Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ghost Hunt Gone Wrong -- Part 2

Author’s note: This is the second of a two-part story of a ghost hunt gone wrong.

The group of ghost hunters returned to Vandalia Cemetery in Porterville, Calif., Christmas night. Five days before, Tammy’s group had picked up an EVP there telling them to leave.

So, of course, they had to go back.

“We went at [midnight] and from the minute we walked in nothing felt right,” Tammy said. “This time the air was heavy and extremely cold and it just felt bad – and I mean in an evil way.”

Tammy said a prayer of protection and the group split up. It wasn’t long before the evil materialized.

“We heard a whistle,” Tammy said. “It was nearby but sounded far away.”

They pointed their flashlights toward the source of the whistle and saw a black figure.

“We saw a dark shadow move from one headstone to another,” Tammy said. “We continued watching but didn’t see it again.”

As the black figure moved from sight another figure, glowing and white as though wearing a long flowing gown, stepped into their field of vision. A few seconds later it disappeared and the black shadow came back.

“[The shadow] moved away from us and toward the other side of the cemetery,” Tammy said. “Adam (a newcomer to the group) said he had heard some noises like something walking across the ground.”

The feeling of evil grew as they watched the black thing begin to circle them.

“As we stood watching it move I felt someone touch me on my back,” Tammy said. “At first it was like someone had tapped me on the back with their finger but when I turned around there was no one there.”

A few minutes later it happened again, but more forceful.

“I asked whoever it was that kept touching me if they would like to say something,” Tammy said. “I thought that they were trying to get my attention and so took a few pictures and tried to get some more EVP.”

Both cameras stopped working and fear grabbed hold of the group, so they got into their car and drove away from Vandalia.

“We left the cemetery and came home and that should have been the end of it,” Tammy said. “Unfortunately it was not. In our haste to leave we forgot to say the closing prayer and to tell the spirits not to follow us home.”

That, Tammy and her friends discovered, was a mistake.

“That night we were all spooked but thought it was due to the events we had gone through at the cemetery,” Tammy said. “My daughter and I are a bit sensitive to the presence of spirits and we both felt as though something or someone had followed us home from the cemetery.”

And not just Tammy and her daughter – something followed them all.

“We began experiencing knocking on the walls inside our homes,” Tammy said. “My daughter lives around the corner from me; she called that night after she went home and said that she had a very strong feeling of being watched.”

On Dec. 27 or 28, something visited Adam as he slept at Tammy’s house.

“Adam was asleep in the bedroom and was awakened by someone slapping him in the mouth,” Tammy said. “I had just walked into the room and was nowhere near the bed when he suddenly jumped up and said that something had just smacked him in the mouth and asked if I did it. I didn’t do it and he and I were the only people in there.”

Tammy’s family has also heard the sound of children running around the outside of the house laughing between midnight and 2 a.m.

“It can’t be human children as they would have to pause long enough to open the gates at both sides of the house and these children seem to go right through the gates,” Tammy said. “But when they look out to see who it is there is no one there.”

Whatever is in Tammy’s house has tried to communicate with her.

“I started hearing someone or something knocking on the wall in the kitchen,” Tammy said. “I went and looked thinking someone was doing something outside but there was no one there. It happened again so I asked if there was someone here with me. There was two more knocks. I told who ever it was that I was busy trying to type and they were disturbing me and I want them to stop knocking.”

Her house was quiet the rest of the night, but the activity has not stopped.

“Since our last investigation at Vandalia Cemetery we have experienced a lot of strange occurrences,” she said. “I just want to tell those people out there who don’t know what they are doing but are thinking about going on a ghost hunt, to please be careful. Try to go with a professional paranormal investigation group but be aware that the spirits in cemeteries and haunted houses or anywhere there is paranormal activity can and will follow you home.”

Tammy’s unwanted visitors are still making themselves known.

“We are experiencing the strange noises and the knocking and the children running around the house at all hours,” she said. “But so far no one else has been hit or even physically touched by a spirit. We are hoping that it will stop on it’s own soon.”

Copyright 2010 by Jason Offutt

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richard said...

Howdy, Jason.
No criticism of your writing style is intended by me, but I have to say this article sounds like religious nonsense by people prone to hysterics. Prayers of protection? Demons following you around? Mundane rappings and knockings? Who ARE these people who profess to speak for the dead? Such arrogance. This is nothing but christian fundamentalism wrapped up in ghost-hunter clothing.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Whoever Richard is he sure is a moron.
As the saying goes, you get what you ask for, just sometimes you don't realize what it really is.
I have stepped foot in cemeteries and had a distinctive foot stomp the ground very close to me as if to say 'bug off'. I apologized, said I meant no disrepect and left. Richard YOU ARE A MORON

Use Your Brain said...

Careful what you wish for.

It's pretty hard to have any sympathy for people who go to a likely spot and literally ask for it.

richard said...

To Annonymous @ 9:29. Thanks for the comments on my mental abilities. I suspect if a 'foot stomp' makes you poo your pants, pray, and run away...why, you must not be much of a man. Watch a lot of Oprah while clutching your bible, do you?

Paranormal Journalism said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason Offutt said...

This is to Richard and Annonymous @ 9:29. Everyone's opinion is valid; so make nice and stop fighting on my blog.

Jay Noel said...

(Great blog! I can't believe I've never come across it before).

For those who investigate the paranormal for a long time, you can't help but become somewhat "spiritual." You really do it for self-preservation.

I've spoken with investigators where they KNEW they were in over their heads. Getting an EVP from the past home owner is one thing, but when there is something truly EVIL - that's another world.

That when investigators need to leave. They are not qualified.

Anonymous said...

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