feet. Its legs faded to black-and-red mist, and as I saw this I had an urge to jump into my body that was sleeping.”

As this urge swept through her, the human qualities of the Shadow Man dissipated into a cloud of black and red mist. The mist rose above her body forming a column, and began wrapping itself around her feet and ankles, snaking it's way up the length of her body.

“Suddenly, I found myself throwing covers off myself and screaming, ‘no,’” Dawn said. “I demanded that the thing leave me alone, I told it that it couldn't touch me.”

As Dawn sat in bed – now awake – draped in an icy cold, sheets and nightgown soaked with sweat, she was not afraid. Curious and angry, but not afraid.

“I felt … anger at its attempt to invade my space,” she said.

Although Dawn hasn’t had a lucid dream encounter with a Shadow Person for years, she now sees them in her waking hours.

“I still see them today, mostly out of the corner of my eye,” she said. “I have no idea who or what they are, but I know they interact among us, and they don't like being known. Perhaps they are escorts from this realm to the other side, perhaps they are connected with the death process, but I don't feel they are to be feared. The nature of darkness is to be unknown; we're not supposed to be able to ‘see' in the dark. These entities are unknown by most, and seem alarmed when they are seen.”

Dawn doesn’t see these entities as evil or demonic, she sees them as travelers.

“But I don't know where the destination is,” she said. “If we can endure and move past the fear, perhaps one, or some of us can learn more about these Shadow entities.”

Copyright 2008 by Jason Offutt

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure whether these are the same "shadow people" or not, but I've seen at least one of them.

I eventually got around to talking to it after having seen it a number of times. I asked it what it was, and it said "I'm a Lackey". Aside from the common use of the word, I have no idea what that means.

And it wasn't scary. I really felt that it was somewhat playful and shy, but not really dangerous (though I did wonder, of course).

I could never see it head-on; always only out of the corner of my eye. This was, by the way, during waking life (albeit only during periods of mild sleep deprivation).

The way I happened along was that I was trying to find information on getting over the fear that I sometimes feel when I find myself having an OBE (e.g., Astral Projection).

Consider what happened to me tonight: I was sleeping here in front of my computer, and I woke to find that my consciousness was floating a few inches above my physical body. I was then spun around maybe about halfway and pulled across the room by some unknown force.

This sort of thing doesn't really freak me out, but it does make me feel like getting back in my body and waking it up rather than deciding to go exploring. It's just not a pleasant way to be woken up to that world. I'd prefer another.

However, that's just the way it sometimes happens, so I am willing to accept that I will sometimes deal with some weird stuff.

One other problem with it though. And maybe this is where the fear comes in: I often find myself paralyzed to some degree if I project without having chosen to do so (i.e., I didn't ready myself in any way before falling alseep).

So what happened tonight was that I floated across the room (toward my computer, actually) and found myself floating there, face up (as I was lying on my back), and unable to move very much. I could sort-of look around at things, but when I moved my hands in front of me, I couldn't see them. I could feel them moving, but they weren't actually there with me, so I didn't see them go by when I waved them in front of me.

Now, again, this kind of thing is pretty typical with me. I get used to it (kind-of), but I still do freak out just a little and that's why I usually opt for coming back to my body instead of trying to take control and stay there.

I guess what I really need is to figure out how to un-paralyze myself when I'm in a situation like that so that I can take control. If I could take control easily, I guess it wouldn't be scary at all. I'm just not sure how to do it. I think maybe that's been my whole problem with it all along. I need to figure that out.

Acillis said...

i seen them to, and i must say that they are 100% demonoic, i had a female shadow being in my arms, asking her questions, she told me her name was remins or something like that.
i asked if she was demons and she said no... btw i am in the void.
i believe the void is there home orgin.
btw when i say she was in my arms, i was feeling her up, and to be honest, i dont know if she felt human or not, i think i recall long hair, but was that a trick?
anyway i was running out of questions to ask her.
in lucid dreams or spiritual dreams, i can control a special light, it can sourround my body like a aura of light!.
but i am a bit scared to use this light normally within the void, for it brings attention upon me.
this shadow female claimed not to be evil.
btw all the while i held her, she tried to get even closer to me, but i held her at bay,somewhat embraceingly.
i quickly grabed her shoulder. and channeled the special light into her. but befor i channnled it, into her, i said. this is love...
she then took a quick and nasty and very freaky turn!
i believe she cast a spell on me somehow then...
i was fully aware of my room, but i was also fullly aware of my being within the void. but for some unknown reason my dream/spirit self couldnt stand.
she kneeled down beside me in the void, and start biting away at my hip area.
somehow the pain came to my real body, and i felt as if i been eated alive!
i had to do something!
so i concenrated on blocking out the pain, and somehow susceeded, it was as if i changed to a different Frequenciey, that she didnt know.
and i then willed my self to reenter my dreaming spirit self.
foolish? or brave? i knew one thing, i didnt want to leave my spirit self in that spot.
i adventually flew back into my dreaming self, when back in, i kicked the shadow female away from me.
i then took a good look around and noticed i was sourraounded by them.
i was quite POED you know? after copeing what i got!
i pointed angerly at them, yeah you want it! you want it!!!! you ***** want it??? you bloody want it!
i was insane, and let out a type of shockwave which knocked them flat. did they die, i dont know, it was a dark shockwave wave, so i am guessing overload.
i teleported upwards then flew away.
i believe the void is there home!.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello I need some help on my shadow people experiences ive had in the past year.
If you can help me please.
I've experceined this shadow figure like the same one numerose amount of times. at least 5 times.

My first expericened started after my brother was ran off the road one night by his own friends. and when my gf broke up with me a few weeks later.

in December of 07 Dreamed
i was in a car in the back as two girls were in the front with brown hair but i didn't get to see anything else and they were driving and the thing that sat beside me was a shadow person and he kept motioning me to come closer to him. but ingorred him and i was feeling alittle scared of but then the girls are like saying to me. "We need to get you and your friend away from here now far away as possible."

I kept asking why and i noticed where i was and it was like 10 minutes away from my house.
i even to them that and they yell at me saying." no we aren't." and i look at the shadow thing and all it did was motion faster and faster and it was getting angry at me signaling at me to come over.
After this it went all white and i heard the car crash and the girls screamed.

i noticed after my all my dream's i started to put stuff together like this shadow person running my dreams and he using things that hurted me when i'm awake in my dreams to like hurt me .
here what i think.
my e/x gf that broke up with me dyed her hair brown a few days before i had this dream and so did her mom i have heard from a friend.
black interior car my e/x's mom had black interior car.
The car wreck my brother as i said before died in one by someone running him off.

Right now i really didn't think of it really until a few months later i missed my bus so i went back to sleep on my couch but i woke up like 15 minutes to my dog laying beside me scratching and licking me when i woke up i felt a pressure stronger then anything on me for like a minute i could hardly breath, move and i was so terrified my eyes wouldn't open and i couldn't cry for help even ho no one was home.

Now i knew something was wrong so i tried to get help from people that knew about this all they said it was my brother showing me a sign.

A few weeks later i had another shadow dream. It was like in Feburary
But this time me and this shadow were like best friend or i knew him some how. we were laughing walking down the street. then all of a sudden this little boy ran by with a bloody knife crying. So we chased him when we caught him i took the knife and tossed it in the bushes and asked him whats wrong. when the boy looked up i couldn't see a face it was dark but he had like blondish hair.
he told me that his mom stabbed his dad in the chest and he grabbed the knife. and now the cops were after him. well we went walking by a library and i walked by a old friend of mine and he told me my ex girlfriend was inside getting books. i told him " i don't really didn't care." and i walked away.
my e/x came out and that shadow man screamed her named telling her to come over every step she took my heart started to beat like a drum from the indians or like voo-doo and my heart kept getting heavier and heavier until it whited out and i woke up.

Ok now listen to this.
the little boy was my friend but grown up i guess and his mother stabbed his dad. And the cops thought he did it.

Here's what i thought.
my old friend is now going out with my e/x gf now.

that libary i never been there but i described it to my brother and he told me it is around us i visted it just 2 months ago it its the same as it was.

When i woke up i looked around fast and saw nothing.
but i thought that something what ever it was wanted to help me through my old mistakes but it was torturing my mind.

My next dream came a week after this.
i was a old man working at y high school as the janitor i guess and i was retiring and i was happy and i saw that shadow guy just watching me this time he just stood there and he was shaking like a laughing way. i didn't know why but i looked around and everyone started talking about my brother saying "what if he hit a deer?" "what if he was just too drunk?" i started hearing so many stories running in my head. i felt confused and inferior to this thing. i woke up screaming that night.

Only two thing i could sort out was. My brother went to that school.
and those stories those people say were rumors iv'e heard.

Right now i knew right there it was out to get me or something i was scared of going to bed and not waking up or waking up some where else.

My last encounter happen in June sometime

i was asleep.
Dreaming of the first day of school and it was great i get to first period. these army troop they were like indian's from,India bursted in the school speaking some language i didn't know.
but they took everyone in my school to a burnt down school that was very big. they threw us into a like a huge garage with big steel doors. they only gave us pillows. i laid there and beside me sat this shadow guy in a indian style sitting staring at me. on my other side was my ex g/f staring at me. i flipped out screaming at her saying. " what do the hell do you want from me?" when i did this a Indian guard came over and talked in some language telling me to get up i knew what he ment so i stood up but my best friend got up and ran to him looking for a fight cause he wanted to protect me. the Indian laughed and shot him in the arm. i went to help him but the shadow guy grabbed my leg until the soldier left then i ran to him and wrapped a pillow case around his arm to save it. after a few days i started to notice that they were taking people and killing them. i noticed that it was like a death camp and i was getting scared and very weak in every way possible. i ended up in a burnt cafeteria eating and that shadow guy was sitting beside me as my ex g/f sat across from me crying and talking to me. ii ignored her and that shadow guy smashed my back of the head really hard where i snapped back into her saying. "Casey i don't know what to do i'm confused and my friend are all dead." i got up and walked back to the garage where everyone sat. A soldier came up with a clip board with a white piece of paper that had red ink on it saying the next names. he said in a different language again was. " Casey step forward with your pretty girl and your friends." i was like shit i cant fight them off so step forward and this shadow guy ran up and got into the soldier face yelling at him telling him that he cant have me that he needed me for something. the soldier laughed at him and said" why?"
the shadow got up really close and whispered something to him and all i got out of it was Brother.

Ok here's what i think of my opinions.
my best friend does protect me and his arm was broke in a fight.

a school was burnt down across my brothers mothers house.

and i am taking a german laguage its my 4th year but! this wasn't german.

I thought after this i was confused and i asked a old friend about it. He told me that i wasn't safe that i needed help immediatly cause he said that langaugge could've been demon or something like that cause they speak a different Langauge.

Just lately i had a dream of i was laying in bed and my light was turning off along time when they were off i saw a dark figure walking among and when the lights turned on it disappeared.

Right now guys i been scared and confused i don't know what to do but my doors do open by them selves now and my light do turn off by them selves. and i sense like something in my spare room i have that stands there i cant go in there with out getting really cold and the chills like something right behind me breathing on my neck.

i need opinions and help please.
If you would like to ask me any questions of this or say anything to me. my Aim is Asfhhuictk

Stephen Willmer said...

If you are crossing here again casey, I have seen your post on another place also. Just say to them two words. Either say to them 'Bad Wolf', or 'The Doctor'.

Works very well for me.

Stephen Willmer said...

Casey, next time they're there, just say 'Bad Wolf', or 'Bad Wolf is watching' Or The Doctor too, that works for me. I put both on my arms and nothing since.

Unknown said...

A shadow man tried to kill me. I've never seen anymore than the one, but he was always there. I haven't encountered him in a long time and I never learned anything about him except that he wanted me to die. I fought him when he got near, but mostly ran for my life. This guy really scared me. Shadow people are dangerous.

Unknown said...

Shadow people are dangerous. I was haunted by one for a long time. He tried to kill me every chance he had. I always fought back when he caught up, but for the most part I was running and hiding from him. If he encountered anyone while trying to find me he would kill them. At the time I had friends who called me up saying the man from my dreams was threatening them in theirs. This man has left a scar on my psyche and I worry that every time I close my eyes or walk into a dark place I will face him again.

george said...

Your post takes me to my experience with these things. It was all black muscular shaped, "oily" Actually it attacked me by coming from the cealing and it sat on me trying to choke me out. This too was in my lucid dream which felt all too real. I was in my old private boarding school in my history class room. I was 3 hours into my sleep and don't remember dreaming anything prior until I somehow ended up in that classroom. I felt this evil sense about a few seconds into my lucid dream and saw a huge oily black blob come down from the ceiling. I felt as if the thing was trying to suck my life out of me and tried screaming off the top of my lungs. My dad was able to hear me from the other room and woke out of the sleep. Reminded me very much of something from Freddy Krueger. The freaky part is that my dad started experiencing this phenomena after waking me up. It too all felt too real. Imagine being awake except that you can feel other presences before they even happen. Your feelings are also heightened about everything..