Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Margie Kay: Psychic Ghost Hunter

The room was dark and Margie Kay was afraid.

Eleven-year-old Margie was in bed when something appeared in the room she shared with her sister; something that – at the time – she couldn’t explain.

It was a human head.

“My deceased grandfather, who I’ve never met, appeared in my bedroom to me and my sister,” she said. “Just his head. Glowing and floating at the end of my bed.”

The sisters were motionless, watching the bodiless head stare at them, but just for a moment.

“We screamed bloody murder,” Margie said. “My father came in and we tried to describe (the head) to him and he took us downstairs and showed us a picture in an album and it was him.”

Her father was calm about the incident, but Margie didn’t find out why until she was in her 20s. Her father was psychic.

“I guess he was just waiting for me to bring the subject up,” she said. “But I just remember it was scary at the time and I wasn’t ready to deal with it.”

Today, Margie is an author, radio talk show host and paranormal investigator. She describes herself as “extremely psychic.”

“I’m clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient,” Margie said, meaning she can hear things most people can’t hear, see things most people can’t see and sense things most people can’t sense.

But at 11, she wasn’t ready to see a floating head at the end of her bed – even though that wasn’t her first paranormal experience.

“As a very young child, I was afraid of a flower in the wallpaper in the corner of the room that resembled an Indian chief,” she said. “I had no exposure to American Indians … to that point. I called it Ha-Ha. Those were my first words.”

She heard drums and saw lights no one else could.

“I was just terrified,” she said. “My father figured I was either an American Indian or had something bad happen that involved Indians in a previous life.”

As an adult, Margie went under past life regression to find out.

“I remembered being a healer, a shaman, a woman and growing to a very old age with long gray hair,” she said.

Margie has used her gifts to help doctors locate medical problems in patients, police find missing persons and heirs find a missing will.

She also hunts ghosts throughout the Midwest with The Quest Team, a group of paranormal investigators who’ve investigated 30 to 35 haunted places – such as Rotary Park in Independence.

“My daughter and I used to take walks there almost every other night,” Margie said. “After a while we both started noticing strange things. White balls of lights amongst the trees. We noticed a dark shadowy figure on the other side of the creek.”

Margie and her daughter, also psychic, felt a “buzzing that just shook my jaw,” Margie said. “We found a number of spirits there. One of them being a woman that haunts a tree.”

Margie said the spirit is a woman who taught in a schoolhouse that used to sit near the park.

“I think (ghosts) travel to their old haunts, as you will,” Margie said. “They will appear at places that they feel comfortable during their lifetime.”

And in those places, Margie Kay will find them.

To purchase Margie Kay’s book, “Haunted Independence,” call (816) 833-1819 or go to: The book is $11.95 which includes shipping in the United States. Her upcoming book is entitled “UFOs and the Psychic Connection.” For more information on Margie Kay or the Quest team, go to or Her radio program is on hiatus.

Copyright 2007 by Jason Offutt

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