Thursday, January 07, 2010

Grandma Warned About Shadow People

The adults didn’t intend for Samantha to hear their conversation.

Seven-year-old Samantha sat playing at her great-grandmother’s home when her grandmother came to get her.

“I always remember my great-grandma as a fragile old woman sitting in her recliner with thick, knee-high Dallas cowboy socks on watching a televangelist that had a speech problem because he was deaf,” Samantha said. “She was from Texas and she was a strong Christian. I remember her telling me Bible stories and about how prayer can heal anything.”

But that day, the ladies conversation turned toward strange, dark figures both had seen.

“‘It started out as someone I knew, then it was like a ghost, but solid and black,’ my grandmother said, very low to make sure I didn’t hear her,” Samantha, now an adult, said. “My great grandmother replied, ‘I know what you are talking about, like a tall man with no features, just a black cutout of a tall man.’”

They thought the black figures were just dreams, but as they discussed these visitations, the women realized they spoke of the same entity.

“My great-grandmother said something that made me gasp and made them realize I had been listening,” Samantha said. “She said, ‘Sometimes it feels too real, like something is really here, not a dream at all.’ After they heard me laugh they shared a nervous laughter and turned to me and said they were exchanging silly grown up stories and told me not to worry.”

A few weeks later, the thought of the “black cutout of a tall man” still bothered her.

“I worked up the courage to ask my great-grandmother what she had been talking about, and what she told me then will never ever leave my memory,” Samantha said.

Her great-grandmother told her sometimes demons will try to look like someone you know, to trick you into talking to them.

“Then they will change into solid black beings,” Samantha said. “She told me to never ever talk to someone that looked familiar in my dreams because it was just a demon trying to fool me.”

Then she told Samantha something that still terrifies her.

“She told me sometimes demons can come in the daytime as well and they will look just like you and me,” Samantha said.

Years later, while living in her grandmother’s house, Samantha discovered what her great-grandmother was talking about.

“I started noticing the feeling of being stared at and turning around to see black beings from the corner of my eye, and waking up in the middle of the night to see a dark figure leaving my bedroom,” she said.

She’s also seen this figure in the bedroom of her then-three-month-old niece.

“It was an early morning and I was at my older sister’s [house],” she said. “My niece was laying on my sister’s bed and I was standing in the doorway that separated the bathroom and the bedroom.”

She stood about five feet from the bed and the adjacent closet with full-length mirror doors.

“I had turned to face the mirror and in the reflection I could see a black figure under the bed,” Samantha said. “It looked like a head and shoulders and it made a swoop with its arm like it was trying to move something. I jumped back and screamed.”

Samantha’s sister told her she had seen the same thing three weeks earlier.

She hasn’t seen the dark man since moving out of her grandparents’ home, but on a recent stay-over, the dark man visited her again.

“Last weekend (Dec. 18-19, 2009) I stayed the night at their home with my dog,” Samantha said. “My dog usually sleeps close to me in bed and has never, ever, acted this way at my grandparents’ home before.”

Samantha awoke to find her dog sitting at the foot of the bed staring intently out the bedroom door.

“It looked unnaturally dark,” she said. “As soon as I muttered my dog’s name to get his attention, it seems like something had been standing in front of the bedroom door. It stepped away and I could see the moonlight coming in the bathroom window down the hallway.”

She slept the rest of the night with a desk lamp on.

“It didn’t seem like it was in the room,” she said. “I had seen something similar when I was younger, it was always in my room or leaving my room. I know my family’s religious background plays a part in them believing these things are demons. My boyfriend would dismiss it as silly or imaginary and my mom would tell me I need more Jesus.”

Copyright 2010 by Jason Offutt

Got a scary story? Ever played with a Ouija board, heard voices, seen a ghost, UFO or a creature you couldn’t identify? Let Jason know about it: Jason Offutt, P.O. Box 501, Maryville, Mo., 64468, or Your story might make an upcoming installment of “From the Shadows.”

Jason’s books on the paranormal, “Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us,” and “Haunted Missouri: A Ghostly Guide to Missouri’s Most Spirited Spots,” at Jason’s blog,


Anonymous said...

The "shadow people" are definately demons.

Anonymous said...

This doesnt sound bad at all. My experiences with "shadow people" are far more violent.
And no, not all dark forms are demons. A from can be dark just because you dont possess the necessary faculties to see it in color.

Anonymous said...


Mitsi said...

A comment about demons materializing so that they can talk to people: demons do not have to materialize to talk to people. They talk to human's minds, generally putting them down with negative thoughts. They also transmit dirty thoughts and flashbacks of anything horrible or dirty that happened to the person. Most people do not recognize these thoughts are not theirs, and believe it is their own thinking so they accept them and act on them, which is what the demons want. I have been casting out demons from people since 1980, and I know how they work.

Anonymous said...

Ah jeez, get some help people. The "demons" are in your mind alright, because they are manufactured there. We will never mature as a species if we can't accept that demons and gods are myth. We are our own worst enemies, we are the evil and the kindness, it's all a matter of intent.

Anonymous said... this scares me and i dont know what it is.
i have been seeing them since i was a little girl.
always outta the corner of my eye a tall black shadow.
i always feel like something or someone is by me.when something or someone is near me my ears last night 1-10-2010 i went down to my bedroom.there it was. standing next to my dresser. i ran upstairs crying to my mom.
she went down and looked saying it was only cuz i was overtired. but i KNOW what i was soo scary.
then i saw it in my cats are freaking out lately since we moved into this new house over summer 2009. its scary. my alarm randomly goes of its unpugged and no batteries no where near an outlet.idk what it is. if you have any ideas email me please! i need all the help i can get.

Anonymous said...

To the anon who said these things are just in our minds, go milk a cow, buddy!

Kristi said...

My experience has only been positive. In fact, once one warned me of danger. It did scare me by it's appearance, and a strange noise I heard at the same time - so bad I shut all the windows and doors and locked them. If it had not been for that shadow person, this crazy guy that was stalking me would have probably got in my house. He was SO mad that day and he came to my house in a hurry, and made such a fuss trying to break in the door that luckily a neighbor heard and called the cops.
I constantly hear Christians talk about how bad they are, but they've been nothing but good to me.

ktamsor2 said...

I have a young boy shadow/spirit in my home. He appears as a solid black cut-out like figure. He is a prankster too, but he's NOT mean, or evil. He let's us know he's here at times by playing with the animals. Kittens, dogs, puppies, etc. PLAY, not mean. The dog's and puppies are wagging their tails. He moves my Barbies if he really wants my attention. And the other day he didn't want the door to his room closed, so he opened it. He's a good kid.

Anonymous said...

Meatwad-SSuppet says:

Take an unsharpened pencil, or sharpened, in a very bright room so there will be no doubts, holding it vertical with one eye closed and the other looking straight ahead, move the pencil from behind your head (out of sight) at full arms length nice and level, slowly bring it around past your view to as far as your arm can take it. How many blind spots did you find? Is this where your 'shadow people' pop into view? But that is your actual physically flawed part of the human eye, the blind spot. You never heard of that?? You can learn something every day if you are willing.

I know Jesus will make it all better, but there is one serious problem with that idea. We have known, if you cared to know, that the Abrahamic faiths starting with judism, is a fraud made up from the collections of other myths from their surrounding cultures like Egypt. The fact is these are basically also known as plagiarized stories. Can a good book of your Gods unaltered words be from such a source, No. (you insist on yes?? you are only lying to yourself) At least they could have mentioned where they stole the story from to make it seem legit and legal in todays terms, and in a Gods word is unaltered as he said them, and generally good if not changed. The names were changed, the locations changed, and their overall outcome was changed to make guess who the top dog in their own eyes. Did you know they can do 'what they will' to non-members of their faith and-or race? It explains the shopping for body parts among the healthy young Palestinian men. I'm not at all sorry to inform you Mr. Christian and Mr. Islam, but your faith is from the bad tree and according to the plagiarized parable of the good and bad trees, no good can come from judisms plagiarized words.

So Jesus will save yuh from the shadow people will he? Hilarious really, try Frodos help while you're at it.

psycros said...

Wow, what an absolutely weirdo post. Get some help, buddy, and don't worry so much about what others take comfort in. Oh, and by the way, your history is a bit out of date - the phony "Egyptian connection" to Jewish beliefs was debunked years ago. If you're gonna spew hate at least get with the times, m'kay?

Now, regarding the shadow folks..

My best friend is one of the most grounded individuals you are ever likely to meet. He enjoys a good sci-fi show (or almost any show, he's not picky) but he doesn't believe in anything that can't be proven. When he was a boy he was laying on his bed one evening, with the lights on (reading or something I think). As long as he could remember he'd always made sure to shut his closet door before going to bed - he couldn't get to sleep if it wasn't. To this day, he firmly believes he was awake when his closet door swung open. An shadowy adult-sized figure, almost a typical hooded "grim reaper", emerged and moved towards his bedside. My friend was paralyzed the moment he first saw it. When it was next to him, the shadow being reached out a finger and touched my buddy's leg. He says it felt like an icicle against his skin. He screamed and the figure vanished, and his folks were there in moments. When my friend told his parents what happened they naturally tried to pass it off as a nightmare. He then showed them where the being touched him..and there was a small, black, burn-like spot on his leg. Then my friend's father noticed that the closet door was open - and his parents knew he NEVER slept without it securely closed. The black spot on his leg remained visible for several years, but the shadow being never returned. To this day my friend has no idea what happened that night, but he does know one thing - it was real.

Anonymous said...

I've had about two shadow people experiences in my life including this awesome one which relentlessly attempted to follow me across town to a new home but failed. Family and close friends concluded that the entity continues to travel to this day, though at an extremely slow pace. We know this by having witnessed the same entity at friends homes months later and many blocks apart. That was nearly a decade ago and haven't experienced anything strange since and its not in my head.

Anonymous said...

anonymous is D(A)ve

I know this is touchy, and I'll say this without being preachy or making a big deal. Please remember that shadow people are People- you call them that yourselves. Sometimes they seem scary but its a two way street and they're scared of you, too. If you see one, try to be brave and say hello, and ask he/she, or it, if there's anything they need or that you can help with. Lonliness hurts in the next world, too

Anonymous said...

I find these posts and this blog facinating. I am willing to accept many explanations with an open mind even if it boils down to paranoid scizoprenia. If these events and happening are real; they don't seem to have any affect on the real life or in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps there are many catagories of entities in overlapping dimentions. Whatever the case; their actions seem awefully petty. The human mind is a wonderous thing, I look forward to research in the future.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I haven't seen them myself so I'm not sure all of them are bad. But from reading about it and sometimes heard about it on C2C the only shadow people phenomena everyone agrees is bad, even George Noory agrees, is the one with the hat. Another phenomena who is not exactly the same but seem similar is the case of the black eyed children. Those who hang around peoples homes and tries to get invited like vampires. They give me the creeps for real.


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Teresa Castillo said...

Tell it in the name if Jesus, go back to hell from where you came from. Get holy water bless every room. Sleep with night light on, until you fill it is gone. And last but not least open your bible to palms chapter 24. Be Bold and not frighten. Jesus got your back. If you are not a believer, its time to save your eternal Soul. I already saw these stuff before...God bless. Terry C.