Friday, January 15, 2010

Ghost Hunt Gone Wrong -- Part 1

Author’s note: This is the first of a two-part story of a ghost hunt gone wrong.

Tammy felt uncomfortable the December night she went to hunt ghosts in Vandalia Cemetery in Porterville, Calif.

“I went with friends to that cemetery and had quite possibly one of the most frightening times I have had in a very long time,” Tammy said.

The friends had been to the Cemetery in Spring 2009 and saw a “black figure” that “wasn’t human and it didn’t walk or run – it floated from headstone to headstone.” Everyone saw it but Adam, who recently moved to California from Texas.

“My friend Adam had heard about our experiences at Vandalia Cemetery, also known as Scranton cemetery by the high school crowd,” Tammy said. “He wanted to find out for himself what it was like.”

The group arrived at Vandalia around midnight on Dec. 20.

“Before we even left to go to the cemetery I had a very bad feeling and usually I go with my gut feeling,” she said. “But I just figured I was feeling that way because of the events that took place the last time we were there a year or so ago.”

This time, when they stepped out of their cars and approached the cemetery gate, they didn’t see the figure, but the temperature suddenly dropped.

“It seemed to be so much colder inside the cemetery than outside,” Tammy said. “But I tried to ignore it.”

As they passed through the gate, Tammy said a traditional prayer.

“Anytime I have gone on a ghost hunt I have always said a prayer of protection,” she said. “I have always spoken to the spirits to let them know why we are there and that we mean no harm and that they are free to communicate with us on the recorder and get their pictures taken if they wish.”

Then the group wandered the cemetery, taking pictures and trying to capture EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon: voices that appear on audio playback that were not heard at the time of recording).

“From the minute we entered the cemetery I had the feeling of being watched and followed,” Tammy said. “But I continued to walk around and take pictures and speak to the spirits.”

They asked the spirits their names, who was president when they were living, and other general questions. But their ghost hunt didn’t last long.

“We stayed about an hour as that’s all we could stand because it was so cold,” Tammy said.

Before the group left, Tammy said a prayer telling the spirits not to follow them home.

Although the visit to the cemetery seemed relatively quiet, when Tammy and her friends arrived at her house, they found they hadn’t been alone at Vandalia.

“As soon as we got home we listened to the recordings and looked through the pictures,” she said. “What we got was frightening.”

The audio recordings garnered voices that didn’t belong to anyone in the group.

“Most of them were very clear and plain but they were always in a whispery voice,” Tammy said. “At one point Adam could be heard saying, ‘that’s creepy.’ He was referring to a very dark place between some cemetery trees. After Adam makes the comment about the trees being creepy, a scary, creepy, whispery voice can be heard saying, ‘Adam. Get this man; you’re creepy tooooo.’ In those words exactly.”

That voice called Adam’s name multiple times on the audio recordings; but the voice wasn’t the only one Tammy’s group recorded.

“The creepiest voices of all were the ones telling us to leave,” Tammy said.

A voice on the recording Tammy said sounded “freaky scary” screamed at the group to “Get out. Leave.”

“There was a lot that we couldn’t make out clearly but were creepy nonetheless,” she said.

And the EVPs weren’t the only strange evidence Tammy’s group gathered. From the pictures they took on two digital cameras, they caught a mist hanging over some of the tombstones.

“No one was smoking and we did what we could to keep our breath mist from being on the pics,” Tammy said. “We would hold our breath hoping that would make a difference.”

The mist still showed up on the digital photographs. As the group looked over their findings, they decided they wanted more.

“Since nothing bad happened,” Tammy said, “we decided it would be a good idea to go again.”

They soon found that wasn’t a good idea at all.

Next week: Something follows them home.

Copyright 2010 by Jason Offutt

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Sharon Day said...

I always say the human body is a better barometer than any instrument we use in ghost hunting. We know immediately when we're being watched and when something is with us. When they got home, it confirmed that. Interesting story.

Julie said...

That was very creepy since I'm going on a ghost hunt in a cemetery next week with a group. I hope nothing follows me home.

richard said...

Interesting, Jason. I've always been struck by how LITTLE an alleged ghost or spirit can do in this mundane world. Mists? Whispery voices? Dark shapes? That appears to be all they've got. Not much 'game', imo.

Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

hall442 said...

Some people do not have that human ability to detect such presences. I am one. I feel nothing. But I trust my gear to tell me whether I am alone or not.

Always ask permission before entering the graveyard. DO say a prayer of protection.

As for how little the spirits can do, it's really in how much they CHOOSE to do. They can do more. but perhaps proving themselves to you is not worth their effort.

Pray you never catch the attention of a non-human. you'll wish you hadn't.

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zinjak said...

"not much game" huh? you never seen them scratch people have you...or throw me...if they can throw a brick or push you or slash you..they can probably even kill you

Sudeepta said...

Where is the second part man & your title is scary. Thanks for sharing.
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