Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Does a Secret ET Base Exist in Jefferson City, Mo.? Part 1

Gil McDonald, Sr., took this picture of something hovering over the former Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City in 2004.

Author’s note: This is the first in a two-part series on Gil McDonald, Sr., who claims to have proof a space alien base exists in the Missouri state capital.

Gil McDonald, Sr., saw his first UFO in 1970. It wouldn’t be his last.

“I spotted one in the summer and it was almost over Carswell Air Force Base (in Fort Worth, Texas),” he said. “It was a huge one I labeled ‘the mother ship.’ It was very low and moving very slowly.”

The ship, just entering the clouds, was metallic and cigar-shaped with a bulge in the middle.

“This was a huge thing and it had several round openings in the hull,” McDonald said. “Portals is what I called them. They may have been windows and they were heavily tinted. This thing was so low and so big I could see buff marks (on its surface). It was that close to me.”

Gil called the base that Sunday afternoon and the Air Force spokesman said there had been no air traffic that day.

“I’m sure that’s what they would have said either way,” he said.

Gil served in the Air Force from 1958-64, then worked in law enforcement, the ministry, and served as a guard during the last 10 years of the existence of the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City.

And that’s where his UFO encounters became overwhelming.

The prison that once held heavyweight champion Sonny Liston, was built in 1835 and was decommissioned in October 2004. TIME Magazine once called it ‘the bloodiest 47 acres in America.’ If Gil’s right, it may also be the most alien-infested 47 acres in America.

Gil said after his retirement, he’s visited the area around the prison about once a month and has shot 112 minutes of infrared tape and has captured images of UFOs.

“I had 20 pretty good ones on the film,” he said. “I didn’t see them, but got them on infrared film. One every seven minutes. That’s a lot of traffic.”

Before the prison was shut down, Gil saw the first of many UFOs fly over Jefferson City and land at the prison. One night, Gil was on the back side of the prison in Tower 10 when a disk he labeled the ‘shuttle craft’ landed in the yard.

“I saw the shuttle craft dock in front of me,” Gil said. “But we didn’t talk about stuff like that or would be fired immediately. We’d be mentally unfit for duty.”

The ship was composed of two disks atop each other which were then topped by a dome.

“Different parts of it were spinning in different directions except for the very top circle. It remained still,” Gil said. “It was obvious there was a force field around it. There was a tree limb inside the force field and the tree limb was spinning like in a wind storm but outside (the force field), everything, even the grass was still.”

He watched the device as it landed and took off again.

“And then it didn’t fly out, it just disappeared,” he said. “But when it disappeared, it left a frozen image. It was there 15 seconds and it just plopped to the ground like ice would.”

But UFOs weren’t all Gil would see at the prison. He saw creatures that weren’t quite human.

“At first I was real excited and I kind of reasoned with myself later and I said if I had any sense at all I should have been afraid,” Gil said. “This is something we’re going to have to deal with.”

Next week: Alien encounters and the Men in Black.

Copyright 2007 by Jason Offutt

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Izzy Diemez said...

This man is clearly insane.

Anonymous said...

OK.... Wheres all the videos?

Anonymous said...

"...I kind of reasoned with myself later and I said if I had any sense at all I should have been afraid”.

Speaking from a lifetime of hardened veteran experiencing of the exceedingly strange, this is a classic response to such experiences: while it's happening, it seems perfectly normal to, say, walk through solid objects to save the life of a kid, experience time slowing down almost to a dead stop in a way that enables you to perform otherwise impossible feats, or interact with the likes of critters seemingly made out of 'impure' energy.

Afterwards, though, when you review what happened, especially the often horrified reactions of witnesses, that's when you start thinking, "How the hell...!!!"

Izzy dlemez says, quite understandably, "This man is clearly insane."

If Izzy ever finds himself, or anyone he knows, having similar experiences, though, the only way to stop oneself ending up in a straitjacket or a padded cell is to switch off the whole believer/disbeliever apparatus and just observe what's going on, because if you don't, you'll either end up going mentally to pieces, or half the people around you - including loved ones - will start berating, then physically attacking you, while the other half'll start falling down on their knees and proclaiming you as their messiah, (and if you openly refuse to start playing their game too, then some of them'll start physically attacking you, too!).

Also, just like with people, whatever lies behind a lot of this stuff has a tendency to pander to your fundamental ego weaknesses, either 'protecting' you by telling you with the best of intentions what it thinks you want to hear or, with the worse of intentions, playing on your vanity to draw you into a psychological morass ultimately intended to bring about your complete and absolute destruction.

If, like the likes of me, you have no choice but to take such things seriously, I recommend as the best way of surviving them simply not taking them TOO seriously.

Anonymous said...

I can say from personal experience that there is absolutely something WAY bizarre going on at that prison. I was there last fall with a whole group of people and we worked at the prison all weekend long- over-night. We experienced a huge number of paranormal incidents, ranging from lights turning themselves on & off, to electronic equipment failure; cell doors closed by themselves, poltergeist activity was no less than violent, furniture moved around by itself and very strange photo anomalies appeared on a camera- taken by none of us. At the time, we didn't have the sense to be afraid either, but looking back on it raises the hair on the back of my neck. Considering that this prison has been called "the bloodiest on US soil", we chalked the activity up to ghosts. Now we wonder...
Colleen May, film maker and paranormal researcher

Anonymous said...

I too have seen UFOs about 8 times and ALWAYS with either friends or family. I've seen a few different types and my father (who worked for NASA from '60 to '63) had no idea what one was that flew close to our home in Farmers Branch. One time the UFO was reportedly seen by several people and had reported to authorities as was reported on the radio the next day. I even took 3 cameraphone videos of one in Ireland in '07.