Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Author Mac Tonnies makes a case for 'cryptoterrestrials'

Betty and Barney Hill were driving from Montreal to New Hampshire on Sept. 19, 1961, when they claim they were taken aboard a UFO. After medical exams and verbal interaction, the Hill’s were returned to their car.

If their story is true, did space aliens abduct the Hills in one of the most famous UFO cases? Maybe not.

Kansas City writer Mac Tonnies isn’t convinced contact with a UFO has anything to do with extraterrestrials. Tonnies, author of “After the Martian Apocalypse,” said if UFOs and their crews exist, they may have come from right here on Earth.

Tonnies calls them cryptoterrestrials; and he’s writing a book about them.

“It’s not so much a theory as a hypothesis. It’s a paradigm I suppose,” Tonnies said. “It’s basically asking why not?”

The government, scientists, and Edward J. Ruppelt – head of the 1950s Air Force project investigating flying saucers – have all said most UFO cases are pedestrian. Most. Not all.

“In the conventional wisdom (UFOs) are explainable through atmospheric effects or psychology,” Tonnies said. “If the real ones exist, it’s alien spacecraft coming from another star system. I think we’re jumping the gun on that. The evidence doesn’t support it.”

For evidence, Tonnies looks at the descriptions of UFO occupants, folklore and the evolution of UFO technology.

“We have these beings with larger than normal slanted eyes, small noses and mouths,” he said. “They typically lack hair … and have long fingers – weirdly enough – and long arms. And behavior is often descried in a way that they might be nocturnal.

“I wonder if this is a species that lives underground. Not that they evolved underground. If they’re real, they’re obviously an offshoot of people who went down an evolutionary fork in the road.”

All cultures have their stories of little people and usually these creatures – elves, fairies, trolls and dwarves – live underground. But maybe these stories are more than myth.

Scientists found the remains of miniature humans (dubbed Hobbits) in a cave on Flores Island near Indonesia in 2004. The islanders have legends of little people who ate the islander’s food and stole their children. Tribesmen eventually exterminated them.

“Humans lived side-by-side among a diminutive race and we have proof,” Tonnies said, although he has testimony of his own. “I actually spoke to a witness who had a face-to-face encounter with small humanoids in Oregon. They said some interesting things, very cryptic. They were very human looking, but small.”

Tonnies also questions the apparently superior technology of UFOs. From the airships of the 1800s to the physics-defying craft of today, UFO technology keeps just out of our reach.

“It’s kind of one step ahead of us no matter where we are,” Tonnies said. “With me it suggests subterfuge. Maybe they’re trying to throw us off the scent because we can’t go to the stars yet.”

If this race of cryptoterrestrials exists – which Tonnies doesn’t make claim – they’re pretty shy.

“They don’t want to make contact,” he said. “My personal impression is … they are trying to influence our mythology to benefit them or to at least prolong their civilization. Obviously they’re not comfortable with contact.”

Tonnies cites the well-publicized Washington, D.C., flyovers of UFOs in 1952 and the 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident in England where multiple RAF personnel reported a UFO near a nuclear facility as proof there is something out there.

“(The evidence) points to a nonhuman intelligence, but not extraterrestrial,” Tonnies said. “It points to a nonhuman intelligence feigning to an extraterrestrial intelligence. I’m not claiming this is the way it is, (but) it’s a viable hypothesis.”

For more of Tonnies’ thoughts on cryptoterrestrials, visit or his blog,

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Anonymous said...

I am beginning to lean toward this possibility myself, specifically that these craft originate from underneath the sea, which is not as exotic as the enormous distances involved in interstellar flight.One aspect that is interesting to ponder is our fleet of nuclear submarines and what anomalies they have encountered. The use of national security to keep these a secret would make them extremely difficult, if not impossible to penetrate, to determine if any have occurred. Ufos rising and going under the seas are nothing new. Bright lights under the water have been reported for a very long time. There is very little focus on a undersea base of operations. Could these greys be wearing a suit comparible to a scuba suit whose fabric allows air to be converted to some other substance, a liquid, hence the necessary eye protection as for thought.

Anonymous said...

New theory? Not really.

Much later than a book that came out in 2000, but this is some sort of amazing new theory?

I've referred to this theoretical race in print many times as "Hidden Neighbors" and Subterrestrials (divergent evolutionary types, as opposed to other-dimensional Keelian ultraterrestrials).

I am glad to see this idea gaining more acceptance--including the manipulation and deception factor. But this idea of subterrestrials with an advanced civilization goes back even farther than Richard Shaver--It goes all the way back to Gilgamesh.

Recent writers and supporters of the non-paranormal, hidden race hypothesis have included Timothy Beckley, Brad Steiger, Richard Shaver, and several others.

My writings and radio interviews have stated that there are a)unknown (sub)terrestrial races that are subterranean in habitat, with advanced technology; b)unknown (sub)terrestrial races that use humanity as a genetic stock and for other uses, as well as prey on surface-world resources; c) unknown (sub)terrestrial species that explain many "cryptid" sightings and encounters; d) subterrestrial humanoids who use misdirection, technological illusions (cloaking and holography, among others) and so on to MISDIRECT our attention to a DECEPTION about "extraterrestrials"; and so on.

Nothing new here, but the idea appears to be spreading and catching on. Pretty soon it may even be "hip".

I do look forward to seeing Mac's thoughts on this topic.


p.s., See



-W.M. Mott

Tyrone Ferrara said...

In my opinion, UFOs in the Bible are angles and are referred to as a cloud, fire, star, etc.

Des said...

I disagree with Tonnies theory that aliens are cryptoterrestials.I think that's too far out.Demons(spirit beings)are what's behind the alie\ufo phenomenom.I believe this because they can take many forms and there are many similarities between them and aliens\ufos.There are experts that have the same view.

TLC said...

The Cryptoterrestrial idea fits well, in my opinion, with the UFO-nuclear connection. What we do on the surface, especially something as devastatingly destructive as using nuclear weapons, would affect these beings. It also makes sense that they would attempt to influence our development by injecting ideas into our society (mythology, religion, etc..).

Consider this scenario: In the 40's atomic weapons are used in war. Not long after UFO sightings started to increase dramatically. The first idea that people go to is extraterrestrial, and this might be the intent of these beings, to have us looking up at the stars rather than looking right here on Earth. These Crypto beings find themselves in danger. They're going to be very interested in what we're doing with nuclear weapons.